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Big Brother Naija Gave Me What I Wanted – Bisola.

“There is a stigma attached to single mothers, especially when you have a child from wedlock. You are being judged – they kind of make it seem the whole world is against you.

It is now up to the woman to bring herself up. If it was a guy he would be celebrated but I have an amazing family, my mum has always been on my side,” she added.

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Positive self-affirmations don’t work, so try these confidence boosters instead.

Since, in fact, “telling someone to ‘not think about a blue tree,’ actually focuses their mind on a blue tree,” forcing your brain to focus on your biggest insecurities makes you very likely to accidentally reinforce your idea of your own insufficiency. Whoops.

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Ryan’s mum makes massive sacrifice to join him on a trip of a lifetime.

Carol brought Maty and his older sister, Megan, up as a single mum living in western Sydney while working multiple jobs and the family remains incredibly tight.

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The pursuit of Happiness.

A year into being a single parent, actor Tusshar Kapoor talks about surrogacy and its acceptance in the public domain.

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How to Create an Exceptional Blog for Your Business.

Does your business have a blog? If not, now is the time to start building one. It can provide a ton of benefits for your business.

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7 Reasons Why Companies Should Blog.

Well, there are 7 Good Reasons to start Blogging.

So if you are going to start a blog what functions and features should a blog include?

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Blogging the ultimate guide.

Writing blog posts can be big fun. For some of you, blogging can be quite a challenge as well. What should you write about? What to do if you’re out of inspiration? How do you get engagement on your blog posts?

And how do you market and monetize your blog? This ultimate guide covers all important aspects of blogging.

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Positive Discipline for Single Parents, Revised and Updated 2nd Edition EBOOK Tooltip Nurturing Cooperation, Respect, and Joy in Your Single-Parent Family, programs helping single parents

Mom Seeks Friends: New Tinderesque App ‘Peanut’ Matches Mamas.

It’s hard to make time for yourself, and often harder to make time for others, even old friends. As for making new friends? Well, that sounds close to impossible.

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Single mom’s advice: Show your children the good and the bad.

Chloe Stewart of Dayton gave birth to her now adult daughter in 1994, when she was still working to graduate from college at the age of 25.

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Mother’s personality can affect a child’s mental health.

The more of these personality traits the mother had, the greater the risk to her ‘s mental health.

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What Black Parents Must Do This Summer!

I am very concerned when I visit a house that has more CDs and downloads than books. My company African American Images has designed a special
collection of books for boys.

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Widowed dad announces the birth of son and death of his partner with the first and last pictures of them together.

We all miss her so much, but we are so glad that what seems like the whole world has stopped and offered condolences or thoughts for her.

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After putting five children through college, Marietta mother a law school grad.

Her path to that success is part of what makes her an enduring spirit and an inspiring individual and led her to graduate law school in May after years of putting all five of her children through college as a single mother.

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We have been working soooooooo hard (as we love to do for you!) over the last few months putting all of this together and we’re so incredibly excited to share Thrive with you. 

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Whether you are currently at 2 out of 10, 6 out of 10 or even 9 out of 10 in achieving your Thriver Status in your healing journey, me and my wonderful team will support you, encourage and inspire you, and keep you on track to surge ahead as you progress through the workshops and healing exercises in this program.

I am a really strong believer in the power of group energy healing, and if you have participated in a workshop with me when we have hundreds of people all clearing out our dense trauma at the same time, you will know that the power and relief felt during these experiences is truly indescribable. 

So what can you expect to get out of Thrive? 

We designed the Thrive Membership Program to focus on the 6 key areas that we see universally result in successful recoveries.

Meaning when you learn how to do these things you become a Thriver!

So what are they?

#1 Freedom From Trauma: Release the residual trauma from the narcissistic relationship, including missing the narcissist or anything that is keeping you stuck and not moving forward.

#2 Healing Abuse Symptoms: Overcome abuse symptoms such as PTSD, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia, depression, etc. with targeted healing directly on your subconscious programs.

# 3 Become Narcissist Proof: Achieve a state where narcissists are no longer your reality – meaning you are repelled and impervious to them rather than susceptible to them.

#4 Attract Supporting & Loving Souls: Develop your relationship code so that you become a magnet for supportive, conscious and caring people – a far cry from narcissists!

#5 Become A Boundary Boss: Learn how to make boundary setting an integral part of your life – people will be asking you for tips on boundary setting!

#6 Smashing Self-Sabotage: Establish your Thriver Life and learn how to let go of unhealthy habits like junk food, smoking, drinking, procrastination and other self-avoiding and self-sabotaging habits or patterns much more easily.

Can you feel the evolution you will experience over 10-weeks if you decide to join Thrive?

I hope you feel it, as much as I know that it’s going to be amazing. 🙂 

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The Thrive Membership Program kicks off on May 1st and finishes on June 10th. In case you miss anything you will receive all your recordings, exercises, and workshop material in your member’s area, so it’s ok if you can’t make every single workshop.

We are capping the group numbers to ensure the group size is right for this format. So please, check out Thrive, and if you feel drawn to be a part of this program sign up soon to avoid missing out.

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