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Support yourselves with Inner development to be powerful.

We have gaps in our personality to look outside ourselves for love, support, approval, survival, and security. Moreover, we do not support ourselves by being authentic or having a good boundary function.

We don’t go beyond the fear of annoying people or people who turn away from us. We don’t like ourselves for being ourselves. However, we are going to have to learn exactly that. These are the things we will have to face as adults.

You need to know how to take care of yourself.

support yourselves

Do you know how to support yourselves and live a healthy life?

If you are authentic and lose your fear of appearing honest and assertive, then a narcissist will run the other way. They know they can’t manipulate you, abuse you, and drain you of your energy and resources.

Most importantly, you need to lose your fear and hatred of narcissists. Because if you still have a robust emotional burden from them, and you still have resentment and fear for them, you think you are saying no to a narcissist who comes into your life.

You’re actually saying a big, big YES because whatever vibrates inside you, for good or bad, is undoubtedly the emotional magnet that will bring more of that into your life. You have to do the inner shift work because it’s not about being angry and resentful and thinking you’re pushing them away with that.

No, that means you’re going to bring them in.

Your mind will connect you to the exact match for your vibrating within yourself. All that worrying and looking out for narcissists actually means you’re still going through the same patterns and lessons and don’t support yourselves.

So, what is this about? This is about accepting that narcissists exist.

I have accepted that. You could meet a narcissist tomorrow and not be afraid of it because you have taken on your development mission, your inner development to be powerful yourself. If you feel powerful yourself, you don’t need compliments, love-bombing, and mindgames.

It is a continuous work to grow, and step by step. Use the search function on “” with the words: method, recovery, inner to overcome your fear. Go to our tools in the menu. Go to the extension of Google Translate to read the articles in your language.

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