Single Parents in the Global News 2.

Single Parents in the Global News 2.

£500,000 a year millionaire Doncaster mom turned diet guru announces UK tour.

“Just a few years ago I was a single parent, overweight and broke and I just knew that something had to change.”

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Going It Alone.

Now, as a recent divorcee, all of these chores, tasks and crying fits are mine alone. Welcome to the world of single parenting.

I hate Sundays. They remind me of families — the nuclear kind — mother, father and child on their merry way to church,

hand-in-hand, the mother’s hair perfectly coiffed.

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NBA great Kenny Anderson’s relationship with his mother (and his money) profiled in the new film ‘Mr. Chibbs’.

His home life was difficult when he was a child. He was raised in a single-parent home by his mother and was once sexually abused by an older man in the neighborhood. And even though he was a star basketball player at a young age, he would spend as much time as he could at the gym and library so he could be in his bedroom as little as possible.

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Book guides parents.

She reflected on some of her own experiences she went through and how she managed to use faith to stand tall and win against the odds of being a single parent.

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After Losing A Spouse, Finding A Different Kind Of Happiness.

Since then, she has struggled through each day, each week, each month — grieving and figuring out what comes next. She is looking for advice, but most people aren’t really able to relate to a tragedy like hers.

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Men Are More Involved In Parenting Than Ever Before & Their Kids Are Thriving.

All around us, men are more involved in parenting than ever before, and study after study shows this generation of young people are reaping the benefits of having a connected relationship with their fathers.

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The dark side of mummy blogging? Woman, 28, speaks out about being bullied and hounded with calls after writing a post about ‘mum guilt’ that went viral

‘Sitting on my couch, I was able to reach over five million people with a single post. That’s brilliant, but also terrible.

The ability we have to reach people are immense, but that ability comes with responsibility.

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MP’s urge better child support system amid concerns over single-parent families.

“The CMS must visibly up its game, to get fair support for parents in the most difficult circumstances, and to send a clear signal that avoiding responsibility for your children is unacceptable.

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Creating Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling’s Journey from Struggling Single Mother to the World’s First Billionaire Author.

 They had a daughter, Jessica, and the relationship quickly deteriorated.

One can imagine what that would do to a person’s mental state, and J.K. soon found herself desperately escaping to Scotland, where her sister lived, for a fresh start. 

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A Single Dad Finds Family in the Foster Care System?

Two months into the adoption of my first child my partner of five years decided he wasn’t ready to be a father and left our family.

I was devastated, lost and scared. I didn’t want to do this on my own.

The future seemed dark and lonely.

With the level of depression, I was at, I debated giving her back to social services for placement.

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Abby Gilmore on her struggle after split from AFL star Jake Stringer.

‘I’m struggling more with the fact that I don’t have a person to confide in and snuggle at night more than I ever thought I would,’ she wrote. 

‘How funny is it that out of everything, I just miss having someone to tell everything to and get a simple cuddle when I need it?’.

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What makes Tigers most efficient single mothers in nature.

As a single mother, she must protect her cubs by keeping a close watch and frequently changing hiding spots.

All this while, she must also hunt to stay alive. Once her cubs stop suckling, she must pick up small prey to serve as ‘baby food’.

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Motherhood Before Marriage.

But none of these theories satisfactorily answers the most fundamental question:

Why do extremely disadvantaged single young women have children they cannot raise successfully, thereby damaging their prospects?

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