To be yourself? What’s your problem? Melanie’s answer.

You know you don’t want to continue living in turmoil. Yet when you imagine being free of it, you may feel the intense fear. Who will I be without this pain? Do you a fear to be yourself.

This stands to reason if fear is all you’ve to know.

I can help you powerfully with your first step to generating a true Self and to be yourself.

To be yourself in a relationship is not that easy. In theory, we all feel that we should share feelings and thoughts openly and honestly with others, especially with close friends and partners. But in practice, it turns out that that honesty can hurt someone else. Or that the relationship with that person becomes less close.

This conflict between theory and practice is not just a communication problem.  To be yourself in a relationship is also an internal matter. In dealing with others there is a constant tension between our true self and our relational self, between authenticity and connectedness.

If you are used to focusing strongly on others, you must always suppress your own opinions and feelings. 

This causes tension, resulting in complaints such as headaches, stomachaches, and anxiety.

You will also consider yourself a slacker, so your self-image also suffers if you keep swallowing your words. Self-centered authentic people come across as blunt and numb.

Colleagues, friends, and partners quickly ignore them or seek confrontation. In this way, few intimate relationships remain, and the relationships that do exist seriously lose quality.

Balanced authenticity interacts with personal well-being and satisfaction with your relationships. If you manage to be yourself while maintaining good relationships with others, you feel more in control of your life. So, balanced authenticity makes you happier – surprisingly, because you are more considerate of others.

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