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How to call your online prospect for the first time?

How to do a call with your online prospect for the first time? Calling looks like a child’s play. Caring about people is everything.

The power of the dream is still alive?

You will love what I will now explain to you. Because it helps me so much with how I can have a conversation without pushing what I love to share here and when we call with your online prospect.

Hopefully you have a breakthrough in confidence and in your capability to do  calls, chats and good relation calls.

This can be a moment when you see how simply it is, you can add that skill to your coaching business, or to your organization.

With that skill you can all be living out your purpose.

And that’s why I’m glad to share this information with you.

Calling looks like a child’s play.

The videos built your confidence to believe that we can do that too!

Calling is something everyone can do from everywhere, and that’s ideal to put it into action .

There is nothing better for learning how to work the phones than seeing it done, listening to recordings to see what works, and then going out there and trying it yourself.

There’s no better way to show people how to build a network than sitting down and just showing them what it takes.

First, a video from Grant Cardone before I give you what I find maybe the best live call ever made.

Here another video about calling techies.

This video below from a live call  is an excellent demonstration of how to lead a conversation, and yet pick up on the needs and desires of your prospect to find a way to help your client to achieve their goals.

Live Call.

It’s a real action that from Grant Cardone, you will see in the video below about why you need training in live calls.

I appreciate seeing salespeople in real action here proving how simple it is to connect with others when you have the right attitude.

This conversation below approach is very sturdy and very helpful, so people know exactly how you can do it.

We have to act in service to others and listen what the answers are to our questions and take direct action.

What a refreshing shift. I love this conversation.

In the videos below a coach make a team member live phone call to his prospect.

This prospect, Jennifer was a new member.

She wanted to know when she would hear from her coach.

This coach asked his prospect various questions about her personal life, and how she is making money she is talking about.

That changed her life. The coach never answered her question about when she would hear from her coach or when that was supposed to be.

In essence, this coach is asking questions, listening to the answers and providing a solution for the persons’ wants and desires.

That’s the excellent coaching she gets from her coach.

I couldn’t discover something like this before.

This communication method is a wealth of knowledge.

This video below helps you a lot to hear how you speak to people.

If you had always felt repetitive and fake when you made conversations, so maybe you opted out of it.

Maybe it’s time to try it again. And I also love how the typing is very natural instead of having an artificial feel to it.

Makes this video so much more professional and easily able to be duplicate.

“The Power Of The Dream” Is It Still Alive?

Yes, You will see that dream lightens up in the conversation when you ask.

This coach is a natural when it comes to connecting with people.

As you know, this coach is completely focused on the other person and is simply pointing them to the next step.

These videos below are invaluable in the sense that we get to watch a coach “over the shoulder.” talks with a prospect.

You can learn from it how to listen and ask the questions to help others.

Asking the right questions to help them further along in their goals in a conversation with real people like myself and others feels good seeing.

The power of a live call can change the perception of a person on how much you care about getting every person on your online network the right training to be successful.

It’s simple to duplicate and after you get it to personalize it.

It can change your self-reflection on how much you care about every person.

Speaking with new prospects one on one is a great way to gain self-confidence, and also install methods that have worked for this coach so that we may clone that process.

This video training in communicating is on the right level although it is about doing online business and not about helping someone with questions about narcissism.

It does help in understanding not only the business of building relationships but building rapport and giving those to whom you are speaking by extension the feeling that you care.

Because you listen, you uncover their pain and their hopes for a better lifestyle.

Make them comfortable to talk with you.

When people get comfortable in talking to you, you can influence them in the right direction accordingly, as they confidently open up and discuss their situation.

Sometimes if you listen, you realize that they are relieved to talk about their hopes to someone they find it easy to talk to.

Your ability to listen makes them truly, and naturally, feed you with information about what your client do, their core desires to which they aspire.

You can find more excellent Training in listening and helping to get people unstuck.

Discovering what people want and genuinely caring and providing a solution is the key to success.

This article and videos will help you in your life as well as when you would decide to start a business with me online.

If you want to do business or helping others it’s all about the prospect and their dream and getting them to ‘feel’ their ideas to create the energy that will drive them and take them to that dream.

Here you see different personalities enable their client to feel comfortable in talking to you by demonstrating that you’ve listened by repeating back to them what they’ve said, and then they hear their dream from outside their head (putting it out into the Universe),

it shows them that it’s valid, accessible and doable

The coach is highlighting and commending the prospect ability to give back to her church, is supporting her vision.

The conversation in these videos is a great example of how to help people find out why the want to build this or any other business.

When we know why this works, then I believe that nothing can stop you.

It’s all about them(prospect).

Uncovering what they want, why do they want it, and offering the best solution for them to solve their problem fast.

The coaching video from a coach like the others give you a MASTERFUL Rapport right off the bat with a great focus on WHAT the prospect wants.

Awesome Focus on the WHY and ECHOing and deep listening to the why’s and BACKTRACKING, CONFIRMING and CONNECTING with the CORE DESIRE to help the client… and back to rapport building…

When you take some fantastic notes on these videos you will soon be able to work FOR people in an incredible way.

Getting people what they need, want and deserve in life! It’s not stress, it’s fun when you are serving the people because it gives you an AWESOME feeling, if you just bring out the best in people!!!

Start with a positive comment

A coach always start a conversation with a bang and in style. A coach starts  with a positive comment.

Starting with good morning is one simple, pleasant comment to will increase your rapport.

Never start your calls or meetings by talking about bad weather, traffic, or being busy.

Always begin with a positive comment or anecdote.

Think great weather, fun weekend plans, or a favorite sports team winning a game.

That kicks most calls off on the right foot.

He never bad-mouth competitors during his calls.

The biggest self-sabotage mistake during a call is to speak ill of a competitor.

Due to a psychological quirk called spontaneous trait transference, research has shown that whenever you say bad things about someone else, your audience puts those same traits on you.

If you say your competitor is low quality and unreliable, your potential client can’t help but associate those traits with you, even if they know logically that you are talking about a third party.

So, no matter what, when it comes to gossip about competitors, always say “no comment.”

Assigning your client a positive label.

When you assign someone a positive label, like having high intelligence or being a good person, what a coach does by saying to a prospect that it is so great to care about your parent that actually cues her to live up to that label.

In one study about fundraising, the researchers told average donors that they were in fact among the highest donors.

Can you guess what happened? Those donors proceeded to donate an above average amount.

We live up to our positive labels.

When you are with a prospect, give them good labels (however, be sure they’re genuine – I never want you to be fake or manipulative).

You can say, “You are one of my best friends” or “You’re such a pleasure to communicate with.”

In that way, the prospect will actually want to be one of your best prospects and try even harder to be a pleasure to communicate with.

Is it okay with you?

Many times in this live call David ask to articulate clear agendas and ask Jennifer if that’s okay with her.

This way, he can keep his calls on track and accomplish what he wants to accomplish, while at the same time making them feel in control of the conversation.

For example, you might say, “Well, I’m glad we’re able to connect today. I’d love to go over XYZ and then would be happy to answer any questions you might have. How does that sound to you?”

The coach allows his passion and excitement for building dreams  to come through in his calls and chat.

The coach make it something the prospect can be infected by. And yes, he’s smiling almost all the time.

The coach  speaks loud and proud and adding inflection to the right words.

His words sound more passionate and articulate and  more convincing.

You will get an “AHA” moment! When you watch humbly a coach do the work step by step in the present!

You can learn to LISTEN more, to repeat more, and direct to the next level.

A coach is also taking notes when the voice tone change!

The Giant perspective shift for me is just observing your focus being off talking to us, and on showing us ‘the example you want us to copy’!

When a coach exactly restated what the prospect said the way she/he said it, that helped build rapport with the prospect.

That is a beautiful example of how we should all just treat people. We have two ears and one mouth.

God wants us to listen twice as much as we speak.

You don’t know how to help if you don’t hear what an individual wants and needs.

The connection came on, and the prospect opened up, and with the information exchanges, the goal is clear, and you can get her to the next step.

This communication training is priceless. So, you will be glad if you are learning to do this.

Of course, you need to have the confidence that your confidence in what you have to offer matched the caller.

And you need to have the confidence that you can control the conversation.

You let your prospect free to talk and that exact listening helps to open up.

The personal contact with people make a huge difference.

Seeing how simple it is to connect with people by listening. Because people can’t see you during a phone call, taking note as you go so, you can refer to them shows them that you are genuinely interested.

What is more important than to connect with your prospects getting to know them personally and what their primary goals are?

The personal contact with people make a huge difference. We have to be personal with the people we are helping.

The best gift to give someone is your listening.

It’s so amazing to watch a coach connect with people and bring out their passion.

Enjoyed listening to a prospect gets excited about what can happen through her life with a narcissist.

I love how a coach is truly  listening to “help”, instead of looking with that intention to respond.

As a new coach you can also being overwhelmed with everyday life and trying to devote as much time as you can to bring awareness about narcissism.

The video of a coach talking with another new prospect is encouraging: listening to him show his concern and want to help the prospect to be successful.

The first two things I noticed about a coaching video were that the coach asked questions and listened intently to the answers, so intently that you could hear his fingers tapping on the laptop keys.

That tells me the coach was taking notes and actively participating in the conversation.

Totally engaged.

Take an active interest in what your prospect interests.

And the questions the coach asked showed he was paying attention to what the other person on the line was saying.

He took an active interest in what this person’s interest is, what the prospect wants to accomplish.

He also didn’t make any recommendations until he had listened fully to what she said.

Excellent observations from Dave, and excellent questions to help draw out her heart’s desire to serve.

Helping someone get what they want, just like Zig Ziglar said so many times.

Do you really understand about your prospect?

This live call video is one the most helpful video so far. It leaps from theories/concepts to actual action.

When you see one of the leaders shows us how they practice what they preach, it is eye-opening.

My thought process changed from how am I going to make money to how am I go to help other achieve their dreams.

You learn how to become a servant leader get great rapport and connecting with the core desire of your prospect when you confirm it.

When you listen again you will understand that first you could hear what the coach was saying.

The second time you will be able to understand the questions the coach was asking.

We need to have the same certainty toward our connection like experts have.

If you know what you are doing is life changing there is no attempt to sell but to listen to the reasons others have for why they connected with you in the first place. It’s helping them to know their ‘why’ and to keep it real.

The key is connecting deeply with people so you can truly listen, gather information so you can find out where they are in life, learn about where they want to be, and help them take the next step to get there.

Many people have a hard time getting an objective look at themselves and are unable to see where they are as clearly, and they find it difficult to know what steps to take next to get to where they want to be.

The service & super communication secrets.


1) The New Goal: When you talk to a new PROSPECT, find out WHY they want to communicate with you.

Make a connection and see what’s motivating them.

2) Do you offer a solution for people looking for something to get the narcissist out of their life?

Advice that they can believe in.  Even when you don’t know how to supply the services, they clarify their situation for you, and in the meanwhile, your session is learning them how they can do it.

3) Verify the WHY: When you connect with a prospect, find out, not just why they want to speak with you now, but why they have a desire to make changes and reach bigger goals in life; identify their real purpose for taking any action at all.

Once you know the reason why someone got involved, restate the main benefits they believe they are getting. Ask them to confirm that those benefits are the exact reason why they want to do this.  If you are a newbie in communicating online you will love it.

You will feel the emotions during the phone/video chat- call session, and you will want to encourage yourself and them.

Caring about people is everything when you call with your online prospect

It is one thing to tell how to connect with people, but to listen to a video is amazing. You realize that a coach is clarifying back to the prospect what she/he is saying.

It gets clearer on the process and the steps each time. You can almost be sure that you will be a best friend for life of the person you help.

Caring about people is everything!

This method is truly an opportunity to help the masses!

With the daily transformational education on narcissism it’s always so good to hear (and see) an expert at his craft.

This expert shows such heart and such passion for other people in his calls 🙂  and teachings.

It would be INVALUABLE for yourself and your friends if you would follow to get more of these training and watch them repeatedly.

There are more transformational educational articles to come.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced in business, you always want to learn more.

If you put some amount of effort each day, you can start earning money by doing funny things.

So you will be sure that you will never lose.

Do you have more suggestions, let me know in the comments below.

It starts with setting an intention and deciding like to watch daily or read daily about education on narcissism. Are you ready to learn and to change? If so it isn’t …just like making a decision to watch the videos, and share it with your friends.

Because they may need it to flourish and you can reach them and help.

If you have any additional suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Post your comments below.
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