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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery program NARP Part 2

A Simple System That Anyone Can Use To Break Free From The Trauma Of Abuse.   NARP The Narcissistic AbuseRecovery Program. Melanie is an internationally recognised narcissistic abuse recovery expert, and the bestselling author of You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse. MODULE TEN. REALISE YOUR LIBERATION, FREEDOM AND TRUTH. This final module allows you to align […]

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How is the relationship narcissist and co-dependent?

I know this title may seem judgmental or even offend some people. “How on earth can you compare me to a narcissist – by putting me on the same coin?” Is there a relation between narcissist and co-dependent? So much of the public and many experts and therapists believe that it is the differences between narcissists […]

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I know people are struggling in powerlessness.

There were also lots of people asking questions about the narcissist. Why they do what they do? Why are they still acting out? Hoovering etc. and more Reading these posts, my stomach started to churn. Those old feelings I feel when I know people are struggling in powerlessness. People are struggling with powerlessness when their energy […]