Wolf hunting today and tomorrow.

Light must shine out of the darkness! The temptation is almost too great! This is exactly what I need to accept those truths rather than keep fighting them.

Pesten op school een groot misbruik.

Precies omdat het van alle tijden en van alle culturen is, is er zeker meer aan de hand als dat leidt tot een zelfmoord, zoals we recent meegemaakt hebben in België, maar ook in andere landen.

Unconditionally positive acceptance on the self-healing platform or in therapy?

The internet is a vast place, beautiful and terrible.  It has brought so many fantastic innovations and improvements to modern life! It has enabled young, otherwise loved people. Before, they felt isolated in places where it was more dangerous to be openly differently grounded, like gay, trans, bi-people etc., to find community, solidarity and unconditionallyMeer lezen over “Unconditionally positive acceptance on the self-healing platform or in therapy?”