Have we arrived in hard narcissistic times? +video

Have we arrived in hard narcissistic times? +video

This video is about a giant topic and one I believe it’s the perfect time to talk about.

Many people are wondering what is going on. Why are so many people going through hard narcissistic times? What has this got to do with abuse? And what has it got to do with victims of abuse?

I believe lots, and that’s something I want to talk about in this article, including information about what, I think, is really going on.

Many people are sensing things are different now. Things feel different and precarious and even frightening.

I know many people are faced with their greatest fears and insecurities, and suffering more enormous emotional battles than they can previously remember.

It’s like everyone’s stuff is coming up for them.

Everyone I talk to has stories of how their life has recently gone through drastic changes, or they know of many people whose worlds have recently been turned upside down.

Many people’s relationships are splitting up, including the relationships we may have thought were stable and ‘tight’.

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Waking Up From The Trance in hard narcissistic times.

This evolution period calls for raising our consciousness, the coming out of the trance of separatism, disconnection, egoistic neediness and externalism.

Importantly, in this time of transition, we can make it our mission to let go of the false beliefs and traumas which are not Who We Really Are, and we can inwardly free ourselves to become increasingly agreeing with our natural inner guidance and our Higher Self.

Then, we start to make conscious choices about loving and nourishing ourselves with healthy options, healthy self-talk and thoughts, healthy food and healthy people. Then, we naturally unconditionally love and approve of ourselves, non-reliant on what other people do or don’t decide to do.

We no longer sell our souls out, or our life –trying to force others and things to be our ‘source of self’. Neither are we in attempting to seek outer approval.

We honor the sovereignty of our self – our True Self.

We genuinely wake up and understand the truth: we are the creator of our experience, and that was always generated from our inner beingness.

Co-creative consciousness is about Oneness, it is about realizing that ‘we are all one’. What this means is a quantum physics theory:  we are all made of the same stuff and more than that, we are all connected.

We know ourselves as the One Soul. Are we more than just a part of God/ Source / Creation / Consciousness or All That Is…

We know we just are it.

This means what I do to you – I do to myself. It means that every action or non-action I take affects the entire Field of Life in some way. It also means that every person I meet, and every experience I have, is showing me an aspect of myself. What I don’t like in others represents my own disowned/ non-integrated parts and still unconscious parts.

It means: the illusion of separation and that there is something ‘out there’ happening to me is no longer a view that serves me.

The Mayans talked about this time of ascension. It is about growing past our needy, starved, disconnected, empty selves trying to fill up from the outside, to realize that the very reason we chased ‘stuff’ was to get a whole, fulfilled self – and it was within us all along – non-reliant on conditions outside of us.

We are evolving to understand the incredible vibrational, emotional Creators that we really are.

If we are connected as One to the Field of Life, then the control center of our life is our beingness. It is our beingness that is calling forth what we know as ‘Life’ into our experience.

Then the real question is:  Who am I presently being?

We also realize that no amount of ‘doing’ or ‘getting’ can compensate for a disconnected beingness.

This is the wake-up out of the trance, realizing if we are trying to generate a life from a False Disconnected Self, the results are now slapping us hard with more fear, more anxiety and pain, more need to compete, more unworthiness, more ‘not winning’, and more ‘coming up empty’.

Spiritual Evolution in hard narcissistic times.

Evolution can be viewed as Darwin’s theory of physical survival, or maybe we could look at development as a deeper, more spiritual purpose.

Perhaps it is to be closer to God, Source and our True Nature. Perhaps it is to conjoin with Oneness, and to know our connection to Life and each other, rather than operating as separated, empty, lonely, frustrated, competing, distrustful beings.

Maybe it is to unleash and connect to our real power.

The Infinite One Soul that we are connected to, not through our logical consciousness (which is incredibly limited – most people’s minds are their worst enemy), but through a greater force, a creative beingness, and expansiveness that is connected to the whole.

The giant irony is, in this era of Co-creative consciousness, inner freedom, peace, love, connectivity, and abundance generates identical outer results – as the pure expansive truth: my beingness is making my life.

This has nothing to do with unconscious ego emptiness, which is: “I need that person/thing to grant me proof of my worthiness.”  The conscious True Self merely is expanding and already knows itself as ‘expansion and Oneness’, non-reliant on physical evidence.

The True Self is unconditionally fulfilled.

There are no requirements, demands, or conditions when:

“I feel whole, love, and Oneness simply because I know Who I Am and because I exist.”

That, I promise you are your natural state, without the programmed disconnected false and fearful beliefs which have separated you from knowing yourself.

Miracles of abundance and wellbeing emerge from this level of creation when we are connected to the whole.

The ‘doing’ and ‘getting’ becomes inspired, radiant and beautiful – because it is an expansion of the flourishing of our True Self connected to life holistically, and Life is co-generatively injected with wellbeing and flourishing as a result.

The crucial shift of eras is incredibly relevant to this community because I believe we are shifting gears from survival fear, into authentic creation.

This new era is not about narcissists or clinging to narcissists. The cycle of narcissistic abuse, and being victimized by narcissistic abuse is one of fear, sticking, disconnection from self and being precariously focused outwards to emotionally try to survive.

That is not our soul’s truth.

Is it a coincidence that we are in this community together, at this time, focused on the ultimate shift in consciousness – which is coming out of the clutches of abuse and narcissistic egoistic false power to claim our True Selves, and real potential as authentic, connected, holistic beings?

I don’t believe so…

This evolutionary orientation is totally what myself and the MTE team stand for.

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

I look forward to helping you find the power of your True Self very soon…

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