We asked, you answered: How IVF and adoption changed your lives.

We asked you, CNN’s audience, to share your stories of IVF and adoption through text message and WhatsApp — and you responded with personal experiences that were as varied as they were emotionally compelling.

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Founder of business offering men as babysitters says women ‘can not model maleness’.

‘It’s generally families who have boys or who need a bit more balance.

Fathers might work long hours or it might be a single parent household, so they need male influence and a good role model,’ Ms. Merrylees said. 

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Mother’s Day Is Different After You’re Divorced.

I don’t have these things, as a single mother. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I have been jealous when I see all the nice stuff families do for each other on this holiday.

Yes, I know it’s stupid and selfish.

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Williams started God’s Garage several years after he helped a single mother and her child, who were walking on the side of the road on a stormy night.

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Non-profit gives away free cars to single parents in need.

A local non-profit organization is helping single parents get new transportation for free. It’s called Driving Single Parents, Inc. and it was created by a single mother.

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4 investing ideas for single mothers.

Given these challenges, what should single mothers do to ensure that they invest enough to secure their future?

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Single dad’s daughter is proud of him joining Manhunt.

I just try to be happy and push myself to be a better person every day. If I could turn back time, I would slap my younger self. Now, I hope that I can continue to learn from my experiences.”

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This Adorable Single Dad Taught Himself How to Do His Daughter’s Hair Perfectly.

In February, the single dad launched an Instagram account showcasing his hairstyling skills, and we’re definitely impressed.

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The New NUS President Wants More Women And Single Parents In Leadership Roles.

She also wants encourage single parents and women who are reluctant to apply for managerial or supervisory positions, because they believe they don’t have the necessary skills.

“It’s about using the skills that they have as a parent and [making them] transferable skills,” she said.

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Mother of three uses Kijiji to make a desperate plea for food.

“I looked to Kijiji. I’ve seen people helping people, and I’ve helped a lady before when I was able to, and I just put it out there. It was probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do.”

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Dad Gives “Props” to Single Parents After His Wife Goes Out of Town.

Reddit user posted his thoughts on how he’s “been managing as a single dad” while his wife was “traveling on business this week,” I felt my eyes roll back in my head. Until I read on.

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Single parent by choice: Women turn to sperm donors to conceive.

It was only after speaking to a friend who had a child via a sperm donor that she started looking into the process.

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Will Trump’s Child Care Tax Plan Help Single Moms? The Proposal Lacks Details.

Child care costs continue to rise to astronomical levels and Trump’s new child care tax proposal does nothing substantial to offset that burden for single parents earning low wages.

If he wants to help single parents and families earning low income, then he needs to make changes that won’t benefit his rich friends.

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10 Ways Divorce Can Make You A Better Parent.

It was so strange and unexpected to learn that, while hard in its own ways, being a single parent was a heck of a lot easier than parenting

with my now ex-husband. It was easier to focus on my kids’ needs and to put them first when I wasn’t married to a person who made my life difficult and made me feel like crap constantly.

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Adultery appears to be among the main reasons.

“Social norms are one possible explanation for the elevated number of single-parent households headed by women.

According to the interviewees, it is common and socially accepted in the territory that older men have affairs outside marriage, usually with younger girls. And, in some cases, children are born from these relationships.”

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Schoolboy of single mum pens beautiful note to teacher – and leaves people in floods of tears.

The fatherless boy called Markus and in the fifth grade (ages 10-11 in the US), left a short message on his tutor’s desk.

In it, he describes his teacher as a being “like a dad”.

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Single parents share tips on how to raise kids on your own.

It’s no secret that raising a child on your own is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, far too many parents find themselves having to do just that.

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7 Wonderful Ways Kids Benefit from Having Single Moms.

As an advocate for single mothers, I’ve learned that it’s important to look past stereotypes to examine the real impact

of this experience on these kids. Although single moms struggle and often need support, their children reap benefits that serve them well. In fact, they learn lessons that will give them a leg up as they move toward independence and adulthood.

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Gwinnett Tech student gets the first-ever grant for single moms in school.

Amber Aur moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia three years ago, seeking better opportunities for her and her young son.

Now a diagnostic medical sonography student at Gwinnett Tech, she has received the Nana Grant, a $7,000 award that will help pay for her son’s childcare while she finishes her degree.

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DIY Dad program provides long-awaited housing for single fathers with children.

 “It enables them to have full custody and for them to learn skills and how to become a great dad and a great role model.”

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Frinton mum qualifies for Duathlon World Championships in the face of adversity.

Nicola Welham, 33, of Beverley Drive, will compete at the championships in Penticton, Canada,

in August, after buying her first road bike only last year.

Nicola, who works as a specialist teacher for children with physical or learning difficulties, went through a difficult marriage break-up 18 months ago, and threw herself into physical activity.

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Sportsman cries as he comes out to his mum on live TV.

She told the camera that being a single mother raising Ryan and his brother John was “tough,” but that she thought she had done a good job.

“He’s my best friend.”

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How I deal with separation anxiety as a working mother.

Separation anxiety in mothers is a real thing, and I know every single mom will vouch for it.

The love for your child is like nothing else, and staying away from your child for hours at the end is difficult.

So what do you do? Here are a few things that help me.

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Boys involved in robbery often do so to help their mothers.

Lack of parental supervision should thus not be seen as irresponsibility on the part of the mother or father, but as a failure of the state and the social protection system to guarantee safe spaces for children to stay while their mothers are working, and to implement policies that alleviate their vulnerability, and complement low salaries,” added UNICEF.

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Women to Women Foundation promotes higher education for single mothers.

Holbrook is just one of the single mothers who has been helped by the Women to Women Foundation.

The nonprofit organization was started in 2014 by a group of Davis County women.

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