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Create space with breathwork for triggers to stop!

Hello everyone.
As always, thanks to everyone for following us. This article is critical because it’s about breathwork. Breathing is essential for your health.

It’s such an impactful exercise, namely how to breathe through a trigger or, as the title says, how to create space with breathwork for triggers.

What is a trigger in the first place?

A trigger is an emotional activation. Often, it results from unmet needs, emotional wounds, and past events, some of which are traumatic, that we carry with us.

And then we use those events. Those experiences give meaning to things that happen in our current environment. So, what we feel inside is a tremendous feeling.

It’s really intense. For some of us, it’s overwhelming. And then what we usually do is we react emotionally from that place in a straightforward way.

Tools for selfhealing

It usually goes one of two paths when we get triggered.

The first path: kicking and screaming. I do something external. Or, I’ll write back that annoying email. I scream. “Fuck you!”

Whatever I do, something out or this is really simplified. Of course, I’m going in. I break free. I know, I can retreat.

Those two coping mechanisms are old for many of us.

They were formed at a time when we had no other choices to navigate the situation. For example, they are the result of a genuine accumulation of feelings. I’m going to use an example. Suppose you are someone who is a critical mother.

And now you’ve heard this mother’s criticism all your life so far. So, it’s a random Sunday, and you’re with mommy, and mommy makes a critical comment on you.

Do you want to scream and scream? I mean, you feel something really big, right? Objectively. It may have been a one-sentence comment.

Why does it feel so big inside?

Like I said before, it’s because it’s now accumulated all the crucial things Mom said. Maybe you mean mama doesn’t respect or appreciate you or think you’re sweet, right?

All these assessments are being made immediately, contributing to why you feel so great emotionally inside.

What has probably happened for many of us is that we react like I said in one of those ways, either yelling and yelling, and now you two are in an argument?

Or if you’re someone like me, maybe you’re taking a step back, then you know you can take a little look at navigating that harrowing situation.

I am describing that because the emotions you have are authentic and valid. For many of you, they have been passed on throughout your life so far.

So we have to honor those emotions.

And for many of us, this means activating our nervous system, which is why we feel it in our body. We feel it energetically. Some of us feel our heart rate rise. We actually have a physical or physiological experience.

Tools for trauma recovery and self-healing!

That brings me to the power of the breathwork at such moments

So using our breath can be a handy tool to bring our body back into physiological balance, regulate our nervous system, and calm the very, very actual activations taking place in our body.

Those of you who have been following me for a while know what breathwork is.

I am a big fan of belly breathing. As simple as putting the hand on your stomach, learning how to take an intense breath, inflate my stomach and go all the way out.

It sounds simple, but when you start practicing, it can feel weird. It felt very strange to me at first. I was not used to breathing from my belly.

I was used to having very shallow chest breathing, as many of you will.

This brings me to the suggestion to practice breathwork all the time.

Don’t just wait until you feel triggered to do the breathwork.

Oh, right, that belly breath. Let me try this. Now two things are going to happen. You won’t remember. You won’t be good enough at it to get its value.

That means making a small daily promise sometime during your day, anywhere during the day, and just taking five deep breaths through your belly so that you use it in that activating situation here.

And here’s why I’m talking about the abdominal breathing.

In particular, there are a million different types of breathing works.

But I like this one because if mom says her comment and I have all the fields in, if I only take 123 breaths at that moment or if I go to the bathroom and take him to the bathroom where the living room takes a walk.

When I use my breath, I can help calm my body’s response, giving me the opportunity.

If I could break the trigger’s pattern, I wouldn’t respond right away.

And when something happens in that space, I feel, if I can learn how to regulate my body, create that space, bring down my emotional system.

What I can do now is react in a new way.

So instead of screaming and causing World War Seven or instead of untying and associating myself, I could choose to do something new at that moment.

And the value of that is that when I leave, I feel empowered when I leave that context.

So that conversation with Mom. I don’t need to feel ashamed and inadequate about those older responses.

I know many of us to do by kicking and yelling, or when I steer and associate, I feel inadequate after feeling ashamed.

Why did I behave like this?

So, the more we can create that space and use our breath to give our bodies the balance, the more opportunity we have in that space to speak, do, or navigate in a better, healthier way for all of us.

I can leave that situation with a sense of strength.

And I can generally feel better about myself over time because, as you know, I have to end up with the reality that this doesn’t happen overnight.

Ah, a lot of the spaces that felt triggered are, like I said, being carried by emotions, wounds really hurt parts of ourselves that get triggered consistently.

But over time, when I’ve learned how to use my breath and use that power, I can begin to create power choices even in the most awkward of dynamic environments.

So, I hope everyone found this helpful.

If you haven’t already followed us, please do so now at the bottom of the page.

And you like what you heard, please press.

Thank you

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