Narcissistic inner conflict is a disease.

People are suffering from sickly narcissism life exclusively for themselves.

Life usually consists of a fantasy world in which in every need of the narcissist. They have virtually no empathy for others, or they simulate this. They will often manipulate to get what they want. Is there a narcissistic inner conflict playing a role?

narcissistic inner conflict
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To this end, they on all possible means, which is the most dangerous potential exciting pity. Narcissists love attention (and [seem] love) to receive, but this itself can hardly give away. And, when they give, it is to manipulate. A narcissist is a person who is busy with the spirit of Jezebel. As mentioned in the Bible, it’s a narcissistic inner conflict!

When someone has a fight, there is an inner conflict between spirit and soul. The mind is different from body and soul together.

Jesus teaches us to believe as a child. Narcissists cannot do that.

The Bible speaks of body, soul, and spirit:

Genesis 2

And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the Earth and blown into his nostrils the breath of life; also became a man to a living soul.

The man says in the Bible that he carries his soul, containing: the will = the heart, which may refuse or prefer, the mind, that our intellect, and the emotion in which houses love, hate, desires, sense, and discernment. The thinking has to do with the mind and is independent of the brain.

And the spirit contains intuition. It includes the conscience and the (sometimes unconscious) desire for God. That’s the spirit. Nature pursues the thinking over. With an open mind, we are equal to the children. That means Jesus, as he says, is like a child.

These concepts of the spirit are refreshed in the process of being born again. Narcissism caused by an inner conflict can go away.

Everything else is attributed to the soul and the body. These work together in many ways. The mind, where our thinking is so part of the natural soul. This means under the meat.

In the spirit is the seat of the conscience and the intuition, and in it, we find fellowship with God. The mind is often opposite the soul, who likes to be hand in glove with the body. It says the Bible in Galatians 5:

And I suppose, walk in the spirit and accomplish the flesh’s lust. Because the flesh desires against the soul, and the spirit against the flesh; and these are opposite each other; so you don’t do what you want to.

Paul writes in Galatians 5:

If we by the spiritual life, so we keep the track by the spirit. Then they experience, which Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior have adopted, in mind its proximity to the action of the Holy Spirit.



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    Marcus 8 36

    Want wat zou het den mens baten zo hij de gehele wereld won, en zijner ziele verliest?

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