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The narcissist infogram: What you need to know about narcissism. Part 2

Een overzicht van alle items die te maken hebben met narcisme. Everything you need to know about narcissism

Parental alienation (Pas).

The narcissist infogram 2

Psychological Violence of the narcissist

The narcissist infogram 3

 Living with a narcissistic partner can lead to a condition known as narcissistic abuse syndrome, in which a person’s self-confidence and mental health are adversely affected. 

Are you emotionally Attached to a negative past?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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What is codependency?

The narcissist infogram 5

The narcissist infogram: Toxic/ Abusive Relationships

Relationships create such unique dynamics that are only known to the two involved, so what is toxic for one couple may not be for another. Since no two relationships are ever the same, it’s hard to make definitive statements about what is right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable. One couple perceives a behavior as fighting, another finds as intellectually stimulating. What one couple feels is rough behaviour in the bedroom, another may find sexy. What one couple sees as controlling behaviour, another may see as support.

It is always advisable to get professional help to understand what’s really going on in the relationship. When you’re in it, it’s hard to see things objectively and that’s when people begin to accept and normalize toxic/abusive behaviour, making excuses for it and justifying why they’re staying. If you are unsure, then there are some specific signs and behaviors that can indicate that something more sinister and damaging is going on. So, how do you know? Very simply, toxic behaviour arises out of a lack of control, while abusive behaviour is all about one person taking control of the other.

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