Giving creates money. Narcissism create unhappiness.


I know it works. Giving money.

Ask me how it works, why it works, I can do all kinds Statements think, but of course, I do not think this is the correct explanation. I can tell you that there is no powerful way to show your unconscious mind is convinced there is more than enough money for them to pass. Giving money while in the unconscious mind you are completely convinced there is enough.

I can also say that God blesses and multiplies

it’s that.

The truth? I do not know why it works –  I know it


Giving the works – and no matter what.

My father (and many of my family) are Christians.

A friend of my his father is a Mormon.

And until today his father sends him Mormons speeches because he wants to take on board in his church.

My parents are dead, however. But they have yet experienced that church again.

He respects his father sends messages – and the truth is that read well, though usually think it is absurd.

One day, his father sent a sermon was given by a Catholic priest to a group of Mormons.

I read it because I always do – and this sermon was fascinating.

See, most people think that rich people are greedy.

And – the information is taken from comic books, Superman.

The hero is a poor farmer –  the villain is a wealthy business person.

The truth is that it is a manifestation of the attitudes of society,  not the reality of how the universe works.

I found people rich give the poor more than the poor.

That has nothing to do with what country they come or what religious group or social circle.

Here’s the exciting part, however:


This sermon he had sent to a Catholic priest was something that had always been, but never was able to show or prove:

Wealthy people start giving money from the beginning.

See, many people look at someone like Bill Gates,

who gives a third of his money to charity, and

they have criticized – because “natural” gave money

away – because it is rich!

“I also give away money if I was rich !!!”

However, one study has shown that the opposite is true.

Apparently a massive group of people –

giving money have a tendency to return to the

back to them in a proportion of 39 to 1.

What I just said does not make sense economically.

If you give away his fortune, it seems that

you have less money, not more.

Is not it amazing that the opposite is exact?

The rich give more money away.

How does this work?

When you give and give and give,

I do not know why – or how, just know that it comes back after a while.

Now watch this video.

How does it work?

Perhaps a man may say may Allah bless him

while a Christian would say is Jesus – and maybe

Jonathan Budd would say “El Universo” and

a hypnotist might say it is the collective subconscious.

The truth?

Perhaps, but certainly not know.

I believe that Jesus associated with it, and I have around my concepts, and quasi-scientific explanation, but there’s no evidence, I can not give that.

Just know that the more you give, the more you get.

And works.

Here’s the funny thing:

I get commissions from my and do my best

to help people from home, with less work


When you give and give and give – it comes back.


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Giving creates money. Narcissism don't create anything but unhappiness.
The love of money and the attitude that works

The universe takes money from the greedy and gives it to people who are givers.

Giving them.

Read again.

Remember this:

Having money has nothing to do with the way

you were born.

It has to do with how much you care. If the home

has learned from you are already much further. But if not, it will come sooner or later to you.

We give a lot of money to children for our foster child and some friends who are struggling. But many of those who still have to give.

because I’m new.

But I do it with all my heart and soul

And I write blogs as much as I can, to reach the most significant possible number of people around the world

And I see that it will come back.

I like the guidance from my mentor follows them. It’s a lot of work, but it returns 100 times.

I don’t know why.

It’s just the way it is.

Disconnect your attitude toward money of their religion.

Although if you have studied the Christian view that the earlier that resonates with the message that money is good or bad.

Religion also has nothing to do with a hammer.

If religion has its influence on money and if it were true that one religion is right, this religion would have the money.

The fact is that there are rich people of all religions,

even some atheists have a lot of money.

So unplug religion when you’re busy making money. (But be natural ethics!)

It is disconnected from the emotions.

Whether you’re happy or sad, you have nothing to

make money.

Happiness is an emotion.

So sadness is an emotion.

Both have nothing to do with money.

If you want to be happy – smile, singing, the goal at this time,

and do not forget the times when you were pleased.

If you want money, follow the laws of money, and


Give more and more will come back to you.


It’s just the way it is.

This year, we want to help people a lot of people from narcissism.


Have a look at my blogs on narcissism.

If you’ve seen – see again – all the way through

this time …

The truth is that, frankly, I do not care who will transform and do the work. 

Because I can’t force you to do the work.

That’s why we’re rich.  🙂

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