Will you fight against that what holding you back?

Will you fight against that what holding you back with the best content marketing

Nothing can hold you back if you want to blog about narcissism.

It’s fun when you can start to think about it, to tell others about your dreams. That you will blog about narcissism. When yourself had begun to believe it.

Are you now at a point in your life where you can decide nothing will hold you back? Anyway, you have to get your mind right. This is not about how to get money doing nothing.

My primary goal in writing this article is to talk about the future.  I want to talk to you about how you can fit in that future. The last years were fascinating, I could make on my old blog around 1600 articles.

I had a lot of readers. (70.000) When I started to blog I actually didn’t start thinking that was something I wanted to do forever. But my blog about narcissism seems very interesting for me.

It’s now a week of not being any more in my past network.  I couldn’t update anymore my old blog platform.  I’m still working and think about how you can make now in 2018 a business with blogging.

Do you want a company that possibly drive you to realise your dream? I would like to have an impact on poor children, by giving them an education. Blogging comes naturally to me because I want to write.

I had a little bit of good experience in blogging and getting traffic from it to a platform on personal development. I can bring awareness about partner violence and narcissism and earn money from the books I’m selling.

When you ask micro-mments youare building our self-image

Then,  I started to think what if I start to blog about narcissism without pitching a product?

So I have figured out some stuff about SEO and get an audience with valuable content. I had around 200 readers each day during the last 3 years even when I was not doing what usually bloggers doing.

Maybe I put too many links in it to the same products that had decreased influence and popularity in the last 3 years. If you just Google “Empower Network,” you will see there are a lot of negative comments and reviews about the products of Empower Network. This time I work with Bol.com,  and Melanie Tonia Evans.

Anyway, even with the bad publicity around Empower Network, I could figure out how to build up an audience. Even those days when I was just updating and didn’t write new articles I had 14 % referrals.

That means that a lot of my items had a sustainable quality. The knowledge about narcissism doesn’t change very quickly. This articles will be durable too.

Even when I hadn’t any control over my old platform during the last 3 month’s I still had around 200 visitors each day. At this moment I have approximately 800 visitors each day.

I was able to build that audience even when I was in Belgium and was blogging in a mix of Dutch, English and Spanish and a lot of other languages.

I even didn’t have any support for my blogging from my network. Because my sponsor wasn’t blogging, and the other team members of my sponsor were using tactics that I couldn’t recognize and never were used by leaders in the online marketing industry.

symptoms causes and treatment of nervous breakdown

Along the way, what I figured out was,  that it isn’t easy for everybody to make a valuable article online.

People don’t pick up the knowledge right away. It seems when someone is getting a start online they start with big dreams. They have high hopes for the future. But what happens is, that they can get beaten up in this, like they can get beaten up in life.

The online industry is complicated.

You will have someone in your family who always talks about pyramid schemes online. Even without knowing exactly what it means. You become nervous when you have to tell you don’t scam people.

You can tell them that you just want to be correct in your service. by giving your customers the best tools, strategies who works at that moment. But as you know everything changes invariably.

When you were in a network, not everyone was as enthusiastic as you were. Some of your prospects were aggressive against your product.

Everything was too much techy, or you had to listen first to the hype and narcissist bragging before to get the explanation on how to do it.

What they call a reframing. But the tutorials about the strategy was not so well done.

You never learned PHP code, and it looked like it was a necessity. When you have put an image on your first blog post, it was not correctly centred in the article.

You tried for hours to fix that. Maybe you couldn’t get subscribers to your newsletter or friend you on your Facebook or Linkedin network.

But what I know is that everyone who is still reading this article can do this.

It doesn’t matter what your past looks like. It doesn’t really matter except for what you see in the future. What you are willing to do to reach success with your online foot.

What I have learned along the way is the higher the struggle, the higher the victory.  If you decide to persevere.

If you are honest, there will be a lot of people who are excited to read that because they have struggled enough, and now you know yourself that you have to persevere yourself because what the fuck if someone tells you that blogging isn’t working anymore.

Just do some little research, and you will find blogging will stay forever, but you will need more skills.

Are you willing to grow? Is your success acceptable for your environment when you are serious about sustainable business, and stop of all the hype and bubbles every 6 months?

What you have to do is getting excited when you start to struggle.

You have to put more passion in what you do. You have to be more excited about what is coming forward when you persevere and think out of the box in your future.

When one door closes, you have to get excited about what doors will going to open up for you. Something happens that doesn’t go the way you want it to go.

Then you have to get excited.  When you realize that something wasn’t really serving you anyway. There opens up a new door to a new abundantly future. It does, and it does it all the time.

It is now a time that we have to embrace that we are at the moment where we are.

Only quality, speed, and volume will survive in content marketing. Work hard on your blog about narcissism.

You need to have these 3 variables together. This is not all the time what we think is necessary for having success online. But all the data of the past brings us to that insight. Simultaneous.

It is time to let go of some items of the past that didn’t bring you progress. All most no one of my ‘blogging’ network was commenting on my post in the past.

What is the worth to have a network, and you started to like, share and comment but there is no reciprocity?

For me, it looks they are a lot of greedy narcissist around my online past networks Isn’t it normal it finally explodes? I know these people are in an online network to brag about what they have accomplished.

Not only that they even change their style and attitude, and yet not change their energy.

They still think about themselves as they are leaders.  Some of them were leaders in the past. These past leaders of the past just have the confidence what most people don’t have when they start to tell lies.

Are these past leaders useful to serve you in the future? I think it is better to let them go and not to stay around. Maybe you also have to let go strategies that have been told in the past. How you will build up your audience?

Quantum healing starter pack

Maybe you have to stop to brag about your online income?

Because does it deliver you more deals anyway? It doesn’t. When peoples want to purchase from you, is when you give your heart, soul, and value. When you give more than they have to pay.

As you don’t pay for reading this blog, you have to provide benefits for the time people give to you. Because anyone’s time is fundamental equal 24 hours.

And everyone will finish when their time has come. Value is what people make them give you back.  When it is time or money, or friendship or a supportive network that doesn’t make a lot of difference.

I have planned to talk about motivation, transformation, and communication in my blog about narcissism. I hope that you have many benefits from this article.

Whenever you want to take action,  friend me on Facebook because we can work out together what you can do to find more freedom in your life, time and money to provide for your kids in a free chat session.

So besides that, you’re a super parent and human being, you also do beautiful things for yourself. Because you earn it! Just because you’re a human being!

On December 19th and 20thMelanie Tonia Evans is hosting the You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse event.

This is a live on-line Premiere Global Healing workshop for anyone suffering abuse from a spouse, partner, family member, friend, boss, colleague or other individual.

This event is relevant for you, no matter your gender or age, how long ago you separated from this person, and even if they are still in your life.

Here’s a summary of what will be covered during the workshop:

  • How to become crystal clear if the person you are dealing with IS abusive.
  • The #1 factor that determines if they are capable of change.
  • How to know the most common personality traits in YOU that make you a target for narcissists and how to stop attracting abusers in the future.
  • The 6 reasons why MOST people don’t recover from abuse (this won’t be you after this workshop!)
  • How to empower yourself to deal with a narcissist in difficult situations such as co-parenting, custody battles, divorce settlements and other legal/business deals.
  • How to heal from trauma symptoms such as C-PTSD, anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia and live free of them once and for all.

This event not only aims to help you break free and heal from any abusive situation, but also teaches you how to create a new and empowered life that is no longer affected by toxic people.

If you have been through this type of relationship, I can highly recommend you take part in this all-day healing event. Let Melanie teach you how to shift from being a “victim of abuse” to becoming a “Thriver from abuse” in a way that is easy to understand and immediately applicable to your life. 

I know Melanie’s work and what she will be sharing is THE most cutting-edge and impactful information on healing from toxic and abusive relationships. 

It is Melanie’s deep understanding of the trauma inflicted by narcissists that fuels her passion to help as many people as possible to heal. And Melanie’s wisdom and healing processes have helped so many people recover their lives and move past mere surviving to real Thriving. 

This is a rare opportunity for you to learn directly from a trusted colleague who is a renowned abuse recovery expert. 

Click here secure your ticket to this breakthrough abuse recovery event. 

PLUS so much more…

Johan and Annemie Persyn-Declercq

P.S. Melanie has told me that she also has some exciting bonuses for you as well! After purchasing your ticket you will get immediate access to the following:

The “50 Traits of a Narcissist Checklist” so you can find out whether or not you are dealing with a narcissist. 

Plus an exclusive 35-minute video training called “The 6 Mistakes That People Make When Recovering From Abuse” which provides an excellent starting point to your healing journey. 

Click here to reserve your ticket and to receive all the special bonuses.


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