Stop Codependency By Working On You!

Codependency is a state of being that we have all been conditioned to live by. 


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Unfortunately, from birth, we are taught that happiness comes from something outside of ourselves, and to find it, we must first obtain something external to ourselves. 

It could be a love partner, group of friends or possessions such as a new house or car. 

I have put together a quick questionnaire that I would love you to partake in, regarding the topic Doing Healing Work On Myself. 

This survey will grant you a better understanding of how you may move through to Who You Really Want to Be, and where you are at regarding your partnership with yourself.

Print these questions off, or write them down and answer them.

 If you would like to and feel brave enough too (grin) please share your answers on this article, and you may even want to share an explanation of how you personally think about this topic!


Do you Commit to Working on Yourself?

1) I am totally committed to working on myself and apply personal development in my life:

a) Regularly – as a lifestyle every day.

b) Once a week or more.

c) Only occasionally.

d) Very rarely.

e) Never.

2) The times when I commit to working on myself are:

a) As a lifestyle, I love to grow and become more conscious and empowered.

b) When I feel myself slipping and know I need to work on myself.

c) Occasionally for no particular reason.

d) When other people suggest, I attend a self-development event.

e) Never.

3) I feel totally comfortable spending time with myself reading, journaling and doing healing visualisations

a) Yes, I love time alone committed to being with me

b) Sometimes I like to take time out to heal myself.

c) Occasionally I will do it, but I usually have to force myself to do so.

d) I am much more comfortable with someone else granting me information or healing me than working on myself.

e) I don’t give myself personal attention.

4) The reasons why I do or don’t commit to spending time healing myself are:

a) I love gaining awareness, answers and understanding, supporting and giving to myself on a deep level, thus empowering my life.

b) I am terrified about having to face what could be wrong with me.

c) I don’t like my own company.

d) I’m too busy looking after everyone else to look after me.

e) I don’t have time for my personal dedication because of my work/life commitments.

f) I believe I am beyond hope, and it won’t work.

g) I want someone else to give me love and support, and then I might find I deserve to grant myself support and attention.

h) I have no idea how to.

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I’m not going to provide you with any set results regarding your answers. In fact, this questionnaire is designed to prompt you to seek your answers for yourself – because that is what self-actualisation is all about!

If you would like to, please share your answers or any questions you may have about committing to your own journey of personal development.

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