Reflections on the pressure of Single Parents in the news

Single mother of four avoids becoming a statistic

“Choose your own way. Be your own woman. Don’t follow a man,” she said, her voice swelling with emotion.

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With all of the social media platforms discussed in this article, being an active user is one of the main keys to success. You can’t just share your own updates and expect to get a lot of blog traffic in return. You need to comment, share and engage with others.

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Community dramatically responds to single dad, Sicily Pizza owner’s plea for help in business

In less than 72 hours, the post was shared more than 5,300 times with over 1,000 comments – many of which are tagging other people asking if they want to get pizza.

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Father’s Day survey: Dads, tell us what you REALLY think

We’re asking dads to tell their real truths about what fatherhood means to them in this survey.

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Dating Tips For Single Parents

Jumping back into the dating world is hard, but trying to do it as a parent is even harder.

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8 Of The Toughest Decisions You’ll Make As A Single Mom

Suddenly you have to consider the wellbeing of a tiny human, alongside your own, when you make decisions about everything. This is particularly obvious when you’re a single parent, because you are it.

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I spent 5 years proving to myself that I didn’t need a man. Then I found one.

Being a single mom, I fought my way through living in poverty, feeling like I wasn’t ever enough, feeling an annoying tug that we as a family possibly weren’t complete. But I knew that I needed to be self-sufficient first; I needed the empowerment of accomplishing that.

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Single is the new empowering?

It is evident that separations don’t all have to end in disaster. Is there something wrong with the institution of marriage then? Can’t two people be together without tying the knot?

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Radcliffe mother’s appeal for better support for disabled children after being left with logistical nightmare


In 2013, Ms Gately was told that Max had an incurable muscle wasting condition known as Becker muscular dystrophy, which is closely linked to Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is 100 per cent fatal.

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Carolyn Murphy reflects on pressures of single motherhood

“It’s important to talk about how stressful (being a single mother) is because I have lost sleep over the years,” she told British Vogue. “It’s definitely a lot of work, being a woman in this day and age and raising children with integrity and a foundation of morals and values. It feels like a lot of pressure when people are looking to you to uphold that because you’re in the public eye.”

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My parents’ pursuit of education has inspired me to succeed

She has taught me how to notice microaggressions, respond to discrimination, and how to not just explain the existence of biases to others, but also how to listen to and understand their beliefs and perspectives.

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You’ll root for the title character in ‘I, Daniel Blake’

Daniel befriends Katie and her children, showing them tricks to warm their unheated apartment, carving toys for the kids and taking care of a lot of little tasks. He senses their need — a scene in which Katie’s daughter comes into her mother’s bed at night, crying that schoolkids made fun of her because her shoes were falling apart is heartbreaking — but, a widower and loner, he clearly enjoys their company.

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Make way for Wonder Woman National Spoken Word performer Myss UneeK’s new single is an ode to all single moms

It’s my tribute to all the super women in my life and all around the world and is especially dedicated to my dear mom. Being a child of a single mom, I am aware of the huge tenacity, zeal, passion and will power it takes to raise kids singlehandedly.

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Super-mum, super worries: The fears that lurk beneath the cape

“It’s not that I don’t think I am a good mother,” she says, “it’s just that given the circumstances of my past life, I don’t exactly expect to be hailed for my mothering.”

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NRL great Brett Kimmorley is coming to terms with life as a single dad, following his wife’s brave cancer battle.

She was a wonderfully devoted mother to her four precious girls Maddi, Mia, Ava and Ivy.

The woman fought until the end, at just 38 years of age.

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A mother’s love

Trini Beverley De Grasse keeps Andre on course

A single mom, the elder De Grasse has devoted her life to her only child, and has lived to see the fruit of her sacrifice. Andre is one of the fastest men on the planet, but perhaps more significantly for his Trini-born mom, the 22-year-old Canadian is the holder of a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Southern California (USC).

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Single mother from the Valley working for the Trump White House

When she joined the Trump campaign, Grisham already spent months away from her boys in Arizona. Her oldest has graduated, and is on his own. Her youngest, however, is nine, and still needs his mother around.

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