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Local Marketing Agency Sends Team Member to Participate With Single-Parent Scholarship Fund.

She will be joining with volunteers to complete a house for a Habitat for Humanity recipient who is a single mother working on completing her degree. The project is in conjunction with Thrivent Builds.


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ADOLPHSEN: NC kids protected by welfare reform.

The most egregious aspect of their latest round of attacks? Using children as a shield to cover up massive welfare fraud, waste, and abuse, manipulating the public with false claims that welfare reform will “steal” free and reduced lunches from 50,000 North Carolina children.


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Think foodbank users are feckless losers, who smoke, drink and have flatscreen TVs? Think again.

Vicky Charles from Salisbury was one of those who never thought she would need to turn to her local food bank, but found herself in difficulties when she was on maternity leave.


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kinderen op te voeden met een narcist

Title Challenger Agilan Thani Owes His Success To Single Father’s Support.

Thani will have the full support of his Malaysian countrymen, but one, in particular, will be cheering him extra hard to victory.

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Single Dad Turns Passion for Biking Into Passion for Giving.

A single dad in Fort Smith, Arkansas bought his 9-year-old son Elijah a bike for Christmas that started falling apart almost immediately.

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This Single Dad Walks 18 Miles a Day to Carry His Disabled Son to School.

Father remembers son 1 day after a fatal accident involving Alvin ISD bus.

He said he will never forget his “sweet little boy” and he hopes there is a lesson to be learned for other parents: “Cherish every moment they have with their family because you never know.”

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Mother appeals for help after an only child goes missing in Juja.

A mother in Juja, Kiambu county is appealing for help after her only son went missing on April 19.

Narrating her ordeal to journalists on Tuesday, Helen Musenya said that morning, she sent Bernard to buy milk for their breakfast.

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A single parent doing as much as both parents would do for their child.

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