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Integrate the inner child to become strong. Part 1

There is a lot of information about empaths and sensitive people, but most of this information makes us powerless. They assume that we cannot integrate the inner child.

Some believe that empaths are vulnerable little wallflowers who have to protect themselves at all costs from outside energy.

There is also a belief that empathy is a kind of curse. But you know what I think about all these beliefs about empathy? They are BS. The reason is because, for many empaths, the cause lies in not integrating the inner child.

Empaths are powerful creatures that can move the energy as no one can, but here’s the kicker.

They need to heal themselves before they can take complete control, and that’s what I’m going to help you do in this article. So if you’ve fought like an empath, that battle ends today.

I know how you feel; because we are both empathetic.

I’ve spent years running away from social situations, or I’d pretend to go to the bathroom to get away from dense energies.

Every day, I connect with more and more empaths who are struggling in life because of their hypersensitivity.

But what if I told you that your struggles as an empath have little to do with the surrounding energies?

Would you believe me?

I will help you better understand your empathic abilities to live a more fulfilling life because behold beautiful soul, empaths are not here to struggle, and we are not here to live secluded lives. Empaths are here to live. They are here to live joyful, fulfilling lives.

I’m going to help you with that in this article.

A while ago, I wrote an article about empathy. I discuss other topics related to empathy, so those are good articles to start with if you’d like. I will help you understand why empaths struggle so much in life, and no, it has nothing to do with the surrounding energies.

That is a common misconception.

This common misconception is that empaths struggle in life because they are too sensitive to energy, so their power is the problem. But that’s not true, and that’s what I’m going to make you understand now.

I also want to leave a side note at the beginning of this article to let you know that I will be using the term empath to include sensitive people, or what is known, empath = HSP.

Therefore, the content in this article pertains to both empaths and sensitive people as the differences between them are not that great, and the content here is essential for both groups. Both groups also need to integrate their inner child.

If you are an empathetic person but lack empathy, don’t be confused by the terminology empath. I’m just going to use the word empath, but you know that I mean empathetic and susceptible people from now on.

I’m going to focus on the top four reasons why empaths struggle so much in life.

What’s interesting about these four reasons why empaths struggle so much in life, what’s interesting about these four reasons, is that when you were a kid, these four reasons were protection mechanisms that your soul put in that place to help you. 

These four reasons that will ruin your life later are four defense mechanisms that helped you survive as a child. This case is an excellent example of how something can be your medicine at one stage of your life and turn into your poison later on.

inner child
Tools for recovery!

First, we’ll discuss why empaths need these protective mechanisms as children.

Why does your soul have these four defense mechanisms, and why are they deployed in childhood?

Second, I’m going to discuss in detail what these four defense mechanisms are.

This discussion will help you understand your life as a different level of an empath.

Please let me know in the comments below what your coping mechanism has been so far when you’re done reading.

I love connecting with you down there, and the comments are also an splendid place for you to communicate with others in our community and feel heard and supported.

Why do empaths require protective mechanisms like children?

This explanation will increase your understanding of what it means to be empathetic, especially what happened to you as a child. We don’t talk much about the issues empathy goes through as children. That’s why I’m going to discuss this now.

If you are a soul before you incarnate, let’s even look at this from a broader sense; before you incarnate, your soul chooses your empathic ability. Your soul desires to incarnate with this power called “empathy”.

But here’s the thing about being empathetic. Because you are extremely sensitive to energy and the soul knows that what the soul does is it always has these kinds of protective mechanisms or escape valves. 

These are defence mechanisms it uses, which I can deploy when needed, especially if the empath is going through childhood trauma, which occurs with empathy.

I have not yet met a single empath who tells me that they had a genuinely wonderful childhood full of love and no pain and no trauma.

The majority of empaths seem to embody troubled families, troubled ancestral lines with a lot of trauma and trouble. So, that’s where these four defense mechanisms are useful.

I want to give you an example to understand this from a 3D physical perspective, even from a scientific perspective. Many studies have been done on orphanages in Russia and China, where they have studied these orphanages.

They have found that when babies are left in cribs in these orphanages when they are left in cribs, they say, ‘If they are not touched or cared for, the babies may even die.

This case has been scientifically reported in both orphanages in Russia and China, and probably worldwide.

This case is an example to see how sensitive a child is in general. How sensitive a child is, but now I want you to take this example of a child likely to die if not touched when it is a baby; now I want you to take this and multiply it by ten because you are an empath.

Because empathetic children are vastly more sensitive than non-empathic children.

What happens is that if you incarnate as an empath, you risk not surviving childhood. You are especially at risk if you have trauma or painful situations in your family or wherever you grow up.

Therefore, the soul knows this in advance and has these protection mechanisms that it can deploy because the soul continuously checks in and sees how your physical body is doing as a child.

The soul is constantly checking in and checking, you know, how you’re doing? How are you coping with this trauma?

Is your family situation harrowing? Is your biological system going to be overloaded? Your soul is constantly watching this. The defense mechanisms I’m going to talk about are survival mechanisms.

Survival mechanisms that the spiritual quantum part of you knows because it is so wise.

It knows that there are certain risks, especially in childhood. Your soul knows that certain risks are involved in choosing to embody as an empath, especially in childhood.

It always has these defense mechanisms that I may or may not deploy depending on how you handle the situations you are faced with. 

There is a reason why the soul has these protective mechanisms for you that it may or may not deploy in your childhood.

Because you are so sensitive that there is a risk that as a child, you will not survive your childhood with your empathic abilities if these protective mechanisms were not in place.

Which four defence mechanisms have I been talking about for a while?

Protection mechanism number one is premature ego formation.

There are four protection mechanisms that the soul can use or not. All these protection mechanisms are deployed at the same time. But I haven’t met an empath who hasn’t had these four, all at once. More often than not, these four defense mechanisms play a role in your life, especially if you had a painful childhood.

The first is the premature formation of the ego.

Now, why is this being considered? Why should I consider this a protection mechanism? This is a defense mechanism because children are usually sentient beings before the age of seven, not thinking beings.

The ego is not yet formed. That means that the child feels the world. It does not think about the world. He doesn’t know how to rationalize life. It does not know how to give meaning to certain situations.

The small child’s ego does not yet have the brain capacity, the thought processes, to give meaning to their experiences and to understand them on a mental level.

The premature ego formation, it seems, how can this be a protection mechanism? But it is because when you know what the ego does, you understand how this is a protection mechanism.

The ego gives you a sense of self that is separate from the outside world.

When you begin to build an ego identity, your ego tells you that you are separated from the outside world. This explanation is an illusion.

Growing up, we know this is an illusion. 

Because there is no hard limit or boundaries between me and the world, we are all one. It’s all a mixture. But the ego gives you the impression that you are this separate entity from the outside world.

Now, look at how important this is for a child going through childhood trauma, for an empath going through childhood trauma.

Because they are feeling all these feelings, they have no idea what is going on. Are they emotionally abused or sexually abused? Do they have narcissistic parents? We don’t know, and anything can happen.

But because the child doesn’t know how to understand the world or think, they are just struck by this jumble of uncomfortable and painful feelings. And so, what the ego does is it comes online, and it gives that child the sense of identity that is separate from their outside world.

This sense of identity is very protective.

It immediately calms the little empath because it gives the illusion that they have some protection, that they are separated from the outside, and can protect themselves from the outside world.

Premature ego formation is, therefore, typical. It happened to me. The ego begins to form around the age of seven. It varies, but it’s around seven. 

For example, in a person’s life, his ego may be born when that child was four years old and sexually abused by a family member.

That’s early for the ego to be formed, but I remember having a clear memory of when my ego was formed. I immediately knew it was for my protection.

I felt myself calm down as soon as that self-identity mechanism came online. This is the first defense mechanism deployed when a child’s empathy begins to endure painful or traumatic situations in their environment.

The second protection mechanism is called soul fragmentation.

This one is fascinating from a spiritual perspective. Shamanic culture knows a lot about soul fragmentation, but I will tell you that it’s not exactly some look at shamanism. I’m going to give you a bit of a twist.

But it’s the same understanding as shamans when shamans work with people on what they call soul fragmentation. What soul fragmentation is your soul? Remember I said a while ago that your soul is constantly watching how the empathetic child is doing down here.

The soul constantly monitors to see, especially how the biological system, how the body reacts to painful situations or trauma. Furthermore, the soul knows that there can be a risk, that the child can become so overwhelmed with emotions because they are empathetic. 

On the top of that, the soul knows that those emotions and emotional charge can completely overwhelm their biological system and that the body will not survive.

The soul knows this. In addition, the souI constantly monitors what is happening in the outer environment of the little empath. In addition, the soul controls how the empath reacts to the situation. And then what the soul does is call out mayday when something happens in the environment, and the empath is entirely overwhelmed by an enormous emotional charge.

Eventually, the soul senses that, mayday, mayday, something is happening, the biological system is at risk of not surviving and using a defense mechanism.

And what the soul does is it pulls a bit of its essence out of the body.

Now you’re thinking, “How on earth is that a defense mechanism? It is because of looking at this. When your soul draws a bit of its essence from this biological vessel, you immediately feel numb.”

This is a defense mechanism because this numbness at least calms the system to a point where at least the little empath will survive that matter. You start to see it through me when I’m just talking about these protection mechanisms. You begin to see how these protection mechanisms will turn into your worst nightmare later on.

Likewise, you’re beginning to understand that because if my soul pulls out its essence, if my ego forms prematurely, it’s going to cause problems later when I’m an adult. But when I’m a kid, this was protective of me, and it helped me survive my childhood.

So if the soul fragment pulls out a little, my system becomes a little more desensitized because I’m missing a small part of my essence. And in that numbness, at least I can survive in whatever painful or traumatic situation befalls me.

The third protection mechanism is the closing or blocking of the heart.

To get into this a little more, I want you to understand yourself from a multidimensional perspective. If you haven’t seen what an aura looks like, what your auric field or electromagnetic field seems like, here’s a picture of it below.

The aura is very complicated. There are many layers in the aura. You don’t need to know all the details. I don’t even know all the details of the human aura, but I want you to see this picture because you can see different layers in the human aura. 

One of the layers is especially important for this protective mechanism, called the heart.

The one layer I want you to remember from this aura photo is called the emotional body.

The emotional body is a vital aura layer because the emotional body is connected to your heart. It is connected to your heart.

There is a small, fast connection to the heart center. Your heart is the portal for emotions, incredibly intense emotions. We feel a lot in our hearts. The heart is directly connected to the emotional body in the auric field.

Now, why is cardiac closure necessary or necessary for the empath as a child? The formation of emotional charge begins because the heart is connected to the emotional body and is in the emotional body. Imagine this.

For example, if I’m sexually abused, or if a family member emotionally uses me, if I have a narcissistic parent who beats me and abandons me and rejects me, I’m going to feel that.

That will first form as an emotional charge in my auric field, and then it will immediately zip that information into the heart. Once it reaches the heart, my whole body starts building up the biochemistry we call emotions.

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