60 seconds Meditation: What’s going on in you right now?

60 seconds Meditation: What’s going on in you right now?

Please make yourself comfortable to start a 60 seconds meditation!

What is the most comfortable 60 seconds meditation position?

Sitting is the best position for beginning 60 seconds meditation. If you lie down, especially initially, you risk losing awareness and falling asleep. Sitting in an alert position keeps you awake and focused but frees your mind from having to process information (like where to put your feet.

How to start to relax for a 60 seconds meditation?

Take a deep breath in through your nose and silently count to ONE. Slowly let that breath out through your nose and silently say TWO. Repeat this until you get to TEN. Start over each time your mind wanders, and you lose your count (which will probably happen a few times, and that’s just fine.

What in you would like to be seen?

Sit quietly and close your eyes.

Breathe in and out slowly a few times.

It’s okay. All your feelings are totally welcome to be felt.

These feelings are often quickly pushed aside, hidden away, and passed by.

Just greet it and say it’s welcome to be felt completely.

You don’t have to be part of it, but you can be there.

Be like a little kid who just wants to feel cherished for a while.

Just feel where you feel it in your body and try to put it into words.
How does the feeling feel? Just check if you think it is correct.

Maybe it feels good to put a hand on the spot on your body where you feel it and send love to it.

It’s totally okay to feel tense, sad, hurt, or angry (or any other feeling for that matter) sometimes.

You may have learned not to, and you may have learned not to pay attention to your feelings at all, but it’s okay!

You can still teach yourself this as an adult.

Likewise, you can give yourself permission to still be friends with your feelings.

It is the most precious friendship you can have in your life!

Share below what feelings are playing in you and want to be seen when you do these 60 seconds meditation?

60 seconds meditation
Task for self-healing!

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