Why are you here?


A lot of people talk about their stories.


I want to ask you why is it that you are here? Do you have what it takes?

People are excited about their future because of the freedom they think they will get when they do online stuff. Do you want to earn money to buy a Tesla? Are you looking for personal transformation?

Are you longing for independence? It means you don’t have to rely on someone else. Maybe you want to set your own worth because it is OK to be yourself. You are sick and tired of being someone else you want to be and you have to say fuck you.

Instead, you want to be someone you want to be. People are excited to set an example for their family or their kids. Maybe you would be excited to make your spouse to respect you again?


Would you be excited to respect again yourself?


Of course, you want to learn from people who are doing the right content marketing. Indeed, you want to learn something from someone who has done something that you don’t have done before.

What pumps you up? Being able to take care of yourself. For example,  you don’t want to go on government healthcare. You want to be able to pay for good doctors. Almost everybody doesn’t want to depend on one company to pay.

Important to realize if you want to start your own company and do this full time. Most compelling evidence if you want a happy retiring. What does that mean to you? Maybe you want to travel? For this reason, you want financial security and life to the rest of your life and not to have to worry about anything.

About what are you now excited? Is it about seeing how easy it is to create an article on this WordPress platform? Which kind of breakthrough do you like to have next week?


I’m excited to have other people breakthroughs and give them peace on the inside.


What does freedom mean to you? Does it mean also responsibility for others?

Wouldn’t like to wake up in the morning, and will you wake up you realize that someone on the other side of the world has read your blog and click on an add to promote your best products because he has read your article in another language that you can speak?

Maybe there are some charities you want to give money to help kids. It can be very motivating when you can help other people. Tell me in the comments below what makes you specifically excited. Do you want to write your own success story?


Finding new marketing science and write about it can help my readers to build a new future.


Maybe you want to step up in your community and being the leader they need to change it. Are you excited to make new friends in other countries? Because it is possible.

You had to know specifically what motivates you because money is not really what it is but some people are just motivated by money but if you make money for a while you have to find something to motivates you because it is about what money can do for you and represents.

On each level of money, there is a lifestyle but also a level of peace of mind. Wouldn’t you feel much better if you had paid all the debs and loans? With this in mind, don’t you want to build a legacy?


Something that you can pass on to future generations.


What will make possible to give your kids a better start then you had in your life.

I didn’t have a bad start in my life.  Of course, I just need to go to college and university from my parents.

However, that wasn’t what I wanted at that time. Maybe you are a parent or even a grandparent and you would love to help your kids and support their dreams. Hopefully, you can wait a long time before you have grandchildren, isn’t?

As when you are already a friend on my Facebook, it’s possible you know I have a foster daughter of 6 years, and she likes to dance.

If I can be with here it is always fun because she is so expressive and sportive. She is a great source of motivation for me. To begin with, I want her to have a beautiful future.

Without delay, I want her to start where she is able to build something great in her life without having to start from zero. As much as being able to have access to the best education whatever she likes to do because it may not be what I want to do.

Why is it that your reading about content marketing and that you would like to know more about influencing people online?

Why you want possible a Tesla, a mansion in the mountains, freedom for yourself, what is the real core of that motivation etc


Maybe you love to see people transform like I do.


When I see someone who is in the middle of a struggle and I say something or my wife, and you see that something is changing in a person, and they come alive on the inside.

Sometimes you can’t imagine that is such a small jump on the inside to really become who you want to be in your life.

Above all, it is really not that big of a jump. You just have to decide, with all the resources you have, with all the passion that you have, with all the focus that you have, with all your presence, that this is your time to win.


Do you believe that you will win some day?


Do you believe that there is a day that is your day? Can you take a stretch now and just start to believe that perhaps, just maybe, or maybe not, that it is possible that that time, maybe the start of that day, is maybe today? Perhaps even now when you read this.

Because you can believe that it is that transformational time. For this reason, you can believe that it is possible. What happens is if you are not open to receive that transformation you are not to be able to receive that transformation.

You have to understand something when you start to read a motivational article from someone who creates already results that you wasn’t able to achieve that just the act of reading how this is happening and being here now at this page has the power to completely and radically transform your outlook at it.


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You have a dream.


If you know you have a dream and you have written that dream down, and you look at that dream every single day, again and again, and you constantly think about it, and you hold that dream alive in your imagination all the time.

You talk about it with your best friends, and you are pursuing that dream for more than a month, or maybe for 3 months, maybe you are pursuing that dream for 6 months or even for more than 1 year, for more than 5 year or 10 year.

If you can persist and past the time of struggle if you want, you will succeed.

I hope that you have many benefits from this article. In the meantime, I hope you take action to friend me on Facebook. So besides that, you’re a superhuman being don’t forget to do nice things for yourself. Because you earn it! Just because you’re a human being!


Handboek psychopathie en de antisociale-persoonlijkheidsstoornis

Handboek psychopathie en de antisociale-persoonlijkheidsstoornis.


Wat denk je, is jouw buurman sociopaat?

Wat denk je, is jouw buurman sociopaat?


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foto van cover boek De lessen van de psychopaat EBOOK Tooltip Levenslessen van heiligen spionnen en seriemoordenaars


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12 Valkuilen die je verslavingsherstel bedreigen Voorkom terugval door bewustwording van je eigen gedrag


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