Simple meditation to activate your energy. +video

Simple meditation to activate your energy. +video

In the past, you meditated daily, and you have no idea why you stopped a simple meditation that activated your energy.

Time to go back to where you were on the right track! Deva Premal – Gayatri mantra. (2 hours)

Maybe because meditating is not hype today.

Do You think? More than ever, the world to meditate is trending on Google trends. What is decreasing is spirituality, and is almost blown away is Christian spirituality.

Meditate, and meditation is growing even in the business category.

Here you get a smooth transition into the art of meditation. You get great information about ‘how to meditate.’

Meditation puts us in an active state of mind in this crazy and busy world, we all need some quiet time.

Everyone has their own way of meditating. Meditation helps you get centred and grounded and connect to a more profound peace inside. You will love the deep breathing exercise in the video by breathing slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly.

After reading this article, benefit directly from it by doing what is told to do in the video for 5 min.

Many people start and end each day by spending time in God’s presence worshipping Him, reading His Word, talking to Him, then get still and allow Him to fill them with His peace and tell back to me.

Yes, He said; “Be still and know that I Am God.” Peace is what life is all about. Too bad we humans have disconnected so far away from God.

Some call meditation prayer. You can meditate or pray anywhere at any time.

What good is having money and freedom if one is always tense and can’t find a way to relax? Prayer is when we are speaking to God, Meditation is when we are listening to God. We listen to our soul…because the kingdom of God lives inside of us. Sometimes people listen to music like Erbarme Dich from Bach to feel the presence of God.

Many Christians listen to Gregorian music to feel the comfort of God. All that music helps us to meditate.

Nothing else matters.

Other people like more Hillsong music like Ocean to become out of the rat race.

Often we’re so busy that we don’t take the time to be still.

Monitor yourself and put it on your agenda to remind you to use the power of meditation. Everyone can meditate, but people do it in different forms.

Walking and being completely aware of your footsteps can be meditating.

Fishing can be a meditation.

Not everything is Christian or Buddhist meditation.

You can think you cannot meditate, but you have to find your form.

Transcendental meditation has special technics.

You can try out several guided meditations and find them still to be annoying. Maybe you will like something different, shorter. For some, cuddling their dog to let him snore at their side looks to be a meditation.

When you hear your dog when he’s soft snores, and you feel his breath on your hand, it can be much easier to remain focused.

This video from the transformational wizard Will Wood and his crew on meditation gives you another idea to talk about in your daily videos for your fan base on your social media.

Meditation will help you to your destination.

It’s as everything is working itself and as long as the consistency is there, it will lead you to your destination. You take it one step at a time, and that is when you start to embrace your process more.

And part of the process to become the best and happiest online person is doing your daily meditations. You create a story every day, and when you create your testimonials, you have to give a part of ourselves away (vulnerability) to show that we are human.

Everyone needs that relaxation to become creative and to clearly see your vision.

There was a video that David Wood did.  I believe David spoke a quote somewhere around the lines of ”it’s not that people can’t do it, it’s that they can’t do it now.”

From the day that you understand the meaning of this quote, you can look at what blocks you have now and take it forward step by step at a time, finding a solution for that block.

The block can be not knowing how to relax.

The block can be a lack of healthy energy because of a no stop flow of thoughts.

Not focused energy.

Like I said, the way people meditate could be a little different, and each method can inspire another person to find the best personal meditation style.

Some people fall asleep when they lay down, others can sit for a long time without having back pain, and like to lay down and rest their full body, fall into a “wake” of the NOW.

If you are participating in the meditating action that is being shown, you forget soon the maybe tendentious instructions.

This style of meditation we are showing in the videos let you realize that you can meditate with your eyes open.

If you were under the idea that your eyes must be closed, you are mistaken. Having a focus word is equally helpful as well. My focus word helps me get into a rhythm and contributes to deepening the experience.

The benefits of meditation include:

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  1. To Breathe again
  2. Reconnect to the present moment
  3. Ground and centre yourself to help you feel better about yourself and what is going on around you.
  4. Help you connect to a deep peace within.

If you are going through a difficult time, it affords you the ability to relax and totally change your life.

The simple passive meditation method.

The powerful meditation taught in the video is a simple passive meditation.

Be as still as you possibly can, nice straight back, sit up and be awake at the moment.

Place a hand on your lap. Feet flat on the ground, eyes closed.

For postures, Ears over your shoulder and shoulder over your hip

Meditation: Breathe in slowly through your nose,

At the top of your breath, pause and hold on to the inspiration for 3-6 secs and then slowly exhale, just focusing on your breathing, no matter how far your mind wonders, try to bring it back to your breath.

Try to find a quiet place and sit still and incorporate the breathing as well.

That alone gets rid of toxins and allows positive energy and/or Holy Spirit to come in.

You will appreciate the workout!

Letting go the analysing attitude with a simple meditation.

To activate your focused energy.

I notice that my mind wonders a lot because I am the type of person, who enjoys analysing things that don’t stop during a meditation session.

Your mind will keep trying to figure out if you are doing the things right.

It will take some time before you notice that your mind went quiet.

You can’t predict how long it will take.  But letting go the analysing attitude for even a few seconds will refresh your brain more.

If you try that later again, you will see it happens more often.

It gives you such a sweet feeling, if you overanalyzing mind can rest for some time and not have to worry and think.

Meditation technique breakthrough.

The suggestion to keep my ears over my shoulders and my shoulders over my hips was a bit of a breakthrough for me.

I’ve had a sporadic meditation practice over the past couple of years, but I usually did it reclined or laying down and often found I’d fall asleep doing it.

By keeping a straight posture, I’m sure I can relax and yet not drift off into sleep while I meditate. I always struggle because my mind wanders, but if I don’t have to worry about it, that is AWESOME!

That helped me get through it without feeling like I was doing it wrong.

I frequently find meditation difficult, but that was very peaceful.

Calm body, Calm Mind.

Manage your meditation session now.

I think I can manage 5 minutes to start my day on the computer.  You have to go for that Insight timer app.

The downloadable Insight Timer, which is lovely, you can track your progress.

You need to meditate more and on a daily bases.

It’s good to do the meditating as the #1 thing in the morning.

It’s like starting your day cross wiring the negative wire with the neutral and confident of a simple meditation to activate your energy.

Your energy level becomes superb. You focus and can accomplish more in less time, and not at all lost or confused to what you need to do.

As you hear a voice begins to speak to you in this video, you will listen to him giving the initiation for the meditation, and you will start at once to transcend.

You will notice feeling calmer and more relaxed and immediately start receiving some benefit.

Your health condition at that moment will no longer seem to matter.

The stress you have about making decisions today, about the work you have to do, and about giving meaning to your life today disappeared practicing along with your technique.

Resting and recharging the mind is fine, fun, and joy.

With all the things and stress in today’s world, it’s also good for the body and soul.

I’ve never been able to last five minutes meditating before.

I intend to use this quick video whenever I need to calm down or re-centre or re-focus myself.

You can download audio from it and put it on your mobile.

Meditating will help this lousy experience we all have in life to roll off your back quickly.

Using the audio.

If you have never done it, it will be a relaxing experience. You can keep using the audio to relax. Meditation is a great way to regain focus and relieve stress. You have to think about it about work and making money.

The more relaxed you are, the better ideas you get to solve the problems.

The more relaxed you were, the more energy you have to implement this solution because it is a simple meditation that activates your power. You can bring your focus back to the present with your breath, and the word breathe anytime you want.

I have recommended mindfulness so many times in my articles. I hope this recommendation from William Wood in the video will finally bring you to “buy” it.

Laughter meditation.

Some people have experience with a laughter meditation. Way different experiences, but both feel good.


I do meditate, every day, during the night, before I fall asleep and in the morning.

And I do pray every day, during the night, before I fall asleep and in the morning.

When I was in the hospital 22 years ago at extremely high risk, I was almost meditating all the time on a good outcome, it even helped me to control the pain.

I was even meditating during my 100 km running, which makes me go into a trance most of the time at 55 km.

There are some negative aspects when you do something wrong.

Symptoms and side effects of opening your third eye chakra – after third eye awakening

Reiki attunement side effects: What to expect?

Getting centred and grounded is excellent. You can start with a simple meditation to activate your energy.

Watch now to help refresh the mind when you do the short exercise!

Kindly let me know what you think about it and the effect on you, in the comments below.

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