In Japan, single mothers struggle with poverty and a ‘culture of shame’

The judgment and stigma that single mothers face in many countries are taken to another level in Japan, a homogeneous society where those who do not conform often try to hide their situations — even from their friends and wider family.

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Mother of two shot and killed at SE side gas station

Summer’s mom, Debbie Perez, says her youngest daughter was outgoing, but also strong and independent

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‘One proud mom’: Mother and son share graduation memories 18 years apart

But his graduation marked a more meaningful milestone than his own educational feat: Nasken’s mother, Cecilia Judas, graduated from the same school nearly two decades ago while she was a single mother.

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These silly burnt out 30-something men

Some live beyond their means, and always have a shylock on speed-dial. Some are in dysfunctional marriages.

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Single parents need homes, too: Lina’s story

Single parents in Singapore grapple with a myriad of problems and restrictive rules when it comes to meeting a basic need – housing.

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Ferne McCann’s ‘choice of men’

Speaking about 26-year-old Ferne’s decision to raise her child alone Vas told The Sunday People: “I feel really sorry for her.

“I love Ferne and what happened to her, it’s not her fault, it’s her choice of men, but she is feeling the brunt of it.

“I think girls like a bad boy, but more so in Essex.”

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Parenting, Party of One – A Special Single Dad I Know

After I heard him say those words I immediately wondered how it came to be that he was raising two kids on his own.

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Who would you trust your daughter with?

The truth is that this is a question that most single parents ask not at election time, but every time they meet someone they like. We all go, hmm, would I trust my children with this man/this woman?

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