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Putin’s persoonlijkheid

The Political Personality of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin Poetin: de psychologie achter zijn destructief leiderschap – en hoe dit het beste aan te pakken volgens de wetenschap Wat kunnen persoonlijkheidsprofielen van president Poetin ons vertellen? Dreigingsanalyse Rusland: psychologisch profiel van Vladimir Poetin Poetins persoonlijkheidsproblemen  “He’s Ruthless”: Experts Assess Vladimir Putin’s Psychological Profile Poetin persoonlijkheidsstoornis […]

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Table of Content narcissistic abuse of Blog “The narcissist’s child”.

Table of Content narcissistic abuse: Just click the link if you are interested in reading about narcissism.               Narcissistic parents Malignant Narcissist, The   Growing older…and worse, too   Arrested Development Narcissists feel entitled   Narcissists are delusional   Grandiose: What’sThat?   Empathetic Narcissist = Oxymoron   Narcissists are […]

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The Secrets of the narcissist

The One Secret Narcissists Won’t Reveal Narcissists hide who they are by managing their influence. Narcissism is associated with belief in astrology, study finds A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences examined whether personality traits could predict unfounded beliefs, finding that narcissism was the strongest predictor of belief in astrology. Further, intelligence was […]

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Unconditionally positive acceptance on the self-healing platform or in therapy?

The internet is a vast place, beautiful and terrible.  It has brought so many fantastic innovations and improvements to modern life! It has enabled young, otherwise loved people. Before, they felt isolated in places where it was more dangerous to be openly differently grounded, like gay, trans, bi-people etc., to find community, solidarity and unconditionally […]

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News on narcissism in the world!

“Historiometric Examination Revealed Narcissistic Tendencies In The Indian Prime Ministers. I used robust and universally acceptable personality traits—narcissism and Machiavellianism—that have been deployed by international researchers … Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What is it And What Are The Symptoms News18 Narcissists are normally praise-hungry people who like fishing for compliments. Below are the characteristics of a typical narcissist: According to  Social Media: […]

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Quanta Freedom Healing session: “Connecting the Power of Source”

What’s better than shifting out trauma and bringing in True Source Light in its place?  Nothing really, except doing a quanta freedom healing session live in the collective energy with many other beautiful souls!  In two days from now, Melanie is holding a special NARP’ers only live Quanta Freedom Healing session and Thrive Boot camp […]