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Why aToxic Relationship is Painful? MTE method to heal!

masterclass MTE on toxic relationship and how to recover

Did you know that the majority of people who suffer from a toxic relationship never get over it?

They often face debilitating psychological and health effects for years and sometimes decades after the relationship has ended.

Some scarce individuals seem to be able to ‘get over it and move on after terrible abuse. But for most people, this isn’t possible. Generally, extreme emotional wounding and a decreased ability to function are the norms.

Getting the trauma in a later stage of life

Those people who push the pain down, or classify it and carry on, generally have it erupt at some later stage of life.

After overcoming terrible things in their lives, who can get up and get on with it again? Many individuals are shocked to discover how impactful toxic relationship trauma is and how it can bring them to a place where they couldn’t move forward anymore.

The trauma situation doesn’t have to be an intimate partner toxic relationship. It could be with a family member, an authority figure, someone in your workplace, a toxic neighborhood relationship, a friend – anyone at all.

Regardless of gender, religion, or sexual orientation, your age, whether or not the person is still in your life, even deceased, whether the abuse happened today or 40 years ago, this toxic relationship trauma may remain. The trauma may be living on like a terrible, emotional virus within you.

Melanie Tonia Evans knows all about this phenomenon; she experienced two life and near-death narcissistic abuse relationships that left her with medical conditions that medicians told were impossible to heal. This trauma led her to create a healing method that has helped tens of thousands of people from over 120 different countries.

Today, Melanie is the # 1 narcissistic abuse recovery expert in the world.

After 10+ years of helping people heal, she knows why toxic relationships are so hard to get over.
Simply put, they didn’t show how to heal from painful relationship traumas and programs within our Inner Beings.

They tell us we could solve our issues with our minds – by reading, researching, and talking about them. But, despite our best efforts, years of therapy do not lead to resolution; instead, we need to reprogram our painful subconscious programs to create ourselves as a New Healed Self.

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