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Humans and civilized humans, there’s an age of difference

Members of this culture are so narcissistic that they’re now calling this era the Anthropocene: the Age of Man. The term was devised by someone who meant it pejoratively, that humans have become so destructive of the planet that they could be considered a geologic force.

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8 Ways Narcissists Con You

Narcissists are pretenders. While they often use overt bullying and grandiose gestures, deception is at the heart of narcissism.

Narcissists rely on false bravado, dishonesty, cover-ups, and elaborate posturing to manipulate others.

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Hammer: giving back ‘helps wash off the narcissism’

Hammer talks about why celebrities should give back to the community. (Aug. 3)


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5 Ways To Know If You’ve Met A Narcissist On The First Date

Narcissists tend to be charming and self-assured, a quality that’s initially very attractive.

Figuring out if your date is a narcissist is hard, especially when you’re just meeting them. Narcissists tend to be charming and self-assured, a quality that’s initially very attractive.

Since discovering the characteristics of a narcissist on a first date is pretty hard, so we’ve come up with this handy list of things to look out for.

Here are 5 easy ways to spot if your date is a crazy egotist.

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Tell Me I’m Interesting

Sally Rooney’s debut novel is a remarkably charming exploration of that very uncharming subject: the human ego.

The Allure of Trump’s Narcissism

GRANDIOSE, ENTITLED, ARROGANT, and hungry for admiration, Trump appears to many professional and amateur diagnosticians as the very embodiment of the malignant narcissist, a “world-class” exemplar of this miserable personality type — the greatest narcissistic president that God ever created.

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Sacrificed at the Altar of Narcissism: Parents of Adult Narcissistic Children

There is a an old story dating approximately 4,000 years ago about how God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Issac on an altar. Abraham and his wife Sarah waited decades for their only son together and since human sacrifice was prohibited, this request seemed unusual. The story talks of the faith that Abraham had as he placed his son on the altar only to find that God had given him a lamb in replacement. With great relief, the lamb was sacrificed instead.

Chinese mouthpiece says narcissistic US fretful, arrogant, aimless and reckless

The United States is entangled in domestic political in-fighting and its foreign policy strategies are self-contradictory, and this has led to state-run media in to label the current administration in as being narcissistic, fretful, arrogant, aimless and reckless.

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Both DNA and upbringing can determine whether a child will grow up to be a psychopath — here’s how

  • Psychopaths sometimes have a genetic predisposition that makes them the way they are.
  • There are some biological differences in the brains of psychopaths compared to the general population.
  • Other research suggests that it is someone’s upbringing that has an impact on whether they become a psychopath.
  • It’s likely to be a mixture of nature and nurture that turns someone into a psychopath, and they’re likely to use both to their advantage to manipulate others.

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Insults & groveling: Turnbull’s crash course in dealing with Trump’s narcissism

By now you’ve all seen the leaked transcripts, first published by the Washington Post, of US President Donald Trump’s first calls to the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

So have diplomats, hacks and flacks around the world who have poured over it looking for clues on how to deal with Trump’s narcissism and still get what they want

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Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host took a break from lampooning the breaking news that constantly dribbles out of the White House, instead focusing on “Trump’s evolving views on faith, religion, and separation of church and state” in his nightly segment, “The Check-In.”

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Donald Trump’s views on Britain show him up for the narcissist he is

The leaker is presumed to be a Journal insider frustrated by the paper’s stance on Trump, which many at the WSJ fear is too cosy. They will not be reassured by some of the chummy chatter that passes between the Journal’s editor Gerard Baker, Trump and the presidential daughter, Ivanka. It’s all golf, parties in the Hamptons and the shared bond between Baker and Ivanka, who both have daughters named Arabella.

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It wasn’t easy.

Dealing with a narcissist in your life is tough. But when that person happens to be your mother, things can get real bad, real fast.

I have a friend (and yes, it’s actually a friend and not me) who’s been dealing with her mother’s narcissistic ways her whole life. And unfortunately, it took her until she was halfway into her twenties to realize the real reason why her mom was so “crazy.”

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‘Lord of misrule’: Australian thinktank delivers scathing assessment of Trump

Donald Trump’s presidency is “failing”, and there is little sign that he is learning from his mistakes, according to the executive director of Australia’s respected foreign policy thinktank, the Lowy Institute.

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Instagram “more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol” according to UK study

If you ask a millennial, what is the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before falling asleep, odds are they’ll say, “checking social media.”

Social media has increasingly become non-negotiable in the lives of countless youth who depend on sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for keeping them updated on news, social events, sports, trends and more.

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Just How Far Will a Narcissist Go to Hide Failure?

New research shows why failure is not an option for a narcissist.

The Triumph of the Idiocracy: How Narcissism, Stupidity and the Internet Got Us Donald Trump, an Accidental President

Trump’s supporters worship him as though he were their personal road to salvation and happiness.

Patti Stanger Has to ‘Shock the S—‘ Out of a ‘Narcissistic’ Bachelor in Paradise Alum with Her Tough Dating Advice

Patti Stanger isn’t holding back from giving her tough love to a “narcissistic” Bachelor in Paradise alum.

“Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, he’s my problem this week,” Stanger, 56, says about Daniel Maguire in a PEOPLE exclusive clip of Million Dollar Matchmaker.

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Why attackers attack

ecently I picked a book from the shelf that I read in the 1980s and thumbed through to see what I had marked.

The book was People of The Lie by a well-known psychiatrist and writer, M. Scott Peck. It was a bestseller, as was his The Road LessTraveled.

In People of The Lie he described interacting with individual patients, using fictitious names of course, who had come to him with various psychological problems, including narcissism. He referred to these problems as “evil.”

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