Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

You know you will continuously respect and honour yourself.

Look after your own best interests first.

Recognise unhealthy patterns.

Walk away in a flash when you recognise your needs aren’t being met.

You are far more likely to attract a healthy relationship and move on at any sign of dysfunction.

If you’re going through this yourself, remember knowledge is a strength.

You can and will move on from this.

Commit to your healing.

Do what you have to do consistently to heal from narcissistic abuse.

Freedom awaits.

I want you to understand that nothing is an error.

You did not bring abuse onto yourself because of something you did wrong or because you were a bad person.
Melanie Tonia Evans says that those of us who have gone through narcissistic abuse picked this experience before we came here as part of our soul’s mission.

Through my experiences, I have learned to believe in my higher self. There is nothing more helpful to me than this connection. Even if everyone else in the world abandons me, I still have this connection.


The mystery to overcoming narcissistic abuse is to develop a connection with your higher self.

This bond can turn the worst thing that ever happened to you into a learning experience that opens up your life to new opportunities that you never before imagined. It frees you from the prison of the ego.

Developing a connection with your higher self holds loving your Inner Child. From the perspective of the higher self, you are a valuable, unconditionally loved child. Self-partnering helps us improve the attributes of a loving parent – the characteristics of the higher self.

To get started, take action now.

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