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60 seconds Meditation: What’s going on in you right now?

Please make yourself comfortable to start a 60 seconds meditation! What is the most comfortable 60 seconds meditation position? Sitting is the best position for beginning 60 seconds meditation. If you lie down, especially initially, you risk losing awareness and falling asleep. Sitting in an alert position keeps you awake and focused but frees your mind […]

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Body scan meditation: a method to release emotions!

This article is about a body scan meditation. So, first, I will talk a little about what it is and why it’s essential. And then I’m going to give you the tools to do it. So, the reality is that many of us spend far too much time, if not all of our time, in […]

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Movement is important in body image healing. video

Trauma does 2 things: The mind leaves the present moment. (dissociation) This is for protection. It is an attempt to find safety. This is like worrying in worst-case scenarios with obsessive thoughts. These thoughts are fear-based thoughts. We are constantly going to analyze the past and analyze the future. We leave the body. This is also for protection. We distance ourselves from […]