Suffering from BIG emotional triggers is likely the situation you are in now.

Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, and big emotional triggers can be brought on by many different things.

Big emotional triggers can be brought on by such as the narcissist abusing you or gaslighting you.

The narcissist can smear you, replace you with new supply, threat you, stonewall or abandon you.

The narcissist can walk away and NOT contacting you. 

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Also, it’s likely that you see or remember things that bring up painful feelings for you. When this happens, it can feel like you have ice running through your veins, and you are plunged into overwhelming feelings of powerlessness and helplessness – and even panic attacks.

This situation is why, today, I wanted to help you with a method that can be so valuable to you at these times.

I know that if you adopt it that it will start to grant you clarity and power and you will start feeling that you’ve got your soul back. 

But, before I tell you about this method, I want to quickly mention that there are only a few days left before we will be in the Masterclass together. So register now

Okay, so on to those times when you feel triggered, this situation is the time when you are being abused, gaslighted or belittled.

You realise your views, feelings and rights are unimportant. 

No matter how hard you try to get sanity and decency, things spiral out of control even more. 

When you are cruelly dismissed, abandoned or replaced.

You are brutally smeared and have other people turn against you.

When, you are threatened with the loss or the damage of who and what you love.

Or when you are hit with the terrible memories or feelings of any of the above.

I know how AWFUL this is – I promise you. I also know it feels like you are at the mercy of these feelings and that there is no way to control them. 

Yet, that isn’t true – there is a quick and powerful workaround that you will discover and can start to grant you relief and calm, even in the most challenging of times.

Let me walk you through it.

Imagine this, the emotional trigger hits. 

What would you usually do? 

You would probably do what we were all taught to do, start to THINK about it. Yet this doesn’t grant you relief.

Why not? 

Because it generally turns into “stinking thinking”. 


Because always, your brain follows your body.

You can only think WITHIN the range of the emotional trigger that has gone off. 

So what can you do instead? 

Don’t contract your body. Make sure you breathe deeply, then take your awareness inside of you, where you are feeling the feeling in your body and say to yourself, “I bless and accept this feeling”. 

Does this mean you are giving in to this feeling and you will somehow validate it and make it worse? 


What is happening is that you have connected to that feeling.

You validated that feeling lovingly.

Even you can allow that triggered part of you to feel supported and “heard” and “met” which will enable it to start settling down.

This situation of giving support to that triggered part with big emotional triggers doesn’t mean “going into the story”.

Remember that puts you back into the “stinking thinking”. Instead, it means just breathing love and acceptance into this part of your body that is somatically triggered, and staying open (not clenched tight) whilst breathing deeply, smoothly and slowly.

Now you are self-partnered (supporting yourself) rather than disconnecting from what is going on inside of you. 

The old tactic of “thinking” has previously caused your Inner Being to feel ignored.

That triggered part of you feels invalidated and DEEPLY abandoned when you use the old tactic of “tinking”. The big emotional triggers will get louder and louder to try to get you to turn inwards and “accept” it (by being present with it). 

Think of your Inner Being as hurt and terrified child who needs your presence and love.

Okay, so now please try this out for yourself.

Think about something that hurts right now. 

Now take your attention into your body. You will feel the bi emotional triggers somatically. Physically there will be a dense, heavy or funky feeling.

Make sure your body is relaxed (not tense) and breathe deeply, and with your attention connected with this feeling in your body, say to that part of you, “I bless and accept this feeling”.

Take note of how that feels in your body. 

Now sit and breathe love and presence into that part of yourself without thought. 

I want you to start to understand that you being at One with you and partnering with yourself emotionally with love and energy is always an essential step. 

You can’t think your way out of emotional trauma.

It doesn’t work. But when you have dealt effectively with the emotional pain inside of you, THEN you can have access to higher thoughts of power, truth and solution. 

Which is precisely what we are going to help you connect to in our time together. 

I want you to know this is only the beginning. 

While we are together in the Masterclass, Melanie is going to do everything in her power to help you change your life, from one of the abuse patterns, into the freedom, love and control of your best experience.

I want you to know there is MORE than hope … because it isn’t hopeless.

There is a way to take back your sanity, health and soul. We can find together a direct path up and out of the trauma and helplessness and pain. Your situation now is making it near impossible for you to operate. If you want to go into the glory of the Light and Truth winning this epic battle that you are going through, is worth it because I have something special for you now.

Check out the new recovery program of  Melanie, the Quantum Healing Starter Pack, The Empowered Self Course and the Transforming Family of Origin Wounds program in English. 

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