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Limits to my self-healing? Use your self-healing power.

A typical post on our website about self-healing has a few ingredients:

A colorful image (think teal, mauve, a soft coral) with a small illustration or graphic, accompanied by a caption, usually a few hundred words long, discusses a central topic. Image has nothing to do with limits to my self-healing. It’s more about being empathic with people who have had a trauma. They don’t like complex colors. 

Those colors are chosen to put you at ease. 

Apparently, they are also considered female. But men also read our posts and blogs. If possible, we will also add a video! But most videos can be found via our YouTube channel because otherwise, the website will be slowed down.

The average word count on our blogs is now around 1200.

That’s a lot more than a tweet from the much-admired politicians and celebrities. The text on Instagram is a lot less, but in principle, if I further increase the quality of the blogs, this level can also be reached on Instagram. This certainly does not mean that we will not be oversimplified with our holistic approach.

We base our advice on our own experience as experiential experts on narcissism and trauma.

Annemie is a practitioner of ortho-pedagogy with especially vulnerable groups. We appeal to various theorists such as Andries Baert, René Girard, Manu Keirse, Dieter Burssens, Nicole Schoofs, Chris Van Dam, Randall Munroe, Paul Heyndrickx, Jef Barbier, Peter Dierinck, etc. Still, we do stand up for human rights.

Not simply call individual poverty responsibility, and the vulnerability to trauma goes against the establishment, but not against wisdom.

With wisdom there are no limits to my self-healing

It is a shift to place mental health also with society, the climate, and the economic and social relations in the world. As if it were something new, that tension doesn’t reach us via Twitter. It goes without saying from that shift and insights that we will have to unlearn some of the beliefs we learned in childhood and relearn some core themes of society.

That we have the most significant responsibility is not big news, and that a pill won’t solve it either.

limits to my self-healing
Tools for your self-healing!

So, what does a self-healer do? 

We believe you can quickly identify financial, emotional, and physical dependence. Once you’ve established that codependency, you can start re-educating your inner child.

You can discover how to calm your ego and address trauma in a way that includes lifestyle changes without the constraints of the diagnostic establishment. 

If you have been traumatized by rape, you do not necessarily need to see a psychiatrist. If you are in therapy, you make an appointment with your psychologist and go to the doctor.

Not only can your friends support you, but you also have some tools through which you can repair your trauma. This does not mean you need a natural remedy to sleep for the first few days.

I don’t know what established psychological principles and treatments — such as talk therapy, the DSM-5, and merely diagnosing psychological problems – we’re throwing overboard, but you can’t wait to act on recovery.

Self-healing is our context for trauma recovery! Not about severe psychoses and other serious psychiatric problems. It is about mourning and grief processing, and recovery from traumas!

If this is considered scepticism, then gladly even.

The first hours and conversations that people have after an acute trauma are of great importance because they will not continue to play the victim role, claim their rights, reduce their shame, and collect traces.

There’s nothing wrong with forming your opinion, especially when it comes to your body.

Self-healing provides — that we have the self-healing power that we need within us, and we can bring out ourselves as we use the tools and get to know them with a bit of guidance on how to use them. That is both reinforcing and affirming. 

It’s easy to see why the concept of self-healing is appealing in the times we live in!

The medical costs are unprecedentedly high. Insurance covers fewer treatments than ever. The medical community still views mental health as a parenthesis rather than a central facet of well-being. 

Wellness companies that encourage health rather than seek the help of established professionals are absolutely everywhere. And the professionals can’t keep up with demand!

Thanks to the internet, what used to be available only to the elite is now also open to the masses. Of course, misinformation remains a danger. You need to know your way around a bit and avoid the pitfalls.

The self-healing movement promotes that good mental health begins with listening to your body and may even end there.

My listening to my body has no limits to my self-healing.

In short, with the individual’s will to exercise healthily, think healthily and eat healthily.

You don’t have to go against the conventional mental health and wellness messages because they have evolved enormously in the last 50 years. 

Instead, you can choose from one and see what applies to you. Specific ideas from the past, such as electro-shock, come to the fore again like here.

What we offer and the self-healing movement, in general, is an alternative for people who feel abandoned by traditional mental health systems where the threshold is too high and treatment-tired. In fact, those conventional systems should focus on the “heavy” cases.

Inaccessibility! No limits to my self-healing!

That’s because of its inaccessibility; according to data collected by Mental Health America in its 2020 Access to Care survey, 22.3% of all adults with mental illness reported that they couldn’t get the treatment they needed, a statistic that doesn’t help. Decreased more since 2011, or some other alienating factor such as a lack of concrete results, sheer fatigue, or a combination of these obstacles I will leave open.

Of course, the austerity rage of the right-wing governments on health is also a cause. 

And apparently, many people are looking for a solution online: LePera herself has amassed more than 2 million followers since July 2018, and the self-healing tag got more than 160,000 posts as of April 2020. Today, Dr. Nicole has 4.4 million followers and 1724 posts of her own. The tag #self-healing has (self-healers) 1884 messages and in the English language 553,774 messages. So, it continues to grow and is a genuinely global movement.

I am also very involved in the self-healing community. 

Everyone has to know that there is a chance to heal from your mental problems by using tools such as breathwork, ego work, future diaries, stretching, meditation, etc.

Do you watch with me over accessibility and transparency? Coaches and Therapists should also be clear about what they offer and what price. And don’t make the self-healing movement their turf for easy profits.

I am the living, breathing, self-actualizing proof that what [LePera and the self-healing movement] teaches works.

Since I have applied some advice, I can again walk 8 km in 90 minutes. Something that I did not consider possible in the last 14 years. The influence of the guidance of Dr. Nicole and the format she puts it in had an immediate effect.

By the way, it corresponds to my anthropological view, namely. That of the mimetic ‘theory,’ meanwhile proven design with the mirror neurons of René Girard. 

I have good results combined with Melanie’s guided shifting meditation and affirmations. As a result, I have reduced my muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories medication to a minimum.

Against Self-betrayal a common struggle with no limits to my self-healing!

After reading a post about self-betrayal, I finally began to see my inability to keep my obligations as a collective struggle rather than a deep personal fault.

Self-betrayal is taught unconsciously in the impressionable period before 7 years, among other things, through parentification. Since that insight, I have put my passion first since 1998 where I am starting to neglect it, namely walking! 

Fortunately, I put my second passion into action from 2010 onwards by writing texts online.

I saw everyone succeed in my life, and I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and hopeless despite all my work.

After that, it was as if I was always late and led by the wrong gurus. Of course, I’ve never met Dr. Nicole Lepera. I know watching videos can make you feel like you know someone. 

You can set up an image via social media, but cracks will appear sooner or later, especially since I have some experience with narcissistic profiles.

In any case, Dr. Nicole makes me believe more than usual that my chronic back pain can be cured and that I may be able to jog 10 km again at 66 years of age. That is still a long way to go for a marathon or 100 km.

For me, that will be a testament to my trauma recovery and my body’s self-healing ability.

I am happy to share the tools I use with you because they are by no means dangerous. The effectiveness is mainly the application in baby steps. Otherwise, you can lose time.

We have made significant changes to our lifestyle here since the beginning of July 2021. As a result, targets are now within our reach, and along with the tools Melanie offers, I can also call Dr. Nicole a beacon of light.

That way, I can now manage my chronic back pains.

Without applying for the breathwork and ego work, I would not be where I am now. It helps relieve the current pains in my body and change my belief about my possibilities.

Since then, I have not developed any new physical problems. Of course, I’m going to buy a flu vaccine. I’m still taking medication for high cholesterol. We also regularly check our blood pressure, and soon we will monitor our heart rate during workouts.

It’s been over 40 years since I’ve consulted a therapist, and it doesn’t look like talk therapy would play a significant role for me in the future.

I like that the memes that Dr Nicole Lepera creates are clear and concise.

But I’m also looking forward to reading her book. If you follow her podcast and her blog, you will have an overview of her working method after a while, but I am convinced that new tools will be added in the future through collaboration with other self-healers.

They touch on the general human experience we all feel. And then she follows that up with excellent anecdotes and valuable items. Those tools are the core of self-healing.

It’s not like I do them all every day, but I know those tools are there for me when I’m ready to work on one specific thing in my life.

Of course, we know that climate change and pollution, destroying biodiversity, affect humans’ physical and mental health. Self-healing will help a lot with that. But just like with new viruses that jump to humans. As a result, you will not stop that with self-healing.

Those tools have less and less effectiveness as the problems become more serious.

Calmness can save you, but you need a lifeboat when drowning in numerous instances of flooding. As with forest fires, only firefighters can protect from the undergrowth. 

But for recovery of that matter, it will be necessary to make those tools known and distribute them all together. The fight for mental health will have to come through the people, fight for a healthy climate, and against inequality.

I hope my experiences help convince other people to use some of those tools and self-healing tips and judge their results from applying these 30 days.

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