The psychopaths game! Triggered in your dreams?

That’s bound to happen.
You can still have dreams about your psychopaths you’ve met in life but from him/her it is the psychopaths game.

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Being Thankful.

It mostly happens when I’ve forgotten to be thankful before I go to sleep or when I watched the late news.

Couldn’t you sleep because last night there were flashes of being sexually abused?

I know all of that.

Why they really wanted the psychopaths game?

You still ask after all these years.

It really feels more and more like we were raped.

It gives me “shit” about using that term, but what else do I call it.

It’s more than emotional abuse when my body was involved, although emotional abuse is undoubtedly a part of it.

I know what I feel, and the images of me naked while the abuser telling me he will shoot at my balls if I don’t do what he said is certainly a part of it.

It’s horrible.

Everyone who was rapped and abused will tell it: that’s the psychopaths game.

They covered it up with slime.

When you were abused by your own ‘partner’,  even when you never denied him, they will tell you sooner or later you are guilty.

It is all part of the game the psychopaths play.

I’m just saying ….

The advice from my coach: Don’t forget to be thankful before you go to sleep!

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Annemie is in het bezit van een Bachelor diploma in Orthopedagogie dat ze heeft behaald aan de Hogeschool Gent. Ze heeft een passie voor het bouwen van groepsluiken werkwelzijn en het gebruikmaken van de goedstoel-methodiek en presentie. Ze werkt al vele jaren in de VDAB om mensen te helpen werk te vinden en te behouden. Ze houdt van fietsen, boeken, schrijven, wandelen en muziek luisteren. Annemie Declercq is moeder van 3 kinderen, grootmoeder pleegmoeder, plusmama, armoede consulent en orthopedagoge. Ze werkt 33 jaar in de VDAB in Roeselare. Ervaringsdeskundige narcistisch misbruik en zelfgenezer van trauma.

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