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Can dreams help you understand who you really are? video

The vague, chaotic, sometimes downright bizarre dreams you have at night are not enough. But if you try to understand it, it can help you become who you are in your deepest being. Most of us see our dreams as deception and not something to rely on. But they may be more beneficial than you […]

English Recent self healing

Self-healing tool after narcissistic abuse Annemie is using.

My name is Annemie Declercq and I would like to draw your attention as you watch and read this. Because if you pay attention to this article about self-healing, I will show you an emotional growth system. This self-healing tool allowed me to heal from narcissistic trauma. By the end of this out-reaching, you will understand […]

English narcissist symptoom van een stoornis video

Causes and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder.

Doing the work on yourself! I am going to help you in this video understand how absolutely you can do the work on yourself whilst still stuck with the narcissist with narcissistic personality disorder. This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. It is such a relief to manage and heal your […]