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6 therapeutic exercises aimed at combating stress and anxiety! video

Relaxation techniques and these 6 therapeutic exercises help us to cope with the stress and hectic pace of life that we often have to carry through our work.

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Learning to relax with these 6 therapeutic exercises prepares us better for the challenges of every day.

For this, we only need to choose and practice one of the available methods.

In this video, we explain what they are and what relaxation techniques are for, what the most critical types of methods are and their benefits.

Because of all narcissists that trigger off within us our unhealed terrors we need a special hypnotic imagination meditation.

When you are triggered by a narcissist they grant us the incredible opportunity to heal these terrors and evolve ourselves.

The healing we generate means not just emerging safely from what we are going through, but also living free of these terrors forevermore.

I am so grateful for my narcissistic friends and their shenanigans.

It was because of my time with them that I was able to release, heal and resolve my inner fears of authorities. Being thrown out by my community and people, feeling guilty, bad or wrong for things I was or wasn’t doing. Furthermore, my terrors of trying to have my rights to my privacy and life — whilst people were violating my boundaries.

I really want you to understand that every narcissist in your life is granting you a soul journey of incredible power, divinity, and evolution — when you are prepared to turn inwards and do the work.

This soul journey then allows you to enter the arena with a narcissist in a way that you have done as never before.

6 therapeutic exercises
6 therapeutic exercises

6 Therapeutic exercices: A way that works.

I know you may feel like the narcissist in your life is TOO bad for you to do this with.

Yet, I promise you that the person behind the mask will be powerless once you heal within you the traumas that they have been using as the bullets against you to keep firing at you.

This goes for ANY narcissist.

I do hope this video has helped.

Now, if you know it’s time to graduate, stand up and get powerful — I’m here to help you.

Let’s make this happen together.

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Does this information resonate with you?

Are you excited about up levelling and taking this newfound power on to combat any narcissist who is bullying you?

I’d love to hear about this in comments and questions below.

I’d love you to join me to heal from the narcissistic abuse, in powerful ways that you couldn’t have known existed yet – until you connect to them.

And, I’m really looking forward, as always, to answering your questions and comments below.

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