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Falmouth single mom, entrepreneur relies on passion, perseverance.

Kosinchuk got the idea for Miss Moonmaker after her son was born. At that time, she said, “I immediately became more mindful of the things we ate and the products that we used.”

That caused her to take “a look around my household, and I realised that 90 per cent of what I was using was chemical-based and filled with potentially harmful ingredients; (ones) I could not even spell.”

Kosinchuk said her son was plagued with “continual sinus colds as a toddler and I didn’t want to treat him

with chemical-based products or medications.

So I created my first effervescent bath fizzy to ease his chest congestion and help to open up his sinuses.”

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Why I Would Rather Be A Successful and Single Mom Than A Miserable Wife.

The fifth year of us calling each other names, of breaking up to make up, of disrespect at an all-time high, of in-laws hating me, of losing friends, of being lonely but married.

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Your Relationship Status Might Affect Your Baby’s Fussiness.

Babies of single mothers had the lowest rate of colic. The association isn’t “statistically significant,” the researchers state, but still noteworthy.

These single mothers also reported having higher social-support levels, which suggests that social support plays

a key role in reducing fussiness in babies.

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A single dad is a sex symbol. A single mother is an unfortunate woman.

On the whole, you understand, house-husbandry isn’t considered a guy thing, and it takes an unusually strong-minded man to buck the trend. It is interesting that most accounts of alpha-women acknowledge the sterling support of their husbands, though few took really radical, career-sacrificing decisions for their wives.

Last year, one book on Indian women achievers advised young women to choose their husbands carefully for precisely this reason. More to the point, young women should embrace the concept of stay-at-home husbands too.

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Here’s A Homeless Single Mother For You All To Judge In The Comments Section.

WWN has today found the perfect homeless woman for you all to criticize below.

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No rest for mum of adult son with autism.

Madam Lim, who became a single mum after her husband died from liver cancer 20 years ago, found out about Ivan’s autism when he was three.

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‘When she was put into my arms, I felt I was her mother’ – the Irish women who turned to adoption to become mums.

But while she had been in relationships, the breakdown of one serious relationship left her feeling that if she wanted to become a mum, adoption might be a good option.

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Single, childless and nearing 40, I saw one real option.

I am a single mother by choice. Yet I was raised in a Christian, conservative home, where I grew up believing in the traditional family unit. And I was taught that there was an order to achieving it. First, fall in love.

Second, marry a man. Third, start a family.

Now in my fifth decade, only one has proven true for me — and it isn’t the first.

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Mothers Who Choose Not to Marry

However, you may very much want to be a mother and become pregnant or adopt and despite societal pressures enjoy your parenting and raise a happy, healthy child.

This doesn’t mean you must be a single parent though of course that’s an option.

If you know who the father is its very possible to work out an arrangement where you co-parent by living together or apart.

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Foundation urges acceptance of single parents by society.

Society need not isolate single parents but should help them cope with the daunting task of raising children on their own.

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A single mother, a wailing baby and a house of horrors in ‘Laali’.

A short film about a single mother and a crying baby in a cradle instantly evokes Roman Polanski’s horror classic Rosemary’s Baby (1968). The tribute is more than evident in Poojitha Prasad’s six-minute Laali.

The challenge, then, is to move away from comparing Laali to Polanski’s terrific film.

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A Bright Idea: Young Mother Develops Unique Light-Up Lipstick.

The young mother said she soon found out just how difficult it was raising a child while working full time for someone else.

“I do understand the business, but I’m responsible for my daughter, so I had to do what I had to do,” she said. “Some of these jobs have a lot of the mothers away too long and it makes us miss out on the important things.”

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13 Single Mom Memes That Prove Women Are Strong As Hell.

Single moms have more strength than others give them credit for. It takes a lot to raise a child, works a full-time job, and take care of everything else going on in life — let alone to do it without the help of a co-parent.

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More people than ever before are single – and that’s a good thing.

I’ve found that the rise of single living is a boon to our cities and towns and communities, our relatives and friends and neighbors. This trend has the chance to redefine the traditional meaning –

and confines – of home, family and community.

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Shame made me marry the man who raped me.

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75% of single mom applicants want only their name on a child’s passport.

Passport officers said that they have noticed that more single mothers use this option than single fathers, though the trend in Malappuram is different.

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Hitler’s mother was the ‘only the person he genuinely loved’.

On a chilly Saturday evening on April 20, 1889, inside an apartment above a brewery in a tiny Austrian town near the German border, a farmer’s daughter married to her second cousin gave birth to her fourth child. He was the first to survive infancy.

They named him Adolf.

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Patton Oswalt Shares Touching Tribute for Late Wife on Anniversary of Her Death:

‘She Opened Up Her Heart & Let Me In’

This is my first time being a single father. As a single father, he has missed forms for school. I’ve forgotten to stock the fridge with food she likes he told us.

I’ve run out of socks for her and for me. It sucked and it was a hassle every time, but the world kept turning. I said,

‘Whoops, my bad,’ and fixed it and kept stumbling forward,” Oswalt wrote.

“I’m going to keep going forward, looking stupid and clumsy and inexperienced at first, then eventually getting it, until the next jolt comes, and the next floor drops out from under me, until there are no more floors.”

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Defining My Own Family.

 As a single parent, I knew I would be in a minority. As a single adoptive parent, my uniqueness stood out.

But the family I formed was no less legitimate, no less real, and no less natural than any others.

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Housing Charity Threshold Say Landlords Can’t Discriminate Against Single Parent Families.

The charity says in the current housing crisis, it is crucial that all families, regardless of their makeup, are able to access private rental accommodation.

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Single and stigmatized.

In Singapore, unmarried mothers have very limited options compared to traditional family units when it comes to buying public housing.

We shine the spotlight on the challenges they face and what help they can get.

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