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Therapeutic insight for self-healers. Part 3

There are nine characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and one of them is … A sense of entitlement. The narcissist’s correct spills over into their other characteristics, the beliefs they think are superior to those around them. It’s a therapeutic insight to be conscious of that. In their arrogance, they are proud of who they […]

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Integrate the inner child to become strong. Part 1

There is a lot of information about empaths and sensitive people, but most of this information makes us powerless. They assume that we cannot integrate the inner child. Some believe that empaths are vulnerable little wallflowers who have to protect themselves at all costs from outside energy. There is also a belief that empathy is […]

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How is the relationship narcissist and co-dependent?

I know this title may seem judgmental or even offend some people. “How on earth can you compare me to a narcissist – by putting me on the same coin?” Is there a relation between narcissist and co-dependent? So much of the public and many experts and therapists believe that it is the differences between narcissists […]