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Articles on narcissism in the world media

How to Know if You Grew Up With Narcissist Parents, According to Psychologists –


So what are the signs that you have a narcissistic parent? … Dr. Hafeez mentions that narcissistic parents “tend to dislike when their children begin to …

Study suggests people with narcissistic tendencies are more likely to adopt certain love


Different dimensions of narcissism are associated with different attitudes toward love, according to new research published in the journal Personality …

Val’ Review: The Iceman Cometh

The New York Times

With a combination of wit, sincerity, self-awareness, and the narcissism that is both a requirement and a pitfall of his profession, Kilmer succeeds in …

Are you secretly being emotionally abused? The secret signs you are – and what you can do about it

The Sun

Plus, a doctor reveals the warning signs you’re dating a narcissist, from telling lots of stories to showing off. And one relationship coach reveals how an …

Narcissists are more likely to gain power at work because they act like they already have it, study …


Narcissists are characterized by a strong ego and a desire for status and power. Unsurprisingly, these individuals tend to seek out job posts at the top of …

Narcissistic abuse: “I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse. This is my story”

Stylist Magazine

Ronia Fraser – now a leading trauma recovery coach – lost all sense of reality when her narcissistic partner began to manipulate and control her.

Playing games with narcissists | Rebecca


Whilst narcissism is a great topic to understand, letting a person with a deeply narcissistic personality into your life can also be soul destroying, turn your …

Divorce Attorney Marie Sarantakis Releases “How to Divorce a Narcissist and Win”

Digital Journal

According to Sarantakis, her purpose in writing the book was “to help individuals overcome the darkness that often accompanies narcissistic abuse and …

Personality and past experiences contribute to negative perception of the police


Narcissism, however, did negatively and significantly predict negative police perception, providing evidence for the impact of at least one personality trait …

I wouldn’t marry her, now she’s gone. Did I screw up? Ask EllieThe Peter borough


We started dating when she left her 28-year marriage to a narcissist and was very insecure. She lives with her adult sons in a house she bought after …

Narcissist, I Forgot To Tell You Something


I don’t think of the word empathy. I don’t realize it’s missing. I haven’t yet experienced the severe anger of the emotionally abusive bully. I know strictly …

Narcissistic Western elites regard themselves ‘civilized’ in face of China,

Russia Global Times

OPINION / OBSERVER. Narcissistic Western elites regard themselves ‘civilized’ in face of China, Russia. By Lin Lan Published: Jul 20, 2021 08:24 PM …

This 27-Question Personality Test Reveals If Your Child Has The Dark Triad Personality Traits


Narcissism Subscale. 1. People see me as a natural leader. 2. I hate being the center of attention.* 3. Many group activities …

Women & Men in Dysfunctional Relationships: “The Antics” Book Launch by Mike Easley

Top Wire News

Readers will likely find this interesting as most stereotypical relationships have the man as the narcissist and the woman as caregiver. This book turns …

Five signs you’re addicted to love and why it could be dangerous

The Sun

“Coming off a narcissistic, abusive relationship is a harder addiction to come off than heroin – and that’s coming from an ex heroin addict,” says Emma …

Perfectionistic tendencies are associated with reduced cognitive flexibility and heightened …


Narcissistic perfectionists believe themselves to be superior to others and expect high standards of behavior from those around them. We found that …

Masks, lockdowns, vaccines – the comfort blankets of Generation Woke

The Conservative Woman

This is the psychology, I believe, that underlies the age of narcissism, … The rage of a narcissist is righteous and unpleasant as we see in the more … stripped of their sense of masculine duty and prepared to sacrifice family for …

6 Ways To Set Adult Boundaries With Narcissistic Parents


What happens when a grownup realizes that they were the product of a narcissistic parent? First, there might be a sense of denial – “That can’t be me!

Narcissistic Sexual Predation: an article on Raniere’s Grooming of Victims

Frank Report

Malignant narcissism is a common trait in cult leaders. That Keith Raniere sold himself to be the smartest man in the world is a well-known fact for Frank …

Surviving A Narcissistically Disordered Family

Scary Mommy

Those who present with malignant narcissism, or what is referred to as … Within a narcissistic family system, trauma bonding defines the relational …

What to do if you’re worried someone is suffering narcissistic abuse


Regularly checking in is key, as a narcissist will try to isolate their victims. Narcisstic abuse often involves lowering someone’s self-worth and making …

My mum is so narcissistic that I’m considering cutting all ties with her

The Scottish Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY mother is so narcissistic, I’m wondering if I should cut off all contact with her. I’m a woman of 24 and she’s so difficult to live with …

Hawke in Place: Evaluating Narcissism


The third type, justly called the narcissistic type, is mainly to be described in negative terms. There is no tension between ego and super- ego (indeed …

Trump is embracing a dangerous racist conspiracy theory about Ashli Babbitt’s death

The Independent

Trump is an ignorant narcissist incapable of admitting fault or defeat, so it was always understood that he would continue to fuel a lie about election …

Dark Empaths Exist: 7 Signs Someone You Love Is Using Their Powers For Evil


There seems to be confusion around what makes someone a dark empath, an empath, a sociopath, or a narcissist. Often, men are unfairly judged as …

How to deal with a narcissist

The Sun

But whether they’re your boss, parent, friend or partner, being in a relationship with someone who has narcissistic traits could prove toxic. WHAT IS A …

Narcissistic abuse: What are the warning signs in a relationship?


This is a form of emotional abuse committed by someone who has tendencies of narcissism, or full-on narcissistic personality disorder, which is …

Inside Mental Health Podcast: What Is Narcissism Exactly?


She explains narcissistic personality disorder and answers vital questions like … These are some of the signs where some of this narcissism can start …

Seven signs to look out for to avoid low quality men, according to an elegance coach

Times News Express

Among the signs of a low quality man is someone who lacks intelligence as well as an individual who enjoys going to parties every weekend without his …

Signs you are too self-absorbed

Times of India

You exhibit signs of narcissism and emotional blackmailing while getting the work done. People aren’t always pleased to help you because of your …

Joshua Jackson: ‘Dr. Death’ character ‘very much a narcissist


“I think Duntsch is very much a narcissist,” Jackson told UPI in a Zoom interview. “He is playing the character of the good doctor, and the good doctor …

Serbia’s Narcissistic President Loves Giving Medals – to Himself

Balkan Insight

Serbia’s Narcissistic President Loves Giving Medals – to Himself. Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) decorates Serbian President Alexandar Vucic (R) …

People think atheists are more likely to be serial killers, but also more ‘open-minded’ and fun at …

The indy100

“Past research on anti-atheist prejudice has shown so many negative stereotypes — atheists are associated with immorality [and] narcissism.”.

George P. Bush Mocked After Majorly Kissing Up To Trump Only For Trump To Endorse His Rival

Comic Sands

Remember, we’re talking about a family that has given the United States two Presidents, to say nothing … Nothing is sweeter to a malignant narcissist.

‘I cut off my narcissist brother for a reason – stop asking me if I regret it’


For the past five years, I’ve had absolutely no contact with my brother. Promoted Stories. Have you gone no-contact with your family? Tell your story …

Real Men Feel: Dealing with Female Narcissists [Podcast]

The Good Men Project

narcissist is somebody who puts their own needs first and manipulates the people around them to satisfy those needs. They can be very toxic and …

Love Is…Waxing Your Girlfriends’ Armpits

The Good Men Project

He already knew all my secrets, and more about me than my ex-husband managed to … The narcissist of course views themself as perfect and during the … In preparation for the wedding, my friend Savannah is trying all sorts of new …

Narcissist traits and behaviours to look out for in a partner

Yahoo Eurosport UK

And this could be concerning as narcissistic abuse is a form of emotional abuse. Life for a narcissist really is all about them. While most of us have some …

Psychiatric Experts Offer Different Conclusions About Capital Gazette Gunman’s Sanity

Josh Kurtz

Narcissistic personality disorder and schizotypal personality disorder. Cowan evaluated Ramos to provide Dr. Sameer Patel, a forensic psychiatrist at …

Civil rights activist Cornel West resigns from Harvard

New York Post“This kind of narcissistic academic professionalism, cowardly deference to the anti-Palestinian prejudices of the Harvard administration, and …

Although born wealthy, the unlovable & desperately insecure narcissist Trump had

NewsTree News

Although born wealthy, the unlovable & desperately insecure narcissist Trump had a lifelong goal of winning the admiration of Manhattan, Hollywood …

What is Love Bombing? Let’s talk about toxic affection and narcissism

CapeTown ETC

It could be love, but it’s more likely love-bombing, a narcissist’s secret … love bombing, but it’s most often a symptom of narcissistic personality disorder.

With the return of in-person reunions, the return of toxic family relationships too


family problems such as grandparents who disapprove of our parenting styles or an adult sibling we just cannot stand for his politics or narcissism.

Forgive to reconnect with sons

Clinton Herald… 

and alcoholics, and one is a narcissist. Their father was emotionally abusive, and after 22 years of marriage and much counseling, I finally divorced …

How to know if you are with a narcissist

Central Valley Business Journal

I recently learned that a friend’s daughter is getting divorced. … And after hearing such a story, one would think that the man must be sorry, however the … Sadly, divorcing a narcissist is the most difficult divorce there is because …

Seven signs you’re dating an emotional abuser and what to do about it

The Sun

Emotional abuse chips away at a person’s identity but knowing the signs can … We spoke to Emma Davey, narcissistic abuse expert and founder of My …

No “I” in COVID: How narcissism impacts lockdown measures

The Big Smoke Australia

According to numerous studies, narcissism has boomed during the pandemic, reaching all the way from yoga mats to essential workers. Alongside the …

Dear Abby: Years of friendship wrapped in smoke | Dear Abby

Illinois News

Narcissism is real, but most people don’t know much about signs and … You may also find that not all bushes have narcissists lurking behind them.

Collective narcissism can warp your moral judgments, according to new psychology research


Now, new research indicates that people not only prefer moral decision that benefit them, some people — particularly those high collective narcissism …

It Wasn’t You; Your Narcissistic Ex Had “Thin Skin”


Narcissism is related to a 21% increase in aggressive behaviors and an 18% increase in violent behaviors. Two People Sitting On A Bench Together.

The narcissistic tendencies of conservatives expose their extremely fragile egos


But there should be no doubt that these narcissistic tendencies on the right have metastasized into a sense of overwhelming entitlement, a need to be …

My Unorthodox Life’ typical reality fare


Lasch, a historian and social critic, gained a modicum of fame for his book “The Culture of Narcissism.” He posited that the post-World War II United …

Not all narcissists are grandiose – the ‘vulnerable’ type can be just as dangerous

The Guardian

We pretty much know what narcissism is by now. The description “narcissist” is a buzzword, a darling of amateur analysts. Those needy, charismatic …

The 6 Biggest Signs You Were Raised by a Narcissist

The Good Men Project

First, there is a common misnomer that a person who is narcissistic is strictly someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). This is not totally …

Men Fall in Love With Narcissists Too

The Good Men Project

It’s believed there are more men than women narcissists. But I don’t quote the statistical numbers on narcissism for a reason. It’s a highly complex …

Mental health diagnosis doesn’t mean sole custody


I am convinced she is a narcissist. … have to tell you, currently, there seems to be an abundance of exes suffering with narcissistic personality disorder.

‘Your kids usually destroy my place’: The moment I knew my friend was toxic.


In case you don’t know, a covert narcissist is someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder but does not exhibit the classic signs. They’re usually …

Letter: Capitalism has enabled narcissistic trips into space

Salt Lake Tribune

Letter: Capitalism has enabled narcissistic trips into space. In this image provided by Blue Origin, the New Shepard rocket booster lands near Van …

Of Emotional Abuse & Narccistic Personality Disorder

5Mmegi Online

on some of the traits that increase our susceptibility to narcissists. … that they are affirmed on the inside) by the narcissist’s lovebombing and sticks to …

How to Know if You Grew Up With Narcissist Parents, According to Psychologists – HelloGiggles


So what are the signs that you have a narcissistic parent? … Dr. Hafeez mentions that narcissistic parents “tend to dislike when their children begin to …

Amber Rose Claims Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Cheated – In Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly “My raging narcissistic mom can get the f—k out of my life, too,” she posted on her Instagram Stories after claiming AE cheated.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle called ‘woke, narcissistic‘ couple for doing this – Micky News

Micky News“

I mean, seriously, this woke, narcissistic privileged couple has done nothing but put themselves in the spotlight ever since they fled the UK,” Bolt said …

Study identifies psychological pathways that explain how narcissism predicts support for … –


PsyPost The study found that narcissism was related to increased support for Trump through anti-immigrant attitudes and through ideological beliefs stemming …

Former Sheriff Morgan Used $75K In Taxpayer Money For Statues – NorthEscambia.com


I think it has an air of narcissism to it.” The name tag has been removed from the statue of Potts will his K-9. With it’s generic appearance as a deputy …

Amber Rose Exposes Serial Cheater Boyfriend AE and ‘Narcissistic‘ Mom: ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’

AceShowbiz The 37-year-old model, who shares a son with the Def Jam record label executive, also called out her mother. “My raging narcissistic mom can get the f**k out of …

Who is Amber Rose’s mother? Model blasts ‘raging narcissistic‘ mom, breaks all ties with her


Full Coverage

Amber Rose Accuses Partner Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards of Cheating: ‘I’ve Been Suffering in Silence’

Yahoo Entertainment

In a separate post, Rose called out her “raging narcissistic mom,” saying that she “can get the f— out of my life too.” “I’m tired of being mentally and …

The Empath Fights Back, Again – The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project… the resilience and willpower it takes to survive narcissistic abuse; the traumatic effects of which wreak havoc upon the body, brain, and psyche.

Amber Rose Blasts Boyfriend for Cheating | Rap-Up

Rap-Up.com “My raging narcissistic mom can get the f**k out of my life too. On my kids,” she said. Added Rose, “I’m tired of being mentally and emotional! abused by …

Ex-Escambia Sheriff David Morgan ordered $75K bronze statue of himself –

Pensacola News Journal

Pensacola News Journal’Narcissistic waste’: Former Sheriff Morgan spent $75,000 of taxpayer … which arrived last week at the Sheriff’s Office, a “brash narcissistic waste.”.

Ask Amy: Not-quite-divorced couple enjoys ‘meeting up’ – Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun…

because you share this vacuum-space where your mutual impulses are like a narcissistic black hole, swallowing up all the other people in your lives.

4 Zodiac signs who can never be the bigger person in any situation | PINKVILLA


Aries-born people are narcissistic beings who cannot think of anyone but themselves. No matter how hard the other person tries, people belonging to this zodiac …

I really can’t stand how often people use the word Narcissist to describe people.

Sci-Fi Addicts

You have a different view on how we should handle social issue X? … to be a narcissist, and for someone to have narcissistic personality disorder.

Science Says That Narcissists Are More Likely To Downplay The Risk Of A Covid-19 Infection

Thrive Global

Then you might be a narcissist. A 2017 study done by Zlatan Krizan and Anne D. Herlache concluded that narcissism is on a spectrum and is …

The Narcissistically Disordered Family | YourTango


Those who present with malignant narcissism, or what is referred to as narcissistic personality disorder have deep-rooted, persistent, and intractable …

Prince Harry shows ‘true colours’ as Duke’s new Netflix project branded – Daily


Mr Elsworth replied: “And mine Andrew, I mean, seriously, this woke, narcissistic privileged couple has done nothing but put themselves in the …

‘Woke and narcissistic‘ royal couple continue to seek spotlight | Sky News Australia –

Sky News Australia

Full Coverage

Jana Kramer posts about narcissists as cheating ex slams her in dating profile – The Sun

The Sun JANA Kramer shared a post all about how to spot a “narcissist” after her cheating ex Mike Caussin slammed her in his new dating profile.

What is ‘love bombing’ and how can you spot it? | Metro News


At its worst, it could be seen as a manipulative, narcissistic attempt to … Love bombing is often associated with narcissism, which exists on a spectrum …

Mark McGowan labels Clive Palmer a ‘narcissist‘ over intention to challenge WA’s border controls

The West Australian

Mark McGowan has labelled Clive Palmer a “narcissist” who has “all the characteristics of a sociopath” in a blistering attack launched from the floor of …

6 Ways To Know If Narcissistic Supply Is The Cause Of Your Toxic Relationship – YourTango


What is narcissistic supply and how does it affect toxic relationships? · Here are 6 signs of a narcissist who needs a narcissistic supply in their toxic …

6 Dating Red Flags That Are Hard to Spot (and How to Avoid Them) – Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker Australia

The vulnerable narcissist sees themselves as the ultimate victim and their narcissistic supply comes in the form of your attention and their ability to get …

5 Reasons Women Keep Choosing Narcissists and What To Do About It

The Good Men Project

A typical narcissist would be sitting on the couch, watching TV, waiting for her to bring his breakfast. Good guys who were really into her would help …

6 Dating Red Flags That Are Hard to Spot (and How to Avoid Them)


In fact, a vulnerable narcissist is more self-effacing—at least in public. … specializes in codependency and narcissistic abuse, told Lifehacker earlier:.

Dr. Catalina’s Attraction Secret Reviews – Does This Personalized Love Report Find Your Soulmate?


Narcissistic behaviors are self relied and many men care for their desires and values and avoid your opinions and values. Loving a man who is not of …

‘The White Lotus’ Is a Perfect Satire of Today’s Rich

The Wire

The characters’ needy narcissism spills over into the ambit of the hotel staff. Alcoholic Tanya latches on to Belinda, the hotel masseuse, imagining her a “ …

The Personality of Meddling Friends and Family

Psychology Today

Do they happen to be more narcissistic, for instance? A recent paper … The Dark Triad refers to three personality traits: narcissism, psychopathy, and …

‘Plymouth gunman was narcissistic timebomb but authorities missed multiple red flags’


A quick look at Davison’s Facebook reveals his narcissistic tendencies – there were red flags everywhere yet they slipped by the authorities to the point …

Expert Reveals ‘Destructive’ Habit Many Of Us Do That Is ‘Instant Bedroom Turn-Off’


“It’s rooted in insecurity and an innate, albeit narcissistic, need to know we take the cake – that, as far as lovers go, we’re the best our bae has ever had.

Paulina Porizkova claps back against claims that she’s a ‘narcissist‘ for sharing a vulnerable

Yahoo Lifestyle“

A few of my friends accused me of being a narcissist and posting my emotions on IG for so I could get attention and my ass kissed by sycophants,” she …

Influencers are using psychological terms like ‘narcissist‘ and ‘gaslighting’ to fuel drama and bring …

Yahoo News

Psychological terms such as “narcissistic abuse” and “gaslighting” are bleeding into everyday speech. Online, several influencers have accused their …

Are you dating a narcissist? Here are the signs to look out for, and why couples therapy will …

The Sun

Manjit Ruprai, a narcissist abuse recovery therapist, has shared a video to her … “While some relationships can be saved, a narcissistic one can’t.

Paulina Porizkova Denies Being a ‘Narcissist‘ After Teary Selfie: ‘I’m Trying to Lose My Shame’

Yahoo Entertainment

Then Porizkova went on to say that some people, including her own friends, accused her of “being a narcissist” because she posted her “emotions on …

Paulina Porizkova reveals her friends accused her of ‘being a narcissist‘ and seeking ‘attention … – Daily Mail

Paulina Porizkova shares crying selfie, says she was ‘blindsided’ by ‘betrayal’ –

Page SixFull Coverage

Recap: The Spiritual Whistleblower in Philadelphia “Narc Abuse Support Group” and booksigning

Philadelphia Sunday SunClark calls these abusers “narcs” who have narcissistic personality disorder or NPD. She also notes there is no cure for persons who are narcissists. On …

The psychological theory that explains naked emperors and Nazis

Raw Story

He noted that these categories do overlap. The first group are people who are already narcissistic and connect with another narcissist. (There is a …

The painful truth about toxic mothers-in-law

USA TODAY”She’s narcissistic and/or borderline dependent, antisocial or histrionic, or a gamut of all,” said Sherrie Campbell, a clinical psychologist and author of …

‘Mystery man,’ nakilala na matapos ipagtanggol si Kris Aquino sa basher

GMA Network

Puro ka hanash ano yan parang Shopee may hint. Ang narcissistic mo kaya. Ano yun gusto mo pag-usapan ka lagi duh! Kung tatakbo ka tumakbo ka.

Pebbles Hooper appeals judge’s ruling over ‘abusive’ posts about Auckland baker


Her posts were “narcissistic and brutally uncaring” and “go well beyond” freely expressing her opinions. Gee had suffered serious emotional distress …

Asahn Guyton is Breaking Barriers Amongst Millenials Through His Entrepreneurial Successes

Daily ScannerThe emergence of social media has built people who are egocentric, narcissistic, depressed, impatient, sociopathic, and the likes. As Simon Sinek (a …

‘No need to guess’: Who is Kris Aquino’s ‘special’ someone Mel Sarmiento?


When a follower called Aquino “narcissistic” for making the greeting public, after once saying she wanted to keep her life private, Sarmiento came to …

Malignant normality: The psychological theory that explains naked emperors, narcissists and Nazis


And the idea — of a narcissist with power and/or popularity normalizing an “alternate reality” that is patently absurd — clearly has analogues in …

Xiaomi exec: Mix 4 is a phone for full-screen experience, not selfies


Not everyone is narcissistic jerk.I am also curious about the emergency selfies, but not everyone using the selfie cam is a narcissistic jerk.

Examining the leadership skills of Indian Prime Ministers

The Statesman“While, Machiavellianism and Narcissism traits are inevitably present in all individuals, especially leaders, they have both bright and dark sides.

What it means to have a god complex.


Are people with god complexes also narcissists? If you’re thinking that god complexes sound a lot like narcissism, you wouldn’t be far off. They’ …

Did ex-DILG Sec. Mel Sarmiento reveal himself as mystery man in Kris Aquino post?


Wag kana mag post ng Ganito narcissistic ka din e. Kawawa naman ang dating DILG secretary sayo be fair. Please abolish you’re social media …

Andrew Cuomo, consummate narcissist, bows out by blaming women

Washington Times

Andrew Cuomo, consummate narcissist, bows out by blaming women. Follow Us. Search. Search Keyword: Sign Up For Our Daily Newsletters.

Gregg Jarrett: Andrew Cuomo’s time is up, but like most narcissists he still doesn’t get it –

Fox NewsFull Coverage

‘Twelfth Night’ reviewTime Out LondonIt’s a shame because Terry’s hangdog Viola really is great and Ciarán O’Brien’s vain, narcissistic Sebastian is an absolute hoot. Jean Chan’s Americana- …

Warshaw on the greatest surfing documentary ever made, “Twenty minutes in, you fully realize how …


World’s most charming and narcissistic surfer performs decades-long social experiment on his own family with mostly bad results. Seven years ago …

The Unbearable Narcissism of Andrew Cuomo

The Nation

The Unbearable Narcissism of Andrew Cuomo. Resigning, he blamed “changing mores” that “demonize” his behavior and cited his three daughters as …

Sociopath vs. Psychopath: What Are the Differences?

Verywell Health

The words “narcissist” and “sociopath” are often used interchangeably, but narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is an entirely different diagnosis …

Not All Narcissists Are Arrogant, Some Are Vulnerable Too,

Research Shows

The Swaddle

Indeed, narcissism itself is widely considered to be a spectrum that ends in a psychological disorder classification, but a hallmark feature of it is …

Lisa A. Romano Is Voted #1 Most Influential Person of 2020, Top 10 Most Inspirational Women of …

Digital Journal

The certified life coach and author from New York specializes in cases of codependency and narcissistic abuse. Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life …

Research on Forgiveness Predictors Among Divorced Parents

Psychology Today

A predictor of not forgiving an ex is narcissistic entitlement (i.e., believing one is better than one’s ex and deserves special treatment).

There are two types of narcissists. This is what makes each scale.


Vulnerable narcissists, on the other hand, are withdrawn, neurotic and unstable. They have low self-esteem, are irritable, and tend to feel anxious and …

Top 10 Factors That Motivate Internet Trolling

nation.lk – The Nation Newspaper10 Narcissism.

The current (fifth edition) of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), defines the “narcissistic personality …

New study examines the features of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism

Mental Daily

Vulnerable narcissism was profoundly associated with the desire for inclusion but not the perceived attainment of status. “Our findings suggest that a …

They Told You to Never Say “I.” They Are WRONG.

Business 2 Community

The bulk of narcissists in the NYU study proved to be insecure, or best described by the vulnerable narcissism subtype. Their narcissism was a …

Things not to do with narcissists

Times of India​Giving them personal information. Anything you share with narcissists may eventually be used to humiliate or manipulate you, particularly when you …

David Tykvart: Red Cliffs tradie sentenced after stomping on ‘father figure’s’ head

Herald Sun

A “narcissistic” Red Cliff tradie stomped on the head of an elderly man he considered a “father figure” in a brutal drunken assault. Jack Patterson.

Lillian Muli Advises Against Keeping in Touch with Exes: “Block Them Everywhere”


Lillian Muli is no longer entertaining narcissists in her life. The Citizen TV presenter, who recently revealed that she will never date a public figure, has …

Markie Post, TV veteran actor of ‘Night Court,’ dies at 70


John Larroquette’s womanizing, narcissistic prosecutor. With comic rebuttal, Post’s Christine deflected Fielding’s lechery throughout the series’ run.

Why Maria ❤️ Vancouver

Philippine Canadian Inquirer

Some people are more narcissistic, others less so. Narcissism typically … Grandiose narcissists are arrogant, dominant and extroverted. They tend to …

There are two types of narcissists. But both are selfish


We studied 676 adults to recognise narcissists. Avatar. Nikhila Mahadevan 8 August, 2021 2:00 pm IST …

Tributes pour in for Nadine Lott as activists make appeal to ‘narcissistic & evil’ killer


Tributes pour in for Nadine Lott as activists make appeal to ‘narcissistic & evil’ killer. Avatar. By. John Breslin. -. 08/08/2021. Hundreds of people have …

21:45 Woodbine (CAN)

Sky SportsFormwatch. Kawacatoose (USA) 16-1 (8-8) Steadied top str,chase, 4th of 12, 2 3/4l behind Mr Narcissistic (8-8) at Woodbine 5f mdn fst in Jul. Mad Dog …

The Media Didn’t Make Andrew Cuomo a Monster, They Just Enabled His Narcissism

National Review

But months and months of off-the-charts adoring press coverage unleashed his narcissism and worst impulses, as I tried to emphasize this week.

Evil Daniel Murtagh described as ‘complete narcissist‘ when gardai compiled profile of psycho after …

The Irish Sun

The senior officer said: “It is my view that he was very narcissistic and that everything was all about him. The level of violence that he inflicted on Nadine …

BoJack Horseman star Will Arnett on the final episode and whether the show could return


BoJack Horseman is narcissistic, self-loathing and destructive – and yet, he’ll probably go down as one of the best TV characters of all time.

How to Tell If You’re Dating a Vulnerable Narcissist (and What to Do About It)


There are three different personalities that encompass the broader traits of those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). While you might expect …

‘Get the hell out:’ Furious New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio demands ‘narcissist‘ Gov Andrew …

Daily Mail

The Mayor went on to brand Cuomo a ‘narcissist’ and a bully who has ‘too much power’ but urged to him to ‘think about other human beings’.

DeBlasio calls on ‘narcissist‘ Cuomo to ‘get the hell out of the way’ and resign –

Fox News

Full Coverage

Bachelorette Katie Thurston ‘to confront’ Greg Grippo about his secret acting ambitions in finale …

The Sun

After Greg furiously quit the show, Katie shaded him posting about the effect of gaslighting after fans accused him of “narcissistic” and “manipulative” …

Narcissist types and what makes each tick

Medical Xpress

In our research, we investigated two types of previously identified narcissism: grandiose and vulnerable. Grandiose narcissists are arrogant, dominant …

Barnes: Owning responsibility for ‘the morality gap;’ speak up, speak out

Elizabethtown Bladen Journal

He diagnosed and named obsessive patterns of “sexual indulgence” as narcissistic psychosexual masturbation. Neither virile nor manly. Nor is sexual …

Narcissists: There’s more than one type – and our research reveals what makes each tick

New Zealand Herald

Narcissism typically involves an inflated view of oneself, a sense of superiority and entitlement and a lack of concern for others. The above portrait of a …

Man who orchestrated killing of mother, grandmother to get halfway-house leaves

Times Colonist…

that while he has made some progress in addressing his anger and narcissistic personality disorder, he still presents a moderate risk to reoffend.



By Nikhila Mahadevan. Chances are you’ve met a narcissist. Someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else, dominates the conversation and …

‘Get the hell out’: De Blasio says ‘narcissist‘ Cuomo is curtailing COVID recovery by staying in office

New York Daily News

Mayor de Blasio stepped up his attacks against Gov. Cuomo on Thursday, excoriating him as a Donald Trump-like “narcissist” who’s stifling New …

There’s more than one type of narcissist – here’s what makes each tick


Grandiose narcissists are socially competent. They are likely to be dominant and charming. Vulnerable narcissists, on the other hand, are less socially …

Narcissists: there’s more than one type – and our research reveals what makes each tick

The Conversation UK

In modern psychology, narcissism is usually conceptualised as a personality trait, which lies on a spectrum. Some people are more narcissistic, others …

How To Spot A Narcissist With These 9 Behaviors


With shows like The Pickup Artist remaining perennially popular, it seems that male narcissism is flourishing if not becoming epidemic while being …

Narcissism and Aggression

Inside Higher Ed

Narcissism can lead people to engage in all sorts of bad behavior. In today’s Academic Minute, a Student Spotlight, Ohio State University’s Sophie …

Academic Minute: Narcissism and Aggression

Inside Higher Ed… in communication at Ohio State University, explores one form of behavior that flows from narcissism. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

Are we nurturing a generation of narcissists and bullies?


These behaviours are inculcated in us as children. We learn to be bigots, misogynists and narcissists in childhood, through parents and the environment.

Perspective: Trump’s narcissism could help promote the vaccine — and so could Biden’s

Deseret News

Even fans of former President Donald Trump can admit: He’s a narcissist. The boasting at rallies; the boasting in his tweets (and now, his press …

Narcissistic Gaslighter”: a Former Farmer Wants A Wife Contestant Speaks Out About Will Dwyer

POPSUGAR Australia

Narcissistic Gaslighter”: a Former Farmer Wants A Wife Contestant Speaks Out About Will Dwyer. Image of Basmah Qazi. 5 August, 2021. by Basmah …

Protecting Clients Who Are Divorcing Someone With Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Divorce cases today are complicated by more individuals with borderline and narcissistic personalities. Cases involving a party with a personality …

Letters to the Editor — Aug. 5, 2021

New York Post

Such deflection of blame and lack of accepting responsibility for his deviant behavior is indicative of a self-righteous, narcissistic individual.

Andrew Cuomo flamed by ‘The View’ for ‘disgraceful’ and ‘inexcusable’ behavior: ‘He should resign’

Fox News

He has a narcissistic disorder like a lot of politicians these days and a lot of men I know. But it’s disgraceful and inexcusable what he did, and he needs …

Spirited Away Makes a Strong Case Against Corporate Culture


Specifically, a manager with a narcissistic personality or narcissistic traits. … Rin’s behavior in Spirited Away is reflective of both Yubaba’s narcissism …

Bachelorette star Connor Brennan DEFENDS Greg Grippo after Katie Thurston & fans accuse him …

The Sun

Finally, the Instagram account closed with the statement: “according to mental health professionals, gaslighters are most commonly narcissistic.”.

The hollowing of the soul of the PNP

Jamaica Observer

They are organic and essentially people-centred. As such, they are subject to the predilections — intrigue, envy, hate, self-absorption, narcissistic search …

FWAW’s Nickia Blasted Farmer Will For His Suss Paternity Comments In A Spicy Instagram Story

Pedestrian TV

“It’s so funny when a narcissistic gaslighter tells the world he’s a narcissistic gaslighter,” Nickia wrote in an Instagram story. “It’s the subtle slut shame of …

People with dark personality traits are more likely to meddle in the romantic relationships of their …


The Dark Tetrad traits include narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, … Narcissistic family members may presume to know what’s best for their …

[SPOILER] May Have Had the Most Dramatic Exit in the History of ‘The Bachelorette’


One slide notes that many gaslighters are narcissistic, and another details that it “is a form of mental abuse.” Article continues below advertisement.

Leading Bachelorette Contestant Leaves Show In A Narcissistic, Gaslighting Fit –

Scary Mommy

Did Greg Grippo gaslight Katie Thurston? ‘The Bachelorette’ fans call him ‘rom-com villain’ – MEAWW

Full Coverage

Letter: Capitalism has enabled narcissistic trips into space

Salt Lake TribuneLetter:

Capitalism has enabled narcissistic trips into space. In this image provided by Blue …

‘Future Faking’ Is a Dating Strategy Used by Narcissists—Here’s What to Know and How to Avoid …


“As the relationship grows, the narcissistic partner begins to lose interest, or the non-narcissistic partner realizes that they’re not getting the empathy and …

‘A malignant narcissist‘: uncovering the dark side of John DeLorean

The Guardian’

A malignant narcissist’: uncovering the dark side of John DeLorean. The defining car mogul’s ego and criminality are explored in the eye-opening new …

The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 66: The World is Run by Narcissistic Psycopaths with …

PJ Media

The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 66: The World is Run by Narcissistic Psycopaths with Professor Sam Vaknin. By Megan Fox Aug 02, 2021 11:39 …

WWE News Roundup: Backstage ‘frustration’ after Bray Wyatt’s release, 10-time champion targets …


News Roundup: Backstage ‘frustration’ after Bray Wyatt’s release, 10-time champion targets ‘narcissistic’ Roman Reigns, big update on Adam …

“That’s pretty obvious” – WWE Star names Roman Reigns the most Narcissistic in all of WWE

The Sportsrush

According to Big E, it is plain to see that the Tribal Chief is the biggest narcissist in the company. During an interview with SPORTbible, the Mr. Money in …



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