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Self-healing tool after narcissistic abuse Annemie is using.

My name is Annemie Declercq and I would like to draw your attention as you watch and read this.

Because if you pay attention to this article about self-healing, I will show you an emotional growth system. This self-healing tool allowed me to heal from narcissistic trauma.

By the end of this out-reaching, you will understand an essential part of this simple self-healing aid system that I have used successfully over the years. You will realize that it works for ordinary people like you and me.

You will understand how to apply this self-healing tool today and grow personally. And if you don’t have a way to recover from home without moving, I’ll show you how to do that with baby steps.

Who am I? And why would you want to pay attention to what I’m about to tell you?

Let me show you what I’ve accomplished with the self-healing device in recent years.

I have been happily married to my partner Johan for over 10 years. My three children tried to alienate the family from me for more than 20 decades. I was and am rejected by my family as a parent. Yet without success.

I now have a good relationship with all three of my children. Also, with my husband’s children and grandchildren. Together with Johan, we have been foster parents for more than 9 years. And together, we have 6 children with whom we have a close relationship.

I have been working in the VDAB for more than 30 years as a poverty consultant for the last 8 years. Many of my clients find work and regain happiness in their lives. Annemie obtained a bachelor’s degree in orthopedagogy in distance education. Johan is also a moderator and co-founder of the VKoN Group, with 556 members.

I am the author of 1000 posts on our website that were shown a total of 1,401,383 times to 634,469 visitors.

Our YouTube channel (link in the menu) has so far made 138,933 views, 907,800 impressions with a total of 11,400 hours and 647 subscribers, and 309 videos. All of these are excellent self-healing aids.

This year alone, we have 500 followers on Instagram and have just started paying attention to that.

This means that many people like you, by teaching them this self-healing tool, using these self-healing tips, are experiencing great personal growth.

My vision is to help and support many more people every year.

Before you continue reading this article, it may well be that this is not for you. Then you will not experience any personal growth. So you can put your credit card away. Everyone, by the way.

By the way, you can only buy the English-language programs that we support and books, CDs, E-books and DVDs.

So 99.99% of what we show is free, which doesn’t mean you can support us.

However, we also expect you to review the disclaimers.

When we talk about narcissists, we are not talking about people like you and me with some narcissistic behaviors. We are talking about people with a cohesive activity of lack of empathy in different situations and over a long period. By the way, you can’t buy anything without subscribing to the conditions that you will find in the disclaimers.

I know that not everyone reading this will experience personal growth with a self-healing tool.

The average person reads 2 articles, watches 2 videos, and takes no action in the growth tasks. They are unwilling to do what I have done to get to where I am today.

I now cycle an average of 15 km a day, I eat healthily. In addition, I have a fixed sleeping schedule of 8 hours. I also read for 1 hour a day. We regularly celebrate in our community, and I do this volunteer work here and listen to an average of 9 clients daily, etc. There is an average of 1 message per day on all our channels.

If you’re not willing to put in the hard work…

If you’re looking for a self-healing tool from a guru that promises you an easy and fast healing system just like a lottery, something magical, look no further. And please don’t buy anything from me.

It’s a waste of your time, energy, and money because I only wish to work with people ready for this self-healing journey and get accurate results from the growth jobs we offer. I advise you to follow therapy or coaching.

Usually I now tell a sad story about what I’ve been through with the narcissists in my life.

How I was on my own with a house undergoing renovations, no permanent work with 3 children aged 4.3 and 1 year, and without financial resources. Then I told them that my hair fell out and my voice was lost when “my ex” confessed.

That it took me 7 years to fail to climb out of this misery. That after 10 years, the RKK destroyed my marriage. And following 6 years of distance education to become a remedial educationalist. That I did not borrow or receive money from anyone during this period. , unfortunately, some of my good friends died during this period.

That I organized dozens of group hatches in recent years, and that I continued work at home online as best I could during the corona period. And yes, I belong to a risk group and have only been fully vaccinated for a few weeks. Yes, I did that.

Annemie Declercq auteur bij narcisme.blog

I also broke up with my family during this period.

Yes, I did that. I have also filed and won a few lawsuits. Yes, I did that. I’ve also made and lost some juvenile court appearances.

In addition, I have given several lectures for lawyers, doctors, and students of orthopedagogy. Yes, I did. Fortunately, there were also the many walks in the mountains and by the sea, with my family.

I’ll tell the story of a friend instead.

First, she was a customer with 3 children and homeless. She followed my specific advice, and I was present in her life. She lives about 20 km away on the French border. Soon I will be able to witness her wedding. She now has a permanent home and a job she enjoys doing.

This lady went from being completely broken psychologically, financially, and physically by a narcissist in her previous relationship to living a happy life with her new partner in the last 5 years, and that was hard work for her and her partner.

They did that by following many self-healing tips that you will hear when you watch these videos regularly to maintain our bond.

Let me also tell you that I have learned a lot from 7 years of failure.

I will now show you how I finally got to the page you are on. A page is full of advice I learned from various mentors. After many years of emotional pain, I learned and applied that advice, where I couldn’t sleep at night and felt excluded.

A period when I was berated and threatened by my own family, even though I did everything I could to reconcile and grant their wishes. Yes, I did that.

Several people I met were homeless. Or they were refugees, destroyed by stress from toxic relationships, from sexual abuse in their youth. Some went broke because of debt, primarily due to the toxic person in their life. Or, through years of emotional neglect in institutions, poverty, and addiction in their parental home, they were utterly broken.

Many heard my voice on the page you are on now.

They heard the words you are now reading as they appear on the screen. In addition, they learned about the baby steps, listened to the inner child, did breathwork, shifted the pain, discovered the importance of exercise, ate healthy food, developed their creativity.

In addition, they kept a diary. Thus they became aware of “no contact,” focusing on self-love… And after learning that “how to grow emotionally” and cut their “trauma bonds,” they decided to apply those simple healing tips one by one for 21 days.

After that period, they always added a growth task as you are taught narcissism. blog and in @narcismeHelp.

My people decided to take massive action and they applied this self-healing system exactly as I described it.

Because my people did exactly what they committed to me over a long period, they achieved beautiful results.

Some in one year, two years, three years, and some in 1 or more. Some living in their garage, with thousands of dollars in debt. Others without their own children, without an excellent computer or mobile phone.

While some also did the heavy lifting of kicking their emotional, relational, and/or substance addictions.

How well has our self-healing system worked?

Well, I still get messages, emails, and cards from people I listened to and engaged with, thanking me. Yes, these people did the hard work, but they also took the first step because they begged (to themselves)…

“Show me a better way to get out of here!”

And yes, I happened to meet these people. As you also happen to be reading this right now and found @narcismeHelp at this point, you may have decided to apply the growth tasks. Let me know in the comments.

And to cut a long story short, the lives of these people started to change for the better. After several years of failure, they could take the first steps towards work, pay off their debts faster, and get help from social services.

For me, it’s all about giving well-being to other people and a little more freedom while taking good care of myself, my family, loved ones, and my community.

I believe there are four reasons why every person deserves to be happy.

Being happy gives you a better lifestyle and health. You broaden your horizons and contribute more to society and your community.

Through appropriate self-care, you actually pay the price in advance for the happiness you will receive and receive and so that you can then give that happiness back to the community and loved ones. To achieve this happiness, you need to grow your personality and character, giving you much more possibilities in the future than before.

Because you are happier, you have a much less stressful life. Many and I are grateful that you have met this knowledge and mentors.

You need someone who really believes in you before you can believe in yourself.

You can meet these people in VKoN, in our community, Melanie’s online community, the Thrive community. They are people who also hold you accountable. Some self-healers can turn your life 360 ​​degrees.

Some will encourage you to seek a higher power that suits you.

Others will inspire you to become the best person you can possibly be. In short, you learn to love yourself unconditionally what was not possible before, because you had never experienced it yourself.

Before we go any further, let me start with what you will learn and the order in which you will understand it to know exactly what to expect and what your well-being will result from.

So what to do, how to do it, and the first step to getting results in your personal growth.

For starters, there are only 5 things you need.

You need a high quality guided meditation.

Guided meditation helps to listen to your body despite all the traumatic pain to obtain calm breathing and learn to listen to your trauma body. Later, when that breathwork goes smoothly, you can start a conversation with your inner child.

As you become calmer, you will also learn to listen to the influence of your relationships, your diet, and your environment on yourself, but more importantly, remember to watch and consider the thoughts and feelings that come to you. This allows for self-reflection.

So you find guided meditations on narcissism.blog (with the search function), and you pick the one that suits you best to relax. You don’t have to do this for more than 5 minutes initially, so it’s easy, and you can keep it up for 21 days.

If you understand the English language, you will find the online program NARP in the menu. The book also contains a lot of information to do. The new Thrive program is a coach-supported Bootcamp for rapid progress.

You need a diary for that.

Digital or, if it’s safe, a diary you can hold and write in. But you can also record your journal on your mobile phone or make notes. By writing down, you will discover thought patterns and moods after a while. More importantly, learning to see why you have those thoughts and feelings and how this may have brought about false beliefs.

By keeping a diary in one way or another, you will grow emotionally and self-reflect faster.

Third, you need a personalized routine so that you get the self-care you need.

When do you eat, do you sleep, do you exercise, do you meditate, do you visit friends, do you have work to do. In short, a diary in which you write down what you have to do the next day is self-care to erase the tasks done.

Fourth, you need a stretching system.

You can also find this “on narcisme.blog” if you search for yoga and stretching. Doing yoga and stretching is recommended every time you have done strenuous physical exercise.

Fifth, you need a power system.

Possibly, after a blood test with your doctor and in consultation with a dietician, so that your fatigue disappears, your health recovers, the harmful effects of years of stress and withdrawal symptoms will hinder you less and less.

Yes, toxic relationships pose a significant health risk, so a thorough check-up is essential.

You may need medication as natural as possible or nutritional supplements to help you with that for a certain period. In addition, it may be necessary to follow physiotherapy to reduce muscle pain and make inflammation done if there is any.

Your diet should be adapted to the range of movement exercises you can do, such as walking, jogging, or cycling.

You will also find all these points if you read the book “How to do the work?”.

 The links can be found in the menu, the bio, or the description. You can also find them on “narcisme.blog” in the category “growth task,” see the same section in @narcismeHelp.


It can be important to create your social media and blog in a healthy way.

You can document your growth process and make new contacts that way. The point isn’t that you start dating during your healing process, but that you take care of yourself so well that you don’t have time for people who don’t support your growth.

The new contacts are people who interact constructively with you. These social media should help you grow and expand your circle of acquaintances.

These five points work together, possibly supplemented by the extra point.

That extra point is for people who enjoy being online and want to do it more productively. This is a simple growth system. The different end also gives you value to other people who wish to experience the power of self-healing with the right tools, and ensures your credibility.

As explained in the disclaimer, there is no guarantee that it will give the results you want. This system works for me and for many thousands of others.

The way this growth system works in my life it can help as an example to understand how it can work for you.

You can do these simple tasks because you can get results quickly without much expense. You don’t have to move for it either, and theoretically, you have this growing system (or a similar one like NARP and THRIVE) on hand 24/7.

It is also corona-proof. Of course It’ i important to maintain regular personal contact live with people who care about you. But we also learn we can achieve a lot through video with chat.

With the correct and daily use of this growth system you can quickly achieve inner peace. It is a gift if this lights you up and gives you hope. This is what happens every week to real people with serious problems when they start the inner work and get results.

Some are again given a roof over their heads and healthy food on the table. And they break out of the isolation, reducing the physical and/or physical pain. They find work again, reducing the anger. They have more and more moments of happiness. This also happens with people with average intelligence and young and older people if they use this growth system.

They are happy to have found and applied this system as it is a solution to their problems and easy to follow.

Making the decision to use this system you have here is the right decision to do now. This growing system will make a big difference in the coming weeks if you use it. It’s one of the best decision you’ve ever made.

If you are searching for change start with the growth tasks and if you like this does the 5 steps and possibly extra. If you understand the English language, use these sources of inspiration (online programs and books) so that you can create your own system, adapted to your preferences that will help you move forward exactly. However, keep it simple!

But of course, you can also use the Thrive bootcamp if you want to do this in a small group and under supervision. The bootcamp is ready to use, when it starts out, just like NARP is a turnkey system. However, you can use NARP immediately, but not in a group, with or without community.

You don’t have to put it all together yourself. All you have to do is act. When you see how simple the 5 steps are, you might not believe it, but you really can’t do more in one day. It is the cooperation of the small that bringst a great synergy. This is real! Start today.

Now let’s go to the core of your growth.

Undoubtedly, that is self-reflection on your feelings and thoughts, to discover your false beliefs about yourself and your environment. You can write this down or record it. You can bring this in various formats through any art form, with sculpture, painting, music, book, film, video, or web page. For yourself, for a selected audience, or publicly.

Your action, regardless of the format you choose, your activity will help you change your thinking patterns and the story you tell and communicate to yourself.

The development of this story is the most important activity in your 5+ growth system.

When you can make this story in the format you prefer, this story will change yourself, especially if you can also find 1 someone you trust and can listen actively. But that can also be different people, a community, an online community. But don’t forget to apply all aspects of the 5+ growing system. You can be obsessed with online activity in particular, or with 1 of the other 5+ aspects. An obsession with which your ego wants to avoid true self-reflection.

Through self-reflection, you can begin to write your story of recovery from narcissistic abuse and where your emotional growth began.

It is a story with ups and downs. Of loss experiences, overcoming shame, victories, learning experiences and new possibilities. It is a story of searching, meeting messengers, discovering sources of inspiration and traitors.

The beginning may be pathetic, but as you use the tools it becomes a powerful story.

The person they laughed with in the family might turn you into an inspirational person. Perhaps you have also experienced that you were crying hysterically in bed because of the abuse you experienced. You then had an image of yourself as if you were nobody.

But instead of giving up, I did something 1000 times more powerful, and that was gotten angry.

I had a cup of coffee, opened my laptop, logged into my email and found an email from Melanie. It looked something like this with a link at the bottom that I clicked. Then I came to another page that looked something like this.

Then I came to a sales page about NARP. When I wanted to buy I had to click on something that looked like this.

I bought and I started the 1st module. It contained a guided meditation with the aim of discovering where in your body the trauma was, shifting it out of your body and letting it bring light to that place.

I had a breakthrough after the first time I did this guided meditation.

I understood that by following this guided meditation for 1 hour, I understood that a day, I could over time shift all the pain that I had stored in my body during all those years. Moreover, it could shed light on that. 

It is also possible to promote your recovery by regularly drawing attention and increasing your awareness. You can set yourself an alarm to do this. You can also stimulate your own polyvagal, greatly enhancing your relaxation. Also, ensure a good diet, possibly supplemented with supplements of vitamins and minerals.

I realized that I would always discover new layers like peeling an onion. This allowed me to penetrate deep into my subconscious.

Ultimately, the pain I carry from generation to generation and the birth pain of my preterm birth may lessen or disappear.

Then all I had to do was follow that meditation and make some notes about it. Through the emails I received, I also learned the importance of the other five points: diary, daily diary, nutrition system, stretching system, creation of a personal story.

I learned to discover that I could make decisions to change with this self-healing tool.

That was because I read Melanie’s story and heard or saw other individuals who had recovered from narcissistic abuse.

And that by applying their self-healing tips I completely recovered myself. This allowed me to create an inspiring reality that could also lead to a new story.

So to help more people change, I had to share my story. I want to give you the healing tips that helped me, and whether or not I put them in touch with the people who inspired me.

And offer the opportunity to buy those products (books, DVDs, programs, training and events, workshop and groups). All links can be found in  the menu.

How I could get in touch with other people who wanted help after narcissistic abuse, I left to Johan.

In the beginning he did that with a blog, then with social media and video. It was also a lot of learning for him to put what is “narcisme.blog” and @narcisareHelp is now. This also helped him grow emotionally and continue to heal from his injuries. We also both like to write.

Ultimately, you write an article, create an image, create a tweet or a status. Your visitors will have the option to click on a link or banner that will take them to what they want. That’s just like it happened to me.

Most importantly, what I’ve learned from my failing situation is that it hurts to give someone what they don’t want. It is also painful to want something they cannot give.

If they don’t want what you have, or don’t want who you are, the relationship becomes difficult. However, it’s easy to start a relationship with someone who has the resources you want. A second condition is that you have the resources they want (relationship skills, maturity, attraction, independence, respect, and unconditional love).

However, it is not possible if that person has a severe personality disorder, or is sexually incompatible. Likewise, it’s hard to get support for your project if you don’t give what that person wants. That’s why it’s so important to write exactly what people want to read who are about to decide to change.

People who want to do the growth tasks now and who are ready to go to the menu and click on it.

Johan calls that goal marketing. You address people who are ready to change through self-healing. Many people have trauma, but online self-healing is not for everyone.

We are therefore happy to refer you if this turns out to be the case. No one should feel obligated in any way. It is mainly people who want to change when they find the person who really wants to listen actively and feel addressed by our 5 + self-healing tips and the examples. With the self-healing tool, they know how to achieve results in different situations with a narcissist.

They read or watch a status, a message, a short video. After that, these people eventually end up on a video or article like the one you’re watching right now. Then they decide to work hard on their recovery with this self-healing tool they are given.

At first I couldn’t believe how easy it was to reach so many people with this self-healing tool.

And we’ve only just started. This brings us to the realization how many people are now affected by trauma. The consequences of the corona crisis and the climate crisis are only just visible. It is clear that this causes a lot of suffering in many vulnerable people.

In recent decades, our society has strayed so far from coexistence. Narcissistic corporations, leaders and organizations come forward to dominate the culture. They are followed by a crowd of frustrated people. This led to a weakening of physical and mental health, among other things due to the cutbacks in that sector.

On the other hand, if you thoroughly explain to people what they can do with this 5+ system of self-healing tips, you have a huge influence.

Writing those 1546 articles, making those 309 videos and setting up that online system was time consuming. Now there is also enough to share to use in the movement against narcissism and for coexistence by anyone who is not good at it.

All you need to do to get the results in your recovery is to start applying. Tell your story to pass on what you got. (the way you prefer)

Here you have the texts, videos, training programs and growth tasks. All you have to do is apply this. You can tell your story as much as possible online and offline. Plus, you can spread your experience with the 5+ healing tips further.

How much value does that have to you?

A book quickly costs 30 euros, a therapy session 55 euros. In addition, a coaching session costs 40 euros, 1 hour of work by a lawyer 60 euros.

Here you can learn from our experiences, our study and our online community VKoN provided you meet some conditions – completely FREE. 

And you can repeat our success with recovery for yourself. Of course, you can support us. That’s empathetic, by the way. I’m sorry, but I can’t force you to do the inner work.

I know one thing about you because you still read and watch that you want a speedy recovery from your trauma.

You want to relieve the emotional pain, and you are a beautiful empathetic soul. And you want to use those growth tasks and pass on your experiences. By the way, soon your new friends will be asking how and why you are so radiant.

No one can estimate the value of my change or your change with this self-healing tool.

10,000 euros, 5,000 euros, 1,000 euros or 500 euros. Only you can do that! 

Therefore no prizes for our growth tasks, although some have copied this and asked for money for it. Not empathetic, isn’t it!

And then I remembered how I was in misery for 7 years, how I worked. Raising 3 children in the evening was also difficult. I did the housework and on top of that, I got the full layer of opposition from my family.

How it made me feel like nobody. How she tried to alienate and exclude me from the family as a parent! I remember getting angry. And when I started writing in my diary my life changed. I remember the feeling I got when I got that email from Melanie. I remember the anger at all the lies the narcissist’s family told my children.is

Anger is also because no one told me what narcissistic abuse, a narcissistic mother, brother, or s, flying monkeys are.

All the concepts that make you aware of narcissism have been around for a while.

Anger also because recovery is simple, but hard work and that few believes you, let alone support you. You don’t have many resources.

Are you angry because the narcissist is playing the victim in court? Do you feel anger because he or she has the means and has no qualms about all the unfair practices?

That’s why I think it’s important to have someone for those who don’t have a voice! A voice for all those who are losing their hair. A voice for those who stand alone. Also for those who have been fully betrayed and abused by those to whom I have declared my love.

Let’s show all narcissists and narcissistic organizations that empaths can grow. Empaths can recover from narcissistic abuse with this 5+ growth system and empower themselves for FREE!

We are giving away our growth system and ask for a voluntary contribution for those who can!

Let’s start a movement of self-healers today. Moreover, we can give everyone that knowledge for free today. Everyone can be reached by giving for free. Those who can afford it can do so completely on a voluntary basis with donations. You can also help us indirectly with affiliate commissions via bolcom to pay for the costs.

We can help people with emotional pain relieve that pain with this 5+ system of growth tasks.

Let’s give this to the self-healers for free without risk. The English-language programs are also “risk-free and money back guaranteed”. So you can consult all the material on “narcissism.blog” completely free of charge.

If someone wants to avoid making a donation, we don’t ask any questions. We don’t come begging you to support us either. All we ask is to notify us if you have a suspicion that someone has serious narcissistic tendencies and spread it in the comments. Notify us if anyone exhibits such behavior from our group.

And rest assured that if you PM us or text us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. The tasks in my family do have priority.

Because we want you to get the recovery you deserved for so long.

Here’s what you get: growth tasks, opportunities to share your experiences with us. In addition, you get a safe closed community VKoN, + 1600 articles and + 300 videos, the possibility to publish on our website if your area is interchangeable with @zelfzorgHelp. FOR FREE!

After you have experienced the quality of our 5+ system, you can reuse the material. By sharing, you can grow the movement of self-healers in your environment. Because we know that a video and article like this is convincing.

And because we know that if someone does 75 growth tasks of the self-healing tool, they are well on the way to recovery.

You can join VKoN under certain conditions for as long as you prefer. (the price cannot be calculated)

You can also subscribe or download the WordPress app on your mobile and follow us.

We also keep up to date with new research on narcissism and provide you with regular updates. In particular, we continue to train in trauma recovery.

The number of people who will be traumatized by violence, poverty, the climate crisis is enormous.

Volunteering and starting a self-healing movement is necessary and offers an excellent self-healing aid for free.

Don’t stand aside. Now is the time to decide. I want to ask you an important question: Is now your time to decide? However, we are not going o stop. In fact, we have only just started. Decide that now is the time for your recovery. Decide that you will do anything for your recovery because you can.

Take action and build with baby steps.

Do the inner work daily and tell others who need self-healing tips. In any case, if you don’t act now, nothing will change. And you will experience the result you have always had. Are you angry and want to change like me because you are tired of others seeing the narcissist as a victim? Deep down you know you won’t stand by.

Start your growing tasks now!

Als dit artikel resoneert met je, deel het dan alsjeblieft. We houden onze blog volledig zonder advertenties en delen helpt ons om meer mensen op hun reis te helpen. Volg ons ook op sociale media.

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