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Are you willing to take the time to get to know someone?

Hidden narcissists are among the smoothest and most dangerous because they are the hardest to detect! If you don’t take the time to get to know someone, you don’t know if he is a narcissist. Because they will be able to perform their activities without blowing the whistle.

These are the ones that slip through the racks. They pack you in, intelligent and knowledgeable.

Suppose you are still unconsciously giving away power. In that case, even if things may seem a little off, your brain will organize around the unhealed inner parts of yourself. We make excuses for why you shouldn’t listen to yourself or stand behind them.

But when you heal the inner traumas that leave you susceptible and addicted to a narcissist — covertly or otherwise, you become desensitized to the deception of any narcissist.

You take the time to get to know someone, be it romantic, business, or even friendly.

And you don’t let people fully into your heart, life, body, bed, bank account, and resources until you’ve taken the time to get to know them.

And then when “things” come up that are questionable, you get right to the point. You question this person, calmly and clearly, with no guilt or r morse. You need accountability, honesty, and proof about whom they claim to be. So to get to know someone like he really is, you have to take your time.

If you don’t receive the validation, truth, and solidity you need, don’t m ve on. Let him go and move on.

So the real questions here are:

Are you willing to take the time to get to know someone?

Can you stand up and speak without the fear of consequences if necessary to get to know someone?

Can you say “no more” and leave this person without trying to fix dubious deals? Furthermore, can you change them and hope questionable deals work?

These are the actual questions and criteria that will make you totally desensitized to any narcissist, no matter how secretive they are.

Join our mission and empower yourself so that every narcissist becomes a ‘not my reality’ statistic in your life.

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