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The values you want in your relationship!

Did you know that many people think they are trying to get their needs met in love, yet are actually doing the opposite of what it takes to Get What They Want? You really have to know the values you want in your relationship.

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Share a lot with your loved one, but also have a lot of space for yourself. Those two desires can easily clash and that sometimes makes love quite complicated. When you see clearly what your wishes are, you pave the way for a deeper connection.

When you get into a relationship, you have all kinds of expectations. In the fog of falling in love we shape the other in our head according to our expectations and wishes. We fill in a whole picture of the other in no time. That is why we often have the impression in the beginning that we are a perfect match.

In short, knowing what you want makes it much easier to communicate with your loved one.

Knowing what you want makes it much easier to create space for yourself. To help people become more aware of what they find important in love, I have developed ‘The relationship values’. Values play a major role in our choices and behavior — including in relationships.

They influence the choice of a partner, the interpretation of the relationship, the division of tasks, family formation and leisure activities. Moreover, the values of both partners have an equally great influence on the interpretation of the relationship, as sociologist Miranda Jansen established in her PhD research into the relationship between value orientations and love relationships.

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Great luck manifesting incredible love, and getting your needs met flowingly and effortlessly!

I can help you powerfully with your steps to meet your values in your relationship.

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program NARP Melanie Tonia Evans.

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program NARP Melanie Tonia Evans.

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