What  you find about Narcissism in the media?

What you find about Narcissism in the media?

Keen to stay friends with all your exes? You might be a psychopath.


When my ex and I broke up, he declared, “I’ll always be a part of your life and you’ll always be a part of mine.” A statement that now seems as much a threat as a promise.

Our relationship spanned my late teens to early twenties and was mentally, emotionally and at times, physically abusive. When we broke up, my ex insisted on remaining in my life as a “friend” – a term I use lightly.

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Letters to Morrissey, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, review.

Gary McNair recognises Morrissey’s narcissism, of course he does – and all his increasing problematic statements and the fact he makes everything about himself. But if you’ve ever loved Morrissey’s lyrics and found yourself disagreeing with the words he actually speaks, you don’t need to fear this show.

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When Your Kids Turn Against You In Favor of the Narcissistic Parent.

Isn’t it bad enough, that after you get the strength and courage to leave your narcissist, and after you’ve already lost your self-worth, your youth, your time, lots of your money, your sanity, and whatever else you lost because of being in a narcissistic relationship, now you have to lose your kids too?  It just isn’t fair; and it isn’t right.

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I’m sorry, but I still don’t get the point of selfies.

Abigail Chandler for Metro.co.uk

At risk of being banished from the Millennial generation, I just don’t understand selfies.

I know how they work. I know they’re basically the only way to show off your new hairdo (acceptable), and that they’re great for capturing pics of you with friends/up a mountain/with a celebrity.

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The Persistent Myth of the Narcissistic Millennial.

People are still lobbing the same accusations at Millennials, even though evidence shows they’re not any more self-absorbed than their predecessors.

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Graham Dickson is The Narcissist.

Edinburgh Fringe comedy review by Steve Bennett

The Narcissist is an ambitious multi-level take on the one-man character comedy, embracing its pretentiousness but savvy enough to play it for laughs.

Graham Dickson, from hit improv show Austentatious, bases this show on the great early 20th Century Russian absurdist Grigoriy Alexeivich Dhukov, so little-known you might question if he really existed. The earnest production weaves autobiographical notes around dramatisations of his forgotten short story classics.

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10 ways manipulators get what they want and how to stand up against them.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a narcissist or not if he’s acting like this…

The popularity of using the names of personality disorders as buzz-words for “bad dudes” (or bad “dudettes”) has been climbing steadily for a good while now, and not without reason.

How to Know When You’ve Been ‘Love Bombed’.

‘Healthy relationships … are based on a series of actions, not a flood of words’

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

Love at first sight may actually be a warning sign. That’s according to experts cautioning people in new relationships about so-called “love bombing.” Not familiar with the term?

Elle UK“delve[s] into the worrying behaviors of a ‘love bomber,’” explaining that it takes time for people to truly get to know each other as their relationships deepen.

When someone is over-the-top awesome at the beginning of a relationship—always sending flowers and offering up compliments and affection—it could actually be a “conditioning tool otherwise known as a form of abuse.”

PsychCentral calls it a “process of grooming.” Constant flowers themselves aren’t the worrisome sign—the shift is;  if the attention goes from positive and affectionate to controlling and cruel.

Are You Dealing with a Vindictive Mother?

Sometimes, the stories seem unbelievable unless, of course, you’ve been listening to daughters talk about their unloving mothers for more than fifteen years as I have.

There was one mother who actually wrote her son-in-law a letter, which reported that her daughter—who’d finally cut off all connection to her mother—was having an affair.

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