The narcissist in action with parental alienation. (PAS)

The narcissist in action with parental alienation

News on narcissism in the world!

“Historiometric Examination Revealed Narcissistic Tendencies In The Indian Prime Ministers. I used robust and universally acceptable personality traits—narcissism and Machiavellianism—that have been deployed by international researchers … Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What is it And What Are The Symptoms News18 Narcissists are normally praise-hungry people who like fishing for compliments. Below are the characteristics of a typical narcissist: According to  Social Media:Meer lezen over “News on narcissism in the world!”

Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source”

What’s better than shifting out trauma and bringing in True Source Light in its place?  Nothing really, except doing a quanta freedom healing session live in the collective energy with many other beautiful souls!  In two days from now, Melanie is holding a special NARP’ers only live Quanta Freedom Healing session and Thrive Boot campMeer lezen over “Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source””