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Post helping families led by Single Parents

Motina Books Publishes Books Written by Moms and Single Moms!

“My goal is to publish books that will help families led by single moms to be successful,” says Windsor.  “Sometimes, a person just needs to know that a tool, or a particular resource, is available that can help improve their life.”  She knows that while being a single mom is not easy, that doesn’t mean that a single-parent led family cannot be successful.

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Single mothers by choice’ fight stigma, seek to change perceptions in Japan.

At a time when women’s lifestyles in Japan are becoming diverse, and while support groups for single mothers exist, there is none specifically for single mothers by choice,” said the 47-year-old Ms Takada.

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Great Adventure Camping Trip for single-parent families.

GACT is offered at no cost to single-parent families. It is meant not only to provide fun experiences but serves as a support for parents by providing counselling and family team-building skills.

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For the Single Mommies… This one’s for you.

I appreciate all that is our male counterpart, but I’ve had enough single mom friends to know there’s a place in heaven reserved just for us.

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‘Special father’ – Richard Comsalvaries stands by his sick daughter.

I have to be a mother, father, sister, a nurse, and doctor and everything in one. So more time I lose out on work and so much, but by the grace of God, I still pull through, and many people come around, and God has supplied my needs,” the 37-year-old shared.

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The reason this dad wore a Pikachu tie to his son’s graduation will bring a tear to your eye.

What makes the extra tie special is that Dylan made the tie for his dad when he was in first grade.

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Where single mothers get killed.

People living in far north Cameroon close to the border with Nigeria live in a state of fear. Terrorists of the Boko Haram Islamic sect have destroyed villages, killing or kidnapping many, and forcing others to flee for their lives.

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Under the line: A mother’s struggle to put food on the table.

f Nelson mum Marie* had one wish, it would be to go to the supermarket without worrying about whether her groceries would last the week.

The single mother-of-four was studying towards a degree in social work and said while keeping up with the demands of full-time study, she lost sleep thinking about what she could afford to put in her kids’ lunches.

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4 Organisations Doing Great Things for Mothers.

I know that balancing work and family can be difficult for any parent, but for single mothers trying to be there for their children while earning enough money to provide for her household, balancing both responsibilities is even more of a challenge.

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A Challenge of Single-Parent.

I wish to help single parents with at least some recommendations and useful tips. I studied this matter and read a lot. Therefore, I can claim that I know most of the problems and the way to overcome them.

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Single mom to make traditional handicrafts famous tourism items.

While Jiang is very skilled in knowing how to make the traditional art pieces, she does not have any experience in selling.

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What’s in a name? The single mother’s dilemma.

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The highs and lows of doing it alone as a single parent.

While many agree it can be challenging, these five single mamas share their perspectives on the highs, lows and unexpected joys of doing it alone.

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Single moms band together through Facebook.

Members of the group have stepped up to help each other in other ways too, lending a sympathetic ear when times get tough, trading babysitting services in exchange for help folding laundry, and even offering a place to stay for a woman fleeing an abusive ex.

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Reclaim Your Life & Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse

Information, advice and recovery programs designed to help you understand narcissistic abuse and empower you to take control of your life again.

No one should feel the trauma and shame of narcissistic abuse. You feel confused, distraught and powerless. Deep down, you know this person is wrong for you and that they’re intentionally harming you, but you feel like you can’t stop obsessing about them. You may feel astounded that you can’t leave them … and stay away.

It’s time to release the trauma, regain control of your life and Thrive beyond your wildest dreams. Let Melanie Tonia Evans guide you to this new self and life with

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6. Transforming Family Of Origin Woundsprogram.

Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse

  • Identify toxic people and never fall for abuse again.
  • Create genuine, healthy and loving relationships.
  • Get true resolution from trauma.
  • Turn inwards and reclaim your soul and life.
  • Connect to your True Self and purpose.
  • Know what it takes to never be susceptible to narcissists again.
  • Self-partner to create and generate the life that you were born to live.

We are more passionate than I can ever express to you about helping you to save your life and the lives of any future generations you may have, as well as changing the previous and terrible trauma programs for our entire planet.

And humbly, NARP is the answer for you – to heal you and get this started.

In NARP you receive the 10-part Quanta Freedom Healing system, which heals each core wound caused by narcissistic abuse.

You also get an 8-part video series called Master Your Healing Journey. These are my most powerful Thriver healing policies that you can apply both to healing from abuse and to every other area of your life.

Additionally, you receive 7 digital books, covering the most important aspects of healing from an abusive relationship, becoming a boundary boss, and stepping into being a fully actualised being. 

Plus, you gain direct access to Melanie and her team, the NARP support team and all the incredible Thrivers from around the world in the NARP Community Forum, to ask questions and get as much help as you need along the way. 

As well as many other amazing bonuses. 🙂

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How does that sound?

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Check out the new recovery program of  Melanie, the Quantum Healing Starter Pack, The Empowered Self Course and the Transforming Family of Origin Wounds program in English.

Annemie Persyn Declercq.

I want you to know there is MORE than hope … because it isn’t hopeless.

There is a way to take back your sanity, health and soul. We can find together a direct path up and out of the trauma and helplessness and pain. Your situation now is making it near impossible for you to operate. If you want to go into the glory of the Light and Truth winning this epic battle that you are going through, is worth it because I have something special for you now.

Check out the new recovery program of  Melanie, the Quantum Healing Starter Pack, The Empowered Self Course and the Transforming Family of Origin Wounds program in English. 

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