Self – Hypnotic article and meditation to improve. +video

Self – Hypnotic article and meditation to improve. +video

Can I ask you to relax now and feel a little more comfortable wherever you are seated?

Is there relaxing music on in the background to do this meditation?

Not too loud that you can pay attention to the text.

If it distracts you, put it off.

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You can bring to your attention now your focus upon your breathing.

just for a few moments in this meditation.

Let yourself relax by taking a sweet long deep breath in and

then relax further as you breathe out.

Then once more taking a long deep breath in and relaxing down

a little further as you breathe out.

If you haven’t already, you can just rest your eyes now, that you only see enough of this article.

Aware yourself to just relax down a little further, even down a little deeper now.

Feeling a gentle shift within you as you take this time for yourself to just relax completely.

Focus now your intention down, just a bit more as you bring to mind.

now all of those positive choices

that you are making for yourself, and as you keep those options in your mind’s eye.

I just like you to imagine the number 1000 and just bring that number up to you, there in your imagination.

Now let your interior comfort and deep breath relaxation continue to increase and expand as you count backwards from

1000 now, 999, breathe more profound and more in-depth down,

998, deeper down 997 even deeper down and when you continue.

those numbers in your mind,

as you reading this article now, you can just let every word you read now continue to

relax you, even further down,

and with each passing number, 998,

997, 996,

995, 994,

you can let all of those calming relaxations

of absolute deepening meditation continues to increase and flowing

your entire resting body.

It really doesn’t matter if you forget exactly where you are up to

in your relaxing countdown now

because you can just let

those numbers became less and less necessary in this meditation.

Maybe you can imagine does number floating out there into a distance,

floating further away from you as you find yourself moving backwards

into comfort and safety and meditation.

You can imagine does numbers losing any colour in your head,

or any shape they made have had as they begin to dissolve and just

drift away, the same as that you unconsciously drift away.

Or if you imagine that those numbers that are down on the sand of a beautiful calm beach

Regain your self-esteem after life with a narcissist

you can bring your thoughts now to the idea

of those gentle coming waves which relax you even deeper down,

just washing any of those remaining numbers entirely away.

When you find to your own satisfaction that these figures are

no longer able to be recalled

while your conscious waking mind and you can double internal

relaxation once again and let yourself relax down to an even deeper

state of mindful serenity

that you can also imagine that your eyes are relaxed,

just open enough to read this article,

and now you can stop trying to open them more comprehensive, just stop testing

your eyes because you can let all of those waves of free meditation

flow down through your entire body.

Because you are making the unconscious choices now, bringing yourself deeper and deeper and even more profound and just like an elevator

or a lift descending into

our basement,

you can imagine there are excellent floors within you as you drift down deeper and deeper

in the cellar of your most profound unconscious reality,

and you can find it

is so peaceful down here as your creative imagination just takes off more and more

bringing you all of these calming sensations and tranquilities and relaxations.

And because you are choosing now to make those positives improvements,

you find you are discovering now many qualities within you.

Narcissism in the news and media

And all of those qualities that are emerging from your deeper subconscious mind in this meditation are growing.

And now feeding your imagination and all of those automatic,

unconscious mind functions.

It is so easy for you now to be in this basement of your own true self.

And all of these suggestions which I’m giving to you now,

you find them completely and utterly for your absolute benefit

and directly to receive these tips is so wonderfully kind.

As you allow my words to become the words of your own mind

because all of these suggestions are entirely for your personal positive gain and benefit.

Because each and every day you are feeling more and more confident and secure and

each and every day inside your own thoughts you realize

that your mind’s ability to memorize and to recall all the information

that you choose to remember and recall comes so quickly to you now

because from this moment on, you are so fast able to memorize anything that you put

your attention towards.

You are finding that you are so quickly able to recall just as much as you wish to remember

because you know that where your focus goes so too does your deeper mind follow.

And once you choose to fix your conscious and unconscious mind

on that which you wish to recall and remember.

You find that all of that information just springs

back into your awareness so quickly and effortlessly and

you find yourself pleasantly to the prize to realize the absolute power

of your own mind and effect now the more you remember

the better you feel inside yourself and

the better you find within you, the more

you are able just to recall precisely as much as you wish to remind

from whatever that you see,

or whatever that you hear, or whatever it is that you feel.

And it feels so wonderfully kind to bring your attention within this space

to all of your internal resources

which you realize now so easily remember and recall each and every detail

that you have decided that it is essential for you because it is just like

still water of a beautiful crystal clear mountain stream falling

to peaks and snowy caps.

As you look at all of that crystal clear water which reflects each and every light beam,

which touches down into that fresh, clear water.

Empowerment Single Parent Information

As you enjoy watching those ripples and waves as that stream finding its way down into the deeper parts of the earth.

You watch as if it reflects all of that white light that penetrates so quickly down

into those flowing parts of healthy refreshing water

and it’s so easy to see yourself in the depth of that water,

to see all the way to the sandy bottom of that river,

where you can notice

the gentle flow and movement of those smallest stones and pebbles

just all of the details on the underside of that healthy clear stream and your

own deeper mind, so quickly and efficiently, becomes like that crystal clear stream now.

Just absorbing and storing all of those necessary details which are becoming more and more critical to your everyday life.

And you find that your own real intelligence is growing now

each and every day

that passes because you are planting the seeds of your personal intellectual growth

just by reading these words and each and every word currently.

Your own successful memory makes your life and your studies.

Even your work and all of your attention more comfortable and more relaxed each way because you take an enormous amount of pride and pleasure in your own intelligence and your own developing memory skills.

You find yourself enjoying your ability to focus.

And to really pay attention to your own studies and work and hobbies as you find yourself stepping into that particular situation now.

Just stepping into that situation now where you quickly see yourself and hearing yourself

and feeling for yourself so fast concentrating down further and further so that which you have chosen to actually pay particular attention to now, is becoming more and more enjoyable to you and just like a happy, playful child back there in your younger years, you realize how much joy there is to be learning about the world and your own hobbies and studies,

your own work even is becoming more and more enjoyable

because you are finding that the more that you learn

the better you are feeling inside of yourself.

It’s almost as if you step into an exclusive circle of your own mental success.

It happens each and every time that you decide to sit down and apply yourself to your mind’s abilities and this circle of intelligence and success follows you unconsciously, no matter where you go from day to day because this circle of mental progress is now your own secret confidence in yourself because of your intelligence and even your own brainpower itself continues to expand and develop and improve each and every passing day.

And you find yourself looking forward to each new day.

because each new day represents a unique opportunity for you to learn more

and more for you

to apply your own excellent mental and intellectual skills

and you find that the more that you anchor your deeper subconscious mind to your own circle of

spiritual success,

the more that you please realize that you absolutely and actually naturally enjoy learning,

you deeply appreciate concentrating.

Because concentration means learning.

Learning means improving your own mind in each and every way.

And you’re taking the time for yourself now.

by choosing to spend your own time as you feel excited

on a deeper level to sharpen your focus

just like a bird sharpening its beak on a branch or may even

a cat sharpening its claws on a tree.

You realize now that your own focus and attention

is a valuable asset and to your own successful personal growth

because you know and I know that just as when an

athlete exercises he or she can grow those working muscles

and feel so good about that developing power.

And you are committing to growing your own minds strengths and focus now.

As you enjoy your time spent reading because it strengths your own mind now

because you enjoy your time spent applying yourself to those numbers

because it strengthens your personal account now

and every time you devote yourself to learning or memorizing new facts, figures, data

or the information it directly builds

your self-reliance with this meditation.

Always contributing to that beautiful feeling and personal success

and positive movement forward in your life.

And every time you study it brings you closer and

closer to your personal goals

and dreams and desires

because a high concentration is just as natural and automatic as your own breathing now.

You find that the more you relax

the more convincing all of your unconscious, automated processes become

all the time allowing you to draw upon your mind’s abilities

and unique qualities.

As your own intelligence and strength of mind is such an active part

of your own personal confidence.

Believe in yourself and

I don’t know exactly how quickly you can learn

but I do know that we all have different speeds

at which we can absorb information

and details just like a thick sponge can draw in water from that

crystal clear stream so quickly into itself.

The speed with which we learn,

the rate with which we learned to tie our own shoelaces is probably

something forgot to most of us now.

All of that ability to tie those shoelaces just lives within us

without a further moment of attention so that we can refer to that knowledge

at any time we choose to tie our shoes

and that can be such a useful and reassuring idea to capture really

and hold on to and as you relax down even further now.

Just taking this time to enjoy this deepening level of calm and soothing comfort.

You may like to take this time to really imagine all of those qualities of intelligence

and more profound perceptions and expanding wisdom and studious nature

and all of those characters and unique personalities

who might embody that idea of the speed of learning for you?

That idea of natural and effortless recall and

memorization that you have integrated

within yourself right now with this mediation.

Wherever your unconscious mind is choosing to go now,

you are finding your imagination is stepping into those new

excellent shiny bright shoes because you know that these shoes belong to

a person of formidable intellect.

Just like a travelling detective walking those streets and pavements,

perhaps sometime long ago in those stories of faraway countries or even

a neighbouring country, your own country.

It can also feel so happily familiar to find yourself looking out through

those new sharper clearer focused eyes

and as your mind’s eye looks out

from this new intellectual vision,

you conclude that it is just like holding up

a magnificent magnifying glass.

And as you held up and raised that

magnifying glass over each and every clue that you choose to focus upon

in the world isn’t it just quietly exciting now to do this work which

is so appealing to your more in-depth intelligence.

And just like a special super

key on that case where all of that information becomes yours through the lens

of that magnificent magnifying glass,

all of those little clues be their fingerprints or

scratch marks or secretly hidden letters or

individual cryptic numbers sequences are becoming

more and more exciting to you now.

Because you know just like that super detective when you are really on the hunt to hear

every relevant saying because even as you listen to this meditation

to all of those explanations,

they sound so wonderfully clear to you at all times.

You are finding that you can trust your own detective skills as you just soak up all of

the meanings of those clues.

Because your own mind is developing just like an encyclopedia

of knowledge and each

and every day, you can find your deeper unconscious mind

just writing down and adding

the text to those new fresh pages in your personal meditation book.

Because you know that the mark of great meditation and focused mind offers the ability

to find that moment of stillness.

Just by choosing into the target and focus in now, by bringing your keen awareness to each and every clue before you, you can take in only one hint at the time as you enjoy building up the bigger picture.

Because you like taking the time to look at all of those smaller details down there underneath your special magnificent magnifying glass.

And just like those great detectives of yesteryear who enjoyed using their own great minds back, there in those younger years, you can find for yourself as you realize how the learning was enjoyable.

And even just a little exciting to you and also as you step forward once again into this current modern age, you find yourself talking to you all of those moments.

You find yourself bringing with you all of that joyful excitement to be learning something new each day with this meditation.

Even perhaps just for a minute or two before you actually settle down to focus upon your own current tasks, you can remember that only by taking in a deep breath or 2, you can automatically and effortlessly switch on all the capabilities of your memory and deepen attention because always you can rest assured that your time spent in concentration and meditation and focus and memorization and learning will always be enjoyed by your very best benefits.

I want to know where you would be when you find yourself perhaps smiling just a little once you remember to paraphrase the old phrase:

It’s all elementary, my dear.

As you take this time to continue relaxing and drifting and dreaming in your imagination, you can thank all of those deeper parts within yourself.

Because they are just integrating and accepting all of these new ideas

and suggestions for you now on that more profound level.

If you are reading this article before you are going to sleep at nighttime.

you can just stop now reading and try yourself drifting on down to a profoundly restful refreshing nights sleep, waking up tomorrow or the next day, feeling wonderfully good within yourself and ready to apply all of your new learning and memorization skills.

But if you have to get up and continue going about your day, they’re in a moment:

I’m going to count up from one to five, and when I reach five, you can open your eyes

fully and come back for conscious awakening reality.

Now: 1

Gently coming back towards conscious awareness in this meditation.

And: 2

Feeling wonderfully pleasant and refreshed and re-energized

And: 3

As each and every muscle and nerve and cell feel rejuvenated and alive

and ready to continue with your day or evening

And: 4

beginning to open your eyes, wide open, as if they have been bathed

in a fresh, clear spring water

and now: 5

Open your eyes wide and ultimately coming back to your full conscious awareness

perhaps taking the time to stretch and smile and feel wonderfully kind.

Once again, always remembering that you can read this article about meditation just as often

and as frequently as you choose, as the benefits will only compound for you

each and every day that you enjoy reading this post.

Thank you for reading once again this meditation.

Talk to you soon.

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