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The narcissist infogram: What you need to know about narcissism. Part 3

Een overzicht van alle items die te maken hebben met narcisme. Everything you need to know about narcissism

Are you a narcissist?

The narcissist infogram 8

the narcissist infogram

Understanding Anxiety.

The narcissist infogram 9

the narcissist infogram

Narcissism vs self-esteem.

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the narcissist infogram

The Cycle of domestic violence.

Fantasy and Planning

Abuse is planned. In the initial stages, an abuser fantasizes or has a mental picture of the next time he will abuse the victim. During the fantasy and planning stage, the abuser is the actor, producer, director and the star.

The abuser experiences his power from activating the fantasy. The planning phase details more specifically what the abuser will need to have and to do to abuse his partner.

Abusers may spend minutes, hours, or days fantasizing about what the victim has done “wrong” and how he is going to make her “pay”. Most often, he will fantasize she is having an affair. Most abused women do not have the time, energy, or interest in having an affair. However, it is the most common accusation because she can never prove she is not having an affair.


This is when the abuser puts his plan into action. He sets up the victim.

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the narcissist infogram

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