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Empaths and narcissists tend to attract each other, and with good reason.

Empaths are natural nurturing souls who want to help heal the world with their incredible energy. Narcissists need the energy and significance of the empath to survive because they cannot generate their own energetic power supply. Empaths are natural healers, givers, guardians, feelers, and champions of others. We feel our way through the world and radiate energy. Like a moth to a flame, a narcissist can sense this radiation and be drawn to a highly sensitive, empathetic person for draining some empath’s energy.

Narcissists are energy vampires, and because empaths are often wounded themselves, they can suffer breaks in their boundaries. These breaks become sources of energy leaking, and a narcissist is all too happy and hungry to suck the empath of their sacred energy. ⠀

Empaths need to heal themselves FIRST to be able to sustain themselves in relationships with others.

Empaths and narcissists can stay locked in toxic relationship dynamics for many years, frequently resulting in the poor health of the empath while the toxic narcissist remains healthy.

Empaths who attract covert narcissists can remain confused, drained, and stuck for decades.

Awakening as an empath and to our gifts of being able to feel so intently can help us become all we were meant to be. You will learn more about the traits of being an empath and how empaths can show up in relationships in healthier ways.

Empath gifts must be seen as sacred, and all attempts to honor oneself must be made, so we can remain beacons of healing energy. If we do not value ourselves, dark forces can quickly deplete us of our right to evolve and become the powerful forces of healing love and light we were meant to be.

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