I know people are struggling in powerlessness.

There were also lots of people asking questions about the narcissist. Why they do what they do? Why they are still acting out? hoovering etc. and more Reading these posts, my stomach started to churn. Those old feelings I feel when I know people are struggling in powerlessness.

People are struggling with powerlessness when their energy is focused on the narcissist, and NOT their own healing and development.

I totally emphasise I understand it.

I used to be there.

I know what it is like to be helpless and feel powerless.

I know what is being stuck like a deer in the headlights thinking you have to learn all about your enemy to survive.

I know how horrible that place is.

In general, the issue is: when you ARE stuck in fear, pain, trauma and survival, you have no POWER to create your life.

This is, sadly, the legacy of far too many abuse victims.

It doesn’t need to be.

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The Tools to Heal C-PTSD.

Cognitive therapy does not go in deep enough – point-blank.

Great talk therapy may help support you and manage PTSD, but can’t help you heal it.

To heal C-PTSD, you need tools that will get into your subconscious and find and release the original causation healing for you.

Naturally, I am going to recommend Melanie’s Healing Program NARP (The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program) which contains Quanta Freedom Healing, which is the tool Melanie developed to do this. You can find out more about NARP and Quanta freedom Healing when searching on narcisme.blog.

Additionally, these tools are helping also definitely looking in the right direction

Kinesiology, EFT (Tapping), Body Code work (any healing modality which communicates directly with your subconscious)… then as supplements, Yoga, Qi Gong, massage, holistic chiropractors, flower essences, etc.

The absolute truth is this: Any emotional, mental and even physical dis-ease is ALL related to trapped painful emotions (traumas) in your subconscious stopping you from living, being and generating your natural coded well-being.

Many people on Facebook wrote messages wanting to know, “Is this PTSD?”

“What does (these details) mean?” etc. It’s vital to understand it all means the same thing – the agonies, fear, pain, betrayals, anguish, powerlessness and torment are all inside you  and they can be released.

In other words, anything and everything that goes into your cellular subconscious to find and release dense toxic emotions are beneficial, and you can work with more than one tool simultaneously.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program trains and directs you how to do this as a daily tool specific to recovering from narcissistic abuse; and other energy healer practitioners, who are skilled, can help you do that as well.

Then, now that you are detoxifying yourself and raising your vibration to a higher one, be VERY fussy about what people and recovery groups you get involved in.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program International Members Community Forum is a private closed Group.

Are these groups led by people who are Thriving or still victimised?

Are the message about powerlessness, blame and shame – or solutions, healing and empowerment?

Do you feel hope and upliftment when you are involved in these groups or are you charged up and venting?

Maintaining a high-vibration is exactly the reason why Melanies Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program Members Community Forum is a private closed Group – operating under the assistance of Thrivers and a firm Code Of Conduct.

The love, assistance and solutions are incredible in the Group – powerless victimisation is not allowed in the Group.

I hope this has given you a lot of food for thought regarding Traumatic Disorders, and lots of hope.

Most of all, I hope it has started awakening you to the truth, so that you don’t have to continue down the path of suffering.

I know that if I can heal from where I went – you can to.

Many people already have.

If you feel PASSIONATE about doing what you can to help heal victimisation in our world – PLEASE share this article widely, WHEREVER it is needed.

I look forward to answering your questions and comments below.

I really want you to know, with all of my heart, that regardless of your abuse situation, when it started, who it was from, and what chronic conditions you may have had (even for life), the healing path for you is IDENTICAL to my healing way and that of all the other Thrivers.

Namely – get the trauma out and start to see the healing begin – which is what the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) does.

I’d love you to learn more and experience exactly how to do this in our free program.

And if you liked this – click like. Also, please share with your communities so that we can help people awaken to these truths.

As always, I am much looking forward to answering your comments and questions below.

Annemie Persyn Declercq.

On December 19th and 20thMelanie Tonia Evans is hosting the You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse event.

This is a live on-line Premiere Global Healing workshop for anyone suffering abuse from a spouse, partner, family member, friend, boss, colleague or other individual.

This event is relevant for you, no matter your gender or age, how long ago you separated from this person, and even if they are still in your life.

Here’s a summary of what will be covered during the workshop:

  • How to become crystal clear if the person you are dealing with IS abusive.
  • The #1 factor that determines if they are capable of change.
  • How to know the most common personality traits in YOU that make you a target for narcissists and how to stop attracting abusers in the future.
  • The 6 reasons why MOST people don’t recover from abuse (this won’t be you after this workshop!)
  • How to empower yourself to deal with a narcissist in difficult situations such as co-parenting, custody battles, divorce settlements and other legal/business deals.
  • How to heal from trauma symptoms such as C-PTSD, anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia and live free of them once and for all.

This event not only aims to help you break free and heal from any abusive situation, but also teaches you how to create a new and empowered life that is no longer affected by toxic people.

If you have been through this type of relationship, I can highly recommend you take part in this all-day healing event. Let Melanie teach you how to shift from being a “victim of abuse” to becoming a “Thriver from abuse” in a way that is easy to understand and immediately applicable to your life. 

I know Melanie’s work and what she will be sharing is THE most cutting-edge and impactful information on healing from toxic and abusive relationships. 

It is Melanie’s deep understanding of the trauma inflicted by narcissists that fuels her passion to help as many people as possible to heal. And Melanie’s wisdom and healing processes have helped so many people recover their lives and move past mere surviving to real Thriving. 

This is a rare opportunity for you to learn directly from a trusted colleague who is a renowned abuse recovery expert. 

Click here secure your ticket to this breakthrough abuse recovery event. 

PLUS so much more…

Johan and Annemie Persyn-Declercq

P.S. Melanie has told me that she also has some exciting bonuses for you as well! After purchasing your ticket you will get immediate access to the following:

The “50 Traits of a Narcissist Checklist” so you can find out whether or not you are dealing with a narcissist. 

Plus an exclusive 35-minute video training called “The 6 Mistakes That People Make When Recovering From Abuse” which provides an excellent starting point to your healing journey. 

Click here to reserve your ticket and to receive all the special bonuses.


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