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60 seconds Meditation: What’s going on in you right now?

Please make yourself comfortable to start a 60 seconds meditation! What is the most comfortable 60 seconds meditation position? Sitting is the best position for beginning 60 seconds meditation. If you lie down, especially initially, you risk losing awareness and falling asleep. Sitting in an alert position keeps you awake and focused but frees your mind […]

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Approved Meditation: Separating From Our Mind!

Thank you, everyone, for following the “narcisme. blog”. Those of you who haven’t: if you like what you see, follow us and turn on your notifications. So today, I want to talk about meditation in an easy, light-hearted way for a beginner. Meditation thus as a form of separating from our mind, creating distance in ourselves between ourselves […]

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Simple meditation to activate your energy. video

Time to go back where you was on the right track ! Deva premal – Gayatri mantra (2 hours) Meditation puts us in an active state of mind in this crazy and busy world we all need some quiet time.