How is the relationship narcissist and co-dependent? +video

How is the relationship narcissist and co-dependent? +video

In this video, I’m going to explain why it’s not our DIFFERENCES but, actually, our SIMILARITIES that bring us together.

I know this title may seem judgmental or even offend some people. “How on earth can you compare me to a narcissist – by putting me on the same coin?” Is there a relation between narcissist and co-dependent?

So much of the public and many experts and therapists believe that it is the differences between narcissists and their targets which bring them together. Yes, yes and yes – on the surface that theory appears to be 100% accurate. However, I believe “Takers gravitate to givers,” “opposites attract” are only a tiny part of the truth. It is only looking at the surface.

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There is something much deeper going on as to why co-dependents and narcissists attract.

By understanding this vital concept, you will be able to identify the parts of yourself that make you a target for narcissists and move another step closer to ending the cycle of abuse and dissatisfying relationships in your life.

What my intention is with videos such as this – is to help you get to the truth to heal your life. This video is about deeply understanding the similarities co-dependents share with narcissists. 

narcissist and co-dependent
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The similarities which put both parties on the same coin.

This truth is not about “blaming and shaming” – which only triggers our ego into more resentment, which of course the ego loves (“Go on, go on feed me MORE pain!”), but instead in ways that open up our bodies, minds, and hearts with big “Ah-ha” awareness.

Because it is those “Oh my goodness” moments which make all the difference.

If we were to imagine that the co-dependent/narcissistic relationship was the “light” and the “dark” side of a coin, we know there are differences; however, I want to grant you the understanding of what the currency really is because that understanding is vital.

It’s vital because it allows you to know what is necessary to never be half of that coin again. But before I do, let’s look at the differences between the two sides. The highest calling is healing and liberation from the inner wounds.

There is no more powerful dynamic to achieve that than in an intimate relationship. If one partner does apply authentic self-responsibility and evolve and the other doesn’t – then the one who does never needs to experience a relationship like that again, and will certainly not remain in that relationship dynamic.

That relationship was the stepping stone necessary to go to the next level. I hope you made it this far.

Hold your heart open enough to feel the truth.

I hope you are connecting to what you really need to do to get well and how incredible your life will be when you do.

You may have to read this article several times to really absorb it, and if so, I urge you to do so.

Thank you for reading this article, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below. I do my best to respond to all of them.

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