Texas mother juggles raising kids while fighting lung cancer

When the single mother isn’t juggling her kids’ busy schedule of piano and tennis lessons, she’s hard at work as a public relations and marketing manager for Whim Hospitality in Dripping Springs.

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Single mom of two gets most incredible gift

A year or so ago she was given a vehicle by a good friend, but after all the travelling, one tyre in particular needs to be replaced. At the moment, Moreblessing is pumping the tyre with air almost daily and it’s definitely not safe for her or her children.

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3 out of 4 American children in families rely on their mothers’ salaries

“What this means for the families now is less money for school, less money for pension, less money to repair your car,” said Ariane Hegewisch, program director for employment and earnings at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

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Mother, daughter graduate from Haney

The two graduated together from Haney Technical School on Wednesday night, Brittany Florence from the Practical Nursing program and her mom, Sheila Florence, as a medical administrative specialist.

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Sad Desperation behind Mother Stepping on Daughter in Street

The woman, 36, can be seen sitting while arguing with onlookers and her child lying on her face on the ground, crying.

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Ala. Dad Creates Hair Workshops for Men With Daughters

Remember when your dad tried to do your hair and you ended up with lopsided ponytails? Well, one dad in Alabama is trying to help men out, especially single dads, when it comes to hair tutorials and bonding with their daughters.

Read the sweet story behind this widowed dad’s tattoo in honor of his late wife

“Sarah was a fantastic mom,” Traupman told TODAY Parents. “Every once in a while, my daughter will start to sing a song that Sarah used to sing to her, and when that happens it usually makes my heart skip a beat. I know that’s Sarah letting us know that she’s there looking down.”

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Single mum ‘Kung Fu master’ is teaching women to Fight Like a Girl in self-defence classes

The 34-year-old said: ““In my late teens I had a stalker and I had experienced some quite terrifying things.

“What was more terrifying is on most occasions where I had been cornered in public, hardly anyone helped me – only once and it was a woman”.

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Coventry and Warwickshire Heroes: Campaigning supermum shortlisted

Since 2007 Vikie Shanks has been a single mum to her seven children, six of them are autistic and one dyslexic – the two youngest also have cerebral palsy.

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Time Is Running Out For Homeless Mum With Uterine Cancer

“Washing the dishes and making pancakes for my kids…those are things that I don’t do any longer. I am not capable of getting out of bed and making them meals anymore. It’s a struggle after all the medication.

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Making room for unwanted parents . . .

This is among the hurtful things children say to their parents before abandoning them. And Cheong Loy has heard them all.

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Dad’s real learning comes when ‘one day’ arrives

As a 20-something, I did what many other 20-somethings do and found my way onto a college campus for higher education. What I found there is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I found great friends, an amazing experience and a little of the person that God wanted me to be.

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I had to swipe right when I saw he was a single parent too

“I guess I’m naturally introverted — most of my hobbies are independent activities like running and knitting, or getting lost in good music.” Alexandra says she is caring and understanding, and genuinely loves helping people.

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Having launched a teaser to this series highlighting the joys and struggles of single moms on Mother’s Day, here we go with the first story.

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Kenya’s loveliest Female DJ announces her single status and this is how you can get her

There is no question that being a female DJ in the Kenyan market takes some balls (pun intended), and for this reason, DJ Pierra Makena can be considered as a remarkable personality for breaking the ranks.

Read more here“If I hadn’t re-married, I would have been a single mother trying to balance school and parenting and work. I can’t imagine having been a single mother …More Baby Boomers are drowning in Student Loan Debt – And no One knows how bad it will get.

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Single mum’s love and bravery sees disabled son through to Harvard

A famous saying by English poet George Herbert goes “One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.”

In the case of Ding Zheng (pic), who was born with cerebral palsy, his mother Zou Hongyan is worth a thousand schoolmasters and more.
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