The Psychopath Narcissist likes physical and emotional torture.

They could take the physical abuse over the mind-fuck.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who have been both physically and emotionally abused.

They all say the same thing.

They could take the physical abuse over the mind-fuck.

Any day the abuser was manipulating, try to let you feel guilty.

Even today, while he is still not after bars, he is trying to mind-fuck.

Telling lies and telling you are guilty, while telling the children he has changed.


Telling you have to forgive, without telling you about what!

I totally concur the mind-fuck is terrible.

If for no other reason than, at least when you are getting beaten,

you know where the blows are coming from.

The mind fuck is veiled and you don’t even know what’s.

I didn’t want to get beaten, or abused or raped either way this type of mind-fuck is so hidden

and hard to describe to someone who’s never been through!

If you get raped the normal way (not in your own house, not by your partner,

not by your family etc), I don’t know how to say that differently….

You can talk to anyone about it and they think it’s terrible.

This isn’t like that and the fucking psychopath can even excuse it.

If you told him that he raped you, there is no way he would say, oh, yes. You are right!

On top of it, some family members will deny it!

Annemie could actually tell him in your declaration in court, he is a rapist

after some of the family members told Annemie that she become crazy.

I know you feel like you’ve been emotionally misleading and

therefore physically raped.

What a chicken shit piece of shit.

But that was before you knew he was a psychopath.

After he went crazy it was rape all the way without any doubt.

It is not because you are married that it isn’t raping when you cry no!

The physical abuse vs emotional torture.

He stood in front of our door, and I know I had this flashes of thoughts:

why you just fucking hit me,

instead of yelling at me that I’m haughty.

Again he played the victim.


But his response on the court was pretty telling,

now that they know what he is…

He wishes us luck. He never told anything about his abuses.

He is not so stupid.

But I realize that this is not a loving answer to the declaration.

it tells he will never change.

He is something unlike anything else.

If you have any additional suggestions,

I’d love to hear them!

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Author: Johan Persyn Hooglede Belgium

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