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Tag: narcissism in the media

  • The Secrets of the narcissist

    The Secrets of the narcissist

    The One Secret Narcissists Won’t Reveal Narcissists hide who they are by managing their influence. Narcissism is associated with belief in astrology, study finds A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences examined whether personality traits could predict unfounded beliefs, finding that narcissism was the strongest predictor of belief in astrology. Further, intelligence was…

  • News on narcissism in the world!

    News on narcissism in the world!

    “Historiometric Examination Revealed Narcissistic Tendencies In The Indian Prime Ministers. Moneycontrol.com I used robust and universally acceptable personality traits—narcissism and Machiavellianism—that have been deployed by international researchers … Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What is it And What Are The Symptoms News18 Narcissists are normally praise-hungry people who like fishing for compliments. Below are the characteristics of a typical narcissist: According to  Social Media:…

  • Articles on narcissism in the world media

    Articles on narcissism in the world media

    How to Know if You Grew Up With Narcissist Parents, According to Psychologists – HelloGiggles So what are the signs that you have a narcissistic parent? … Dr. Hafeez mentions that narcissistic parents “tend to dislike when their children begin to … Study suggests people with narcissistic tendencies are more likely to adopt certain love stylesPsyPost Different dimensions of narcissism are associated with different attitudes toward…

  • Narcissism in the news part 5

    Narcissism in the news part 5

    Bride’s savage ad offers money to take ‘narcissistic’ mother-in-law to wedding Daily Star She added: “You: Conversationalist, de-escalator, good dancer, experience with narcissists a plus, able to pretend to be a guest interested in sitting … Literal pedophile’: Matt Gaetz’s future sister-in-law puts him on blast on TikTok The Daily Dot “He called me a narcissist, which is 1000%…

  • Narcissism in the news

    Narcissism in the news

    Being married to a narcissist is draining — it’s up to you to take care of yourself HeraldLIVE Being married to a narcissist can feel like one long and draining emotional rollercoaster ride. White Woke Narcissism Knows No Bounds Several decades ago, in The Triumph of the Therapeutic, Philip Rieff contended that, in the West, the religious worldview that was concerned…

  • What they say about narcissism in the news? part 4

    What they say about narcissism in the news? part 4

    The Irish Sun The senior officer said: “It is my view that he was very narcissistic and that everything was all about him. The level of violence that he inflicted on Nadine … New York Post Prosecutors said that McKane was a delusional narcissist who poses a danger to the community. The defense argued there wasn’t enough evidence … Lifehacker There…